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5 influencers to keep an eye on in Luxembourg

5 influencers to keep an eye on in Luxembourg

by Jenny Biver 3 min. 14.06.2021 From our online archive
Jenny Biver chooses her top Instagram influencers in the Grand Duchy
Anna Katina, digital storyteller and native Luxembourger
Anna Katina, digital storyteller and native Luxembourger
Photo credit: LT Archives

According to the 2021 We Are Social report, 4.20 billion people are actively using social media – that’s 53 percent of the world’s global population. Needless to say, social media plays a major role in our daily lives.

The digital world wasted no time in recognising its potential, giving rise to a whole new industry: influencers.

Although the biggest global influencers typically don’t come from Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy has a handful of people that have a strong online presence, and a dedicated audience. And it comes as no surprise that the top influencers are women in the fashion, lifestyle and travel niches.

From a princess turned “mompreneur”, to food and travel addicts, these 5 Luxembourg-based influencers are worth keeping an eye on.

Jade Leboef


With nearly 110K subscribers, Jade Leboef is one of the most followed Instagrammers in Luxembourg. The daughter of French footballer Frank Leboef moved to Luxembourg a little over a year ago, together with her husband Stéphane Rodrigues, who wanted to get back to his Luxembourgish roots.

Rodrigues (@rodriguessteph) has his fair share of followers on social media as well, stepping into the spotlight eight years ago when he entered the French reality show Secret Story. The couple welcomed their first son in August of last year, and have shared their parenthood journey with their followers, alongside collaborations and advertisements with different brands, including Luxembourgish ones.

Tessy Antony de Nassau


Photo: LT Archives

The Luxembourgish public eye first turned to this former Princess of Luxembourg in 2006, when it was announced that she would be marrying into the Grand Ducal Family. Her and Prince Louis had met while they were both serving in the Luxembourgish army, and they had two sons together, before announcing their divorce in 2017.

But even after the split, Antony de Nassau has remained a prominent figure in Luxembourg, the focus shifting from princess to businesswoman and humanitarian. She has received an Honorary Doctorate for her work in global education, and she is the founder and co-founder of several charities and companies. On her Instagram, Antony de Nassau shares snippets of her life as an entrepreneur with a growing audience.

Anne’s Kitchen  


Photo: Pierre Matgé

As the name gives away, Anne’s Kitchen is the go-to place to indulge yourself in a digital culinary experience. Anne Faber is the foodie-profile in Luxembourg, with several cookbooks and a prime-time TV show to her name. Although her recipes are inspired by her 12 years living in London as well as her culinary travels, her blog and Instagram features plenty of traditional Luxembourgish recipes, oftentimes with an original twist. She began her food blog in 2010 and has been awarded a Digital Food Award by the American Food & Wine magazine.

Paulina on the Road


Mindful and sustainable travel are the keywords on blog and Instagram Paulina on the Road. Born and raised in Luxembourg, Paulina started her blog after some time travelling abroad, when she realised she had visited too many places to remember them all at the top of her head. Her bilingual blog in English and Spanish became a digital scrapbook, documenting her travel experiences with a focus on lesser-known destinations and a boat hitchhike across the Atlantic Ocean. Although her blog and Instagram feature her adventures abroad, snippets of Luxembourg occasionally sneak in.

Anna Katina


Native to Luxembourg, Anna Katina launched her blog in 2014 to follow her passion of digital story telling through words and photography. With her personal brand growing, her work expanded to social media management and, photography services, as well as visual communication for businesses. On her Instagram she shares glimpses of her life with an emphasis on her love for fashion and travelling.

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