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Former SREL agent Frank Schneider
Money laundering

Former spy arrest could impede Juncker wiretapping case

Man at heart of Luxembourg scandal mentioned as a co-conspirator in US court case over Bulgarian 'cryptoqueen' Ruja Ignatova alleged fraud
by Yannick LAMBERT 5 min. today at 06:30
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OECD Chapter X: how will this impact PE?

Private Equity (“PE”) has undergone impressive growth over the last two decades and is still expected to double its assets under management to more than $9 trillion by 2025.
François Pauly
RTL offices in Kirchberg, Luxembourg
European Commission headquarters in Brussels
The UK's capital, London
The statue of justice and her atrtributes
EU budget

Luxembourg finds candidates for EU prosecutor

Luxembourg judiciary will select two candidates out of three who applied
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The Future of Earth rests with us, invest in it!

The only greater threat to the planet than environmental risks is weapons of mass destruction, according to the World Economic Forum.
The Airbus A330 on Saturday in Luxembourg
Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna
The number of secret tax deals Luxembourg handed out to companies fell further last year
Luxembourg's Place d'Armes. Visitors will soon be able to have the option to sit inside restaurants in the square
Semiconductors are also missing amid high demand

The world economy is suddenly running low on everything

Copper, iron ore and steel. Corn, coffee, wheat and soybeans. Lumber, semiconductors, plastic and cardboard for packaging. The world is seemingly low on all of it.
11 min. 17.05.2021
More Australians are returning home than leaving for the first time since the Second World War

Return to Oz: Bankers say goodbye to Wall Street, G’Day Sydney

Australians are leaving behind posts in major global financial centres in droves to take up new opportunities at home
5 min. 16.05.2021
UK chancellor Rishi Sunak is withholding backing for the proposal put forward by Joe Biden's administration
Sanjeev Gupta, head of the GFG Alliance, shown in London in January 2019. Britain's Serious Fraud Office launched a probe into the owner of Liberty Steel on Friday.
The Eurocrat

European Commission opens business tax debate

EU's executive arm to propose changes to tax laws days after losing Amazon tax fight
by Beatriz Ríos 3 min. 17.05.2021
 Michel Barnier, the EU's former chief Brexit negotiatior, in Paris.

Barnier calls to appoint European financial prosecutor

Barnier about finance, Brexit and the future of the European Union in Luxembourg Times interview
4 min. 17.05.2021
Portrait de l'ancien négociateur européen pour le Brexit, Michel Barnier, à Paris.
exclusive interview
The Black Forest in Germany
Israeli forces launch air strikes on Gaza during the latest wave of violence

The end of Israel's illusion

The recent outbreak of violence has rocked a complacent Israel, which believed Palestinian nationalism had been defeated
5 min. 16.05.2021
The Irish regulator is the main privacy authority for Facebook which was founded in the US
Motorists lined up for fuel in suburban Washington, D.C., on Thursday at one of the few remaining gas stations that still had petrol after the Colonial Pipeline network was shut down last week by a cyber attack.
The main terminal at Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C., is one of the major US airports that receives jet fuel via a pipeline now shut down for days after a cyber attack
The Gambella national park in Ethiopia is being redeveloped to grow sugar cane, palm oil and other crops. The park is the site of one of the largest mammal migrations in the world, that of the white-eared kob.
the garden path

Can you handle the truth about agriculture?

An art exhibition that shows the hell that modern agriculture is – but also a few rays of light
by Faye Peterson 3 min. 14.05.2021
White smoke is a good sign, not just in Rome
Emily, played by Lily Collins takes a selfie out of the window of her Paris apartment
The Fresh View
The artist in his atelier
Lisbon, set between seven hills on the atlantic coast combines city and beach life
Fly Direct

A tale of three cities

You can fly direct and in less than three hours be in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, historic Porto or Faro in the Algarve
by Sarita RAO 8 min. today at 08:00
The pirate ship children's park in Luxembourg City Photo: Serge Waldbillig
Aparthotels and temporary residences can bridge the gap whilst you search for a home Photo: Guy Jallay
Timed slots of between 1.5 and 3 hours can be booked at various indoor pools and some saunas are open too