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Enjoy films from female directors, find out which streets in Luxembourg are named after women politicians, artists, and scientists, or join a virtual event

What’s on for International Women’s Day

Luxembourg streets named after famous women, films by female directors, a second women’s strike, and several online debates, roundtables and workshops
by Sarita RAO 5 min. 04.03.2021
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Exit strategy: marketing your business for sale

In this interview, Christophe Vandendorpe and Pierre Kuntzelmann from EY Luxembourg´s Strategy and Transactions team, discuss prepping your business for a successful sale.
EU commissioner Ursula von der Leyen
Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, food trucks are still out and about serving lunch and dinner
The exhibition takes part in the Cerle Cité
This medieval town with cobbled streets invites you to admire its architecture, stroll by its lake, or take a walk through the wolf gorge on its borders
Fuel prices have also increased
Three Luxembourg-based funds were suspended and then terminated.
Health Minister Paulette Lenert and Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at a press conference last month
A production line at ArcelorMittal's Differdange plant
Victor Hugo vaccination center in Limpertsberg, Luxembourg

Vaccinations drop by 15% in a week in Luxembourg

Amount of doses administered drops in last week of February, as rollout slow to get off the ground
3 min. 04.03.2021
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#13 - with John Ryan

In the 13th episode of our health Podcast we talked to John Ryan, the Director Public Health at the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Santé). We asked him about European coordination work in the pandemic, DG Santé’s role in it and how it is involved in the vaccination against COVID-19.
Flavio Becca at Luxembourg court in February this year
Santo Rumbo was acquitted of all charges in a trial targeting the 'Ndrangheta mafia group
The survey marked the anniversary of the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in Luxembourg
Beijing's central business district

China’s defense budget climbs 6.8% as economy recovers

Military expenditure is expected to climb to 1.35 trillion yuan in the coming year
3 min. 05.03.2021
The Royal Bank of Canada building in Belval

More than 20% of employees at RBC could go in fresh round of cuts

The bank also announced job losses in 2013 and 2019
by Kathryn OGLESBY 04.03.2021
Luxembourg-based JAB Holding invested in a company sells in-home gardening equipment that's taken off during the pandemic
Lufthansa airplanes at the international airport in Munich, southern Germany
According to Interpol there was a criminal network distributing counterfeit jabs
UK capital city, London

France backs Italy’s decision to block AstraZeneca exports

Australia, which had been due to receive a shipment from Italy which was halted, has asked the European Commission to intervene
3 min. 05.03.2021
Italy government's, led by Mario Draghi, notified the EU of its decision but there were no objections from Brussels

Italy blocks shipment of AstraZeneca jab to Australia

Intervention is the first of its kind since the EU introduced vaccine export controls on doses going outside the bloc
A health worker holds a vial of Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine in Podgorica, Montenegro on February 23
Hungary's leader Viktor Orban has pulled his party out of the EPP grouping in the European Parliament
Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport
The European Commission building in Brussels
US President Joe Biden has vowed to treat Russia differently from his predecessor

US matches EU and UK sanctions on Russia for Navalny attack

President Joe Biden announces first measures targeting prominent figures
3 min. 02.03.2021
Investigators have said it is extremely unlikely that frozen food caused the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in the Chinese city of Wuhan last year
Oil and gas operations emitted just over 70 million metric tonnes of methane into the atmosphere in 2020
Beijing's central business district

A taste of 17th century Florentine art

How Europe’s richest bankers flaunted their wealth 400 years ago
by YASEMIN ELÇI 2 min. 18.12.2020
Diane Jodes, Apple Dreams Photo: Yasemin Elçi
Vanessa Springora, the author of "Le Consentement". Photo: JF Paga
The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, which takes part in the Sundance Film Festival, where Kajillionaire premiered this year. Photo: Shutterstock.
This medieval town with cobbled streets invites you to admire its architecture, stroll by its lake, or take a walk through the wolf gorge on its borders
Inside Lux:

Echternach – home to rich Romans, a famous abbey, the wolf gorge and extreme biking

This medieval gem, once occupied by wealthy Romans and famed for its abbey, has plenty of hikes, bike routes and a pretty lake to picnic by
by Sarita RAO 10 min. 06.03.2021
Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, food trucks are still out and about serving lunch and dinner
Appointments should be made online once you receive your invitation letter containing a code, much like the large-scale testing system
Spice up your usual menu with a visit to a speciality food store