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Best Asian restaurants
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Best Asian restaurants

by Sarita Rao 9 min. 16.09.2021 From our online archive
A fan of pad Thai, ramen, sushi or crispy duck? We've got you covered
Korean spicy scampi, sushi or pad Thai? What's your favourite eastern dish Photo: Shutterstock
Korean spicy scampi, sushi or pad Thai? What's your favourite eastern dish Photo: Shutterstock

Given that almost every town or village in Luxembourg has an Asian restaurant – Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or Thai – it's hard to pick the best. For some residents, their local place is also their favourite one.

If you haven't found that authentic taste of the orient, grab your chopsticks and take a look at our favourite places for crispy duck, pad Thai, ramen, and sushi.

Please note we haven't included Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Tibetan and Nepalese places. You can find our recommendations in our article entitled Craving a curry?

Fu Lu Shou Inn (Rue de Strasbourg and Grand Rue Luxembourg City)

Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean specialities are all available on an extensive menu. Recommendations include the crispy duck, Korean spicy scampi, the Saigon rice noodle soup and the Thai royal imperial chicken. Weekday lunchtime diners should go early to get the best variety of dishes at the buffet, at a price of €12.95 for all you can eat. The ornate decor, complete with Chinese vases and goldfish, make it an ideal place for a business lunch or a romantic tête-à-tête.

Restaurant  Ryôdô (27 rue Raymond Poincaré)

The Gault & Millau Chef of the Year award (2022 edition) recently went to Japanese chef Ryôdô Kajiwara. Passionate about his cooking, the menu offers sushi, sashimi, akami and temaki starters, with haut-cuisine meat and fish mains, or a tasting menu including miso soup and pintade yakitori. There's also a vegetarian menu and a bento one. 

Thai House (19 rue des Capucins)

The newest addition to Asian cuisine in the old town, Thai House combines modern comfort in the shape of blue and yellow plush chairs and banquettes, with coconut curries, tart and spicy salads and sweet and sour flavours. Their tasting menu for two has green papaya salad, crispy egg rolls with shrimp, steamed chicken dumplings and deep fried fish, followed by shrimp green curry, grilled beef Thai salad, and marinated chicken wrapped in padanus leaf. The flowers of Siam dumplings look like works of art. 

Kin Khao  (Kinepolis Kirchberg and 32 rue de la Poste, Luxembourg City)

Fancy your Pad Thai with a cocktail, then Kin Khao is the place to come (and be seen, if you choose the terrace of its city location). Tuck into grilled mushroom with ginger and soy sauce, or grilled squid skewers for finger food, and wok fried noodles and rice, marinaded grilled chicken or a red or green curry for something more substantial. 

AWADA (21 Rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg City)

Recommended by a Luxembourg Times reader, this Clausen-based Japanese restaurant offers sushi maki and temaki, sushi combo plates, dumplings, spring rolls, and even Japanese fondue. Cosy and ambient, its fans say, but it also gets extra stars for top-notch service, plus the Ramen comes with rave reviews.

Kamakura (Rue de Munster, Luxembourg City)

Award-winning Japanese restaurant, both its soups and sushi come highly recommended. Although it has some stunning meat and seafood dishes (including sweet and sour scallops and roasted duck salad), vegetarians will not go hungry, with the excellent seaweed salad and tempura fried vegetables being just two of the veggie options on offer. Tasting menus are also available.

Yamayu Santatsu (Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg City)

Simple wooden tables adorn this small Japanese eatery, serving sushi, sashimi, fried and grilled meat and fish. Flavourful fish and soft non-dense rice make the sushi delicious, and the tuna and salmon sashimis are said to be "divine" by one restaurant reviewer.

Rainbow sushi rolls Photo: Shutterstock
Rainbow sushi rolls Photo: Shutterstock

Ukulele (Rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg City)

This Clausen-located cosy-yet-intimate Thai restaurant is full of colour, partly due to the wonderful blue, red, green and yellow paper parasols that adorn the ceiling. Choose from Pad Thai, fishcakes, stir fries, or Thai curries with the distinct flavours of basil and lemongrass, and wash it down with a Thai Tonic (gin and tonic variation). Owners Alex and Rob work hard to source the best quality products, provide a relaxing and friendly environment, and even a delivery service.

Little Asia (Gare)

A relatively new establishment already getting great reviews for its pad Thai, Bo Bun and Vietnamese sandwiches, it serves up street food from Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. Customers also say the prices are very low for Luxembourg and it's open from 7.00 until 18.00 weekdays and 7.00 to 17.00 on Saturday. No weblink available. 

