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The General Court of the European Court of Justice, where visitors can get a guided tour this weekend
Oct 7-9

What's On: weekend events in Luxembourg

Catch tons of interesting films at the CinEast Film Festival, visit the European Court of Justice or witness Our Planet live in concert
by Tómas Atli Einarsson today at 10:57
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Luxembourg, the new frontier of Private Equity fundraising

Luxembourg has long been the “go to” place for Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) Fund managers to setup shop in the EU.
Poland's President Andrzej Duda (left) Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (centre) and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (right) walk over the grounds of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline on 27 September.
A spike in fuel prices caused inflation to rise in September
J. Safra Sarasin is headquartered in Switzerland
Big Four auditing firm EY have agreed to proceed with the split of its consultancy and accountancy arms
A rocket carrying an SES satellite blasted off from French Guiana in October 2021.
The 2019 Frankfurt headquarters of WISAG, which cleans and maintains locations for facilities management and aviation industries
facilities management
Belgian trains into Luxembourg are expected to run normally again on Thursday

Strike to hit Belgian commuters on Wednesday

Disruptions for travel across Luxembourg border are expected from 22.00 Tuesday and throughout Wednesday
by Gabrielle ANTAR 04.10.2022
Stock market analysis on digital tablet
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Fund industry facing new realities

How the sector is responding to rising interest rates, inflation, and political uncertainty
Thousands attended and camped overnight at the e-Lake Festival in Echternach in August.
Luxembourg's economic competitiveness fell, according to one evaluation
Jingna Zhang posted this image to Instagram, with Dieschburg's work on the left and hers on the right
Household prices are expected to rise more slowly and all income groups should benefit from measures detailed last week
The logo of Russia's energy giant Gazprom at one of its petrol stations in Sofia, Bulgaria

Gazprom resumes flows to Italy via Austria

Gas prices in Europe calm after resolution of dispute over regulation
Elon Musk is proceeding with his purchase of Twitter

Elon Musk revives $44 billion Twitter bid

Move comes weeks before Tesla chief and social media giant were due to face off in court in dispute over original deal
4 min. 05.10.2022
The proposal initially sparked anger from Apple, which said it would reduce innovation.
Biologist Ricardo Rozzi teaches about moss, linchen and fungus showing signs of global climate change in a forest at the southern tip of Chile on 24 September.
corporate conduct
People waiting for the tram in the Kirchberg area, Luxembourg
The German flag waves in the wind in front of the Chancellor's Office waves in Berlin on Monday.
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell delivers a speech during a debate on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, during a plenary session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on Wednesday

EU backs Russia sanctions package including oil price cap

Measures, due to come into effect on Thursday, also include a ban on providing IT, engineering and legal services to Russian entities
2 min. 05.10.2022
The head of the European Stability Mechanism, Klaus Regling, who will leave his post on Friday
European Stability Mechanism

Staying was not an option, ESM chief says

Klaus Regling leaves as head of Luxembourg-based body on Friday with no successor yet in sight
by John MONAGHAN 3 min. 04.10.2022
From left to right: EU Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, Eurogroup President Paschal Donohoe, and ESM Managing Director Klaus Regling addressing the press on Monday
It is not clear who will succeed the head of the EU's bail-out fund Klaus Regling, who steps down on Friday
Latvia's Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins speaks to the media after the release of the general election exit polls on 1 October 1
Cattenom, located on Luxembourg's doorstep, is one of France's largest nuclear power plants
Young men walk in front of a Russian billboard promoting contract army service in Saint Petersburg last Thursday
war in ukraine

More Russians flee than join army after war call-up

Moscow says more than 200,000 conscripted since Putin’s order for more troops
2 min. 04.10.2022
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy
Kim Kardashian didn’t admit or deny the allegations in settling the case
Lula took 48% to Bolsonaro’s 43%, Brazil’s electoral court said
Kamal is forcefully recruited by the Islamic State

Leaving Brussels for Syria: epic, surprisingly musical film

Rebel follows a family where an older brother is forcefully recruited, a younger brother is radicalised, and a mother embarks on a search for her sons
1 by Tómas Atli Einarsson 4 min. 04.10.2022
107 Mothers looks at the fate of children born to women in a correctional facility in Odessa
Director Olivia Wilde at the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival, after a turbulent production that caused a gossip bonanza
The art collection on display at a previous Private Art Kirchberg open doors event
Drai Eechelen museum will have re-enactments from Napoleonic times as part of their night's performances

Discover the city’s museums at night

A night of spoken word performances, guided exhibition tours, workshops, music and DJs in the seven museums and galleries of the capital on 8 October
1 by Sarita RAO 8 min. 05.10.2022
Free open mic sessions at Vantage, Respawn, Bei der Gare and Updown Bar if you need a cut-price laugh

Where to catch stand-up comedy

If you need a laugh this month, you can get one for free at a regular comedy open mic, or catch internationally renowned stand-ups performing locally
by Sarita RAO 5 min. 01.10.2022
Not the synthetic stuff: Sempervivum arachnoideum offers natural cobwebs
The Garden Path
Helping means guiding children through an activity to make them more capable and to strengthen their self-confidence
Korean spicy scampi, sushi or pad Thai? What's your favourite eastern dish Photo: Shutterstock
Eastern Promise:
Get active in the winter months and join a sports club
1 04.10.2022