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A further 250 people received fines in Luxembourg last week for failing to comply with Covid-19 regulations

250 people fined for Covid-19 breaches

People in parts of neighbouring French region of Meurthe-et-Moselle must also wear masks outside as of Tuesday
by Kathryn OGLESBY 02.03.2021
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Exit strategy: marketing your business for sale

In this interview, Christophe Vandendorpe and Pierre Kuntzelmann from EY Luxembourg´s Strategy and Transactions team, discuss prepping your business for a successful sale.
US President Joe Biden has vowed to treat Russia differently from his predecessor
Governments across Europe must support companies to avoid a more damaging economic downturn, the IMF has said
A mock-up picture of the new building in Howald, which will be the new offices for the Luxembourg Times and Luxemburger Wort
The ECJ issued a ruling on Tuesday on Poland's new rules for appointments to the country's Supreme Court
Germany's economy is feeling the strain of a lockdown which has been in place since mid-November
Oil and gas operations emitted just over 70 million metric tonnes of methane into the atmosphere in 2020
Beijing's central business district
The UK formally left the European Union on December 31
Irregularities with vaccinations have now happened in two hospitals, including at the Centre hospitalier du Nord in Ettelbrück (here pictured)

Hospital asks prosecutor to probe how it handled vaccinations

After reporting six cases of questionable vaccinations and controversy at another hospital
by Yannick HANSEN 01.03.2021
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#13 - with John Ryan

In the 13th episode of our health Podcast we talked to John Ryan, the Director Public Health at the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG Santé). We asked him about European coordination work in the pandemic, DG Santé’s role in it and how it is involved in the vaccination against COVID-19.
Ernst & Young Luxembourg
Luxembourg's economy suffered less of a shock last year than had been previously feared, Statec said
Luxembourg Labour Minister Dan Kersch
A vaccine vial handled in Luxembourg
A view of the Aviva office in London

Aviva plans net-zero carbon emissions from investments by 2040

The UK company manages £522 pounds (€604 billion) of assets
2 min. 01.03.2021
Apps like Robinhood make stock trading quick, cheap, and alluring
Transaction tax

Gaming our economies

Slowing or staunching trades through a transaction tax will actually make things worse, argues Todd G. Buchholz
4 min. 28.02.2021
EY admitted that its reputation had been hit by the fraud uncovered at Wirecard, which collapsed into insolvency last year
Mitsubishi bank is located just outside of Luxembourg City
Mediahuis acquired the Luxembourg Times and other titles in the Saint-Paul Luxembourg group in April last year
Austrian company Plansee Group has gained control over the Luxembourg firm Ceratizit, although the exact details of the deal have not been disclosed
OLAF, the EU's anti-fraud office in Brussels, is investigating scam offers of vaccines made to governments across the continent
Vaccine fraud

EU probes attempted vaccine scams of almost €13 billion

Bloc's anti-fraud office, OLAF, has received information from several countries about suspected fraudulent offers made by intermediaries
2 min. 01.03.2021
Nicolas Sarkozy, who was French President from 2007 to 2012, offered to help land a magistrate a job in return for a favour

Ex-French President Sarkozy found guilty of corruption

Former head of state handed one-year prison sentence, but country's legal system means he is unlikely to serve jail time
2 min. 01.03.2021
Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit
Alexey Navalny
Paolo Gentiloni, the EU’s economic affairs commissioner, says the bloc's fiscal policy needs to be adapted
A passenger arrives for an American Airlines flight at O'Hare International Airport in February in Chicago, Illinois
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Foreign affairs

Netanyahu accuses Iran of attacking Israeli ship in Persian Gulf

Late Sunday, Syria reported that it was dealing with an Israeli missile attack on targets near Damascus
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen
US President Joe Biden

A taste of 17th century Florentine art

How Europe’s richest bankers flaunted their wealth 400 years ago
by YASEMIN ELÇI 2 min. 18.12.2020
Diane Jodes, Apple Dreams Photo: Yasemin Elçi
Vanessa Springora, the author of "Le Consentement". Photo: JF Paga
The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, which takes part in the Sundance Film Festival, where Kajillionaire premiered this year. Photo: Shutterstock.
Appointments should be made online once you receive your invitation letter containing a code, much like the large-scale testing system

Getting vaccinated

The invitation phases, registering and vaccination centres – a guide to Luxembourg’s Covid-19 vaccination programme
by Sarita RAO 5 min. 26.02.2021
Spice up your usual menu with a visit to a speciality food store
Taking the time to think about the surroundings you want
Listen to woodpeckers, watch butterflies and spot new buds Photo: Laurent Jacquemart
Stay fit