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Discover the music industry at Sonic Visions festival

Discover the music industry at Sonic Visions festival

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Starting on Thursday, Luxembourg's music industry conference and live performance festival takes place over three days

Luxembourg's unique Sonic Visions festival returns to the Rockhal for its tenth edition from 15 to 17 November.

There are two sides to the event; conferences concerning all aspects of the music industry, and a more traditional music festival featuring a mix of local and international bands and artists.

At the conferences, which begin on Thursday, various subjects of working in the music industry will be under discussion.

For those in a band, wishing to start one, or maybe plan to become involved in the business of music, perhaps from a managerial point of view, then the conferences are essential.

Open panel discussions and workshops with artists and industry professionals talking about life on tour are planned, offering advice on connecting music to particular brands, selling music, financing records and how to make a living while doing it.

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Also under discussion will be all the different roles that exist in the industry and how and who one needs to talk to in order to make things happen.

Sam Reinard, Head of Rockhal's Rocklab department that helps local musicians develop their craft, explained ahead of last year's Sonic Visions festival that the conferences cover many topics "like music distribution, booking, sync and brands for artists, publishing, management, D.I.Y promotion and all that kind of stuff for artists, music professionals and future music professionals, as well as people who are interested in pop and rock culture generally."

Keynotes and speed meetings are also planned for artists over the three days.

These speed meetings are a key part to the whole conference, with the idea of bringing people together. The Luxembourg music export agency Music:LX, bookers, managers, festival organisers and other music professionals meet and greet musicians pitching themselves to  them briefly before a gong is sounded, and all invitees shuffle to the next stand.

The whole event starts on Thursday with a "How to book a tour" workshop and the conferences continue on Friday and Saturday.

Live music too

But the conferences are only half of the festival, as in the evening live music takes over with many different styles of music from local and international artists perform on Friday and Saturday.

Acts such as Maribou State from the UK, French singer Eddy de Pretto, and Belgian artist Angèle will share the stages with Luxembourg artists including Bartleby Delicate and Napoleon Gold.

The combination of conferences and the live music, Sonic Visions gives visitors a three day glimpse into the music industry and the different music scenes developing in Luxembourg and around the world.

Tickets costs various rates depending on  what part of the festival is attended.

For the live music side, tickets cost €35 for the two days, or €22 per day.

For the conferences tickets vary in prices depending on what you wish to attend, and how may people you are. Visit:

For full details about Sonic Visions, see the website: or visit the Facebook Page.