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A fascinating journey of wet camera photography and travels to Luxembourg and the Orient curated by the National Library of Luxembourg
Photo exhibition

Exceptional curation at Frith photography exhibition

Thoughtfully-curated exhibition of Francis Frith and Victorian photography in Luxembourg and the Orient on display at the National Library
by Sarita RAO 6 min. today at 07:28
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Cyber attacks: getting prepared and responding effectively

Luxembourg companies adapted to remote technologies quickly last year. Getting ready for cyber risk is different and having a plan is critical.
Solar cells on a roof in Luxembourg
news round-up
today at 06:01
Former CSV party president Frank Engel
EPPO will operate from Luxembourg City's Kirchberg district
Bouneschlupp is a great one pot dish, with green beans as the star ingredient Photo: Stockfood
Local food
1 Updated at 07:29
Pitch up, or rent a cabin for a relaxing stay in nature, so long as the sun shines
Inside Lux
today at 07:29
BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine vial
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban (L) speaks with Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi during the opening ceremony of the Porto Social Summit
12 Rue de Bastogne in Beggen, where Avrox is headquartered
Family origins

Bill for biological parents to remove gender reference

Measure is designed to avoid "discrimination of LGBTIQ" community, says Justice Minister Sam Tanson
by John MONAGHAN 06.05.2021
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Discovery Italy

Italy: a veritable trove of striking landscapes, cultural and natural riches, unforgettable art cities and gastronomic delights.
 Christianne Wickler
Solar cells on a roof in Luxembourg
WeDely offers restaurant delivery services in Luxembourg
The company is headquartered in Luxembourg

Commodities boom grips steel as ArcelorMittal profit surges

The multinational steel company, headquartered in Luxembourg, was formed in 2006 from the takeover of Arcelor by Indian-owned Mittal Steel
2 min. 06.05.2021
SES is headquartered in Betzdorf, east Luxembourg

SES to buy back €100 million in shares

News comes as company enjoyed 35% profit increase during the year's first quarter
by Kathryn OGLESBY 2 min. 06.05.2021
Contestants on the RTL show "Let's Dance" last month. The Luxembourg-based media company is relying more on revenues from producing entertainment.
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg HQ
Amazon's European headquarters is based in Luxembourg's financial district, Kirchberg
A Krispy Kreme shop in the United Kingdom

Danske Bank watchdog calls for EU debate on client secrecy rules

The bank, Denmark’s biggest, is now the target of criminal investigations in the US and Europe
River Syr in Luxembourg

Europe had its coldest April in almost two decades

Parts of northeastern Canada, northwestern Russia and the Middle East were much hotter than usual
Office and residential buildings are pictured in front of the beach and seafront in St Helier, on the British island of Jersey
Plans aim to reduce Germany's emissions-reduction goal
Chinese paramilitary policemen watch as people walk along the Shanghai waterfront on Saturday. The European Commission is expected to propose legislation this week that could limit EU market access to Chinese state-ownedcompanies.
US President Joe Biden
Intellectual property

Merkel pushes back on vaccine patent waiver in clash with Biden

The U.S., Germany and other countries will take up debate over the idea in the coming weeks via the World Trade Organization
People visit the Great Wall during the labour day holiday in Beijing on May 1, 2021
Former US President Donald Trump
White smoke is a good sign, not just in Rome
film review

The day Luxembourg was wiped off the map

“An Zéro” is an overblown picture – unsatisfactory both as a documentary and as drama
3 min. 07.05.2021
Emily, played by Lily Collins takes a selfie out of the window of her Paris apartment
The Fresh View
The artist in his atelier
Composing during the pandemic - Luxembourgish singer C'est Karma at work without an audience
Good friends can be life savers, toxic ones can seriously affect your mental state
The L Word

Why it’s time to clear out toxic friendships

Columnist Sarita Rao thinks the pandemic has reinforced our true friendships, and exposed those we need to clear out
by Sarita RAO 4 min. 01.05.2021
Esch-sur-Sûre and its neighbouring villages have plenty to offer the day tripper, from lakeside beaches and watersports to themed forest trails
Hesperange castle dates back to the 13th century
Water is supplied by your commune's nearest Service des Eaux and you will be charged for useage but also work carried on pipes and sewers