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Luxembourg's appeal has dimmed in recent years, the study showed

Luxembourg losing its lure for workers, study finds

Grand Duchy slips four places in annual ranking assessing countries ability to attract and retain talent
by Heledd PRITCHARD 2 min. 08.12.2022
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ESG in volatile markets

In the face of the elevated economic uncertainty, you may be wondering if ESG investment is here to stay. We think it is.
A US Air Force airman sets up a satellite in the Arizona desert during a training exercise in October 2021.
The General Court of the European Court of Justice
Brittney Griner was charged with illegal possession of cannabis
Congestion on the A3 motorway
Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun in the courtroom
Former Luxembourg spy Frank Schneider is facing extradition to the US over alleged involvement in the OneCoin cryptocurrency scam

Checking emails out of hours increases stress, study finds

Working from home leads to less work-related stress and fewer health problems, researchers say
by Andréa OLDEREIDE 07.12.2022
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Reforestation partnership to fight climate change

Fighting climate change in a collaborative effort has become a long-term commitment and contributes to reforestation efforts in Luxembourg and Bangladesh.
Jingna Zhang posted this image to Instagram, with Dieschburg's work on the left and hers on the right
The law aims to support artists in Luxembourg to balance their commitments
The Buvette du Lac was built in the mid-1970s
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (left) and Health Minister Paulette Lenert (right>
BlackRock continues to be criticized for pursuing a “climate agenda”

BlackRock CEO draws fire from activist investor over ESG failures

BlackRock has poured record amounts of money into US political campaigns this year
2 min. 07.12.2022
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban attends the EU-Western Balkans summit in Albania on Tuesday
money fight

EU focuses finance talks on Ukraine aid, global tax

Hungary threatens veto as decision delayed on billions in post-Covid recovery funding
4 min. 06.12.2022
Drop in crypto assets’ market value drove retail traders away
A resident pushes his bike next to destroyed residential buildings near Kyiv
Ukraine war

EU announces new sanctions after Putin warning

EU is 'stepping up the pressure on Russia', Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said
money laundering

EU targets crypto, jewellers with new money-laundering rules

European Council signs off on plans to prevent crypto-currency and precious metals traders from helping criminals move money
by Emery P. DALESIO 2 min. 07.12.2022
German special police forces detain Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss after searching a house in Frankfurt
The ECB scans the economy for signs of wage growth
Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama welcomes Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel as he arrives for the EU-Western Balkans summit in Tirana
Laura Codruta Kovesi
Dina Boluarte greets members of the Congress after being sworn in as the new president

Peru swears in first female president after Castillo exit

Dina Boluarte sworn in as head of state while Castillo detained by police after congress voted overwhelmingly to impeach him
3 min. 08.12.2022
China President Xi Jinping Beijing, China, April 2022
Elon Musk on stage next to the humanoid robot Optimus in Palo Alto
Two Russian airfields had been rocked by explosions
Holding on other diners in front of you as you attempt to find your seat is one of many challenges

Dinner in the dark: a culinary challenge like no other

Relying on your other senses is the only way to survive the struggle of a three-course meal with no visual aids, writes Natalia Pikna
by Natalia PIKNA 4 min. 02.12.2022
Works by artist Pit Molling will form part of an exhibition at the MNHA this weekend
Anya Taylor-Joy attending the premiere of The Menu in New York last month
Film review
Saint Nicolas, known in Luxembourg as Kleeschen

Kleeserchersdag/Niklosdag traditions explained

Plates of hay and a sweet or Rutt in your shoe. We explain the traditions of Kleeserchersdag also known as Niklosdag
1 by Sarita Rao 3 min. 05.12.2022
A golden retriever removes a glove from a patient's hand
Add festive sparkle with a display of hollies
Garden Path