Peppermint (Bonnevoie & Kirchberg)

Vietnamese and Thai dishes at these relatively new sister establishments, offering Pho, nems, gyoza and a good selection of meat or vegetarian mains. Try the veggie curry with lemongrass, or with Vietnamese spices and coconut milk, the duck with ginger or the peppermint prawns. The newer Kirchberg restaurant has a slightly more extensive menu if you're looking to try something very different, but both have the same hallmark simple wood setting. 

Confucius (Limpertsberg)

Patron Mr Chau offers diners specialities from the four regions of China – Beijing, Quandong, Shanghai and Tze-Chuan – combining sweet, salty, sour and piquant flavours. A daily lunch menu is on offer, and dishes include Wonton soup, steamed dumplings or dim sum. It also offers a selection of Thai dishes. Neutral beige decor, with wooden tables nicely spaced apart for privacy, make it an ideal place for a business meeting.

If you fancy some oriental food with a cocktail or two, then Mont St-Lambert in Limpertsberg is also worth a try. It has a covered terrace and a lively atmosphere. The surf and turf in ginger, chicken gonbao and crispy wanton are all delicious.

Ramen (Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg City)

Ramen noodle lovers will be in heaven at this eatery, with its modern yellow and black decor. The menu has several different ramen bowls including Shanghai, Hong Kong, and if you're feeling daring, Wuhan. Portions are enormous so go with a rumbling belly, and the ramen is fresh. The only drawback is that the menu does not really cater to vegetarians. 

Red Face (Rue Beaumont, Luxembourg City)

Cosy but simple, dark booths entice you to try out some authentic Szechuan cuisine. The duck with sauces gets a big thumbs up from diners who also recommend the beef with sesame seeds. Vegetarian options are available and the eulogy one reviewer has given the dim sum is pure poetry. 

Dim sum from home in Rollingergrund also comes highly rated for its dim sum options (€10,80 for 12 pieces), fried noodle and bento boxes and roast pork buns. 

New Confucius (Strassen/Belair)

Formerly at Boulevard Royal in Luxembourg City but now located in Strassen opposite the City Hospital, this restaurant, which has been in the same family for three generations, offers traditional cuisine from Shanghai (including spicy chicken) and Hong Kong (like ginger lobster). A spacious 80-seat terrace is complemented by the indoor seating at white-clothed tables in a fresh setting with ambient lighting. 

Golden Chopsticks (Rollingergrund)

Friendly restaurant run by Mr Chen offering sushi as well as Thai specialities, and sushi bento boxes or very reasonably-priced lunch boxes. A flower-filled terrace in summer and modern red and black decor inside makes it an ideal place for solo dining or a romantic meal. A small private parking area is available.

Tom Yam Kung, a Thai speciality Photo: Shutterstock
Tom Yam Kung, a Thai speciality Photo: Shutterstock

Simply Thai (Bonnevoie)

Authentic Thai food, including Tom Yum soup, green and red curry, spring rolls and spicy green papaya salad, served in an understated and simple wooden setting with a terrace available for outside dining. If your partner or friends don't like spicy food, there are Italian options on the menu.

Restaurant Chen (Mamer)

"The sushi from the buffet was a pleasure for the eyes," says one reviewer of this fairly new restaurant in Mamer, which serves Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine. Simply adorned with wooden tables and grey decor, the food at the buffet takes centre stage (and children pay reduced prices), but you can also order a la carte. 

Nonbe (Belval)

A mix of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine, offering Izakaya and Kaiseki food, it has gyoza (Japanese dumplings) and Miso soup on the menu together with grilled meats marinated in teriyaki, sake and wasabi sauces. A modern light interior with wooden tables and glass walls, Nonbe also has a terrace outside and parking nearby.

Papaya (Holzem)

With its cool and stylish decor and nicely-spaced tables, Papaya offers a good family dining experience. Offering Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, the menu includes Miso, Tataki and Gunkan rice balls. The Papaya rolls, a house speciality, are delicious washed down with a cup of fresh ginger or honeysuckle tea. A menu of the day is available at €13.80.

Feuille de Banana (Goetzingen)

Nicely spaced tables and a limited,but very well-produced menu, makes this an ideal place for Thai-food lovers, with a good selection of vegetarian dishes. The menu offers simple options such as prawn fried noodles and specialities including duck with lemongrass and beef masaman curry. 

A special mention to...Naga in Mondercange, which comes highly recommended for its Japanese food, Xinjiang for its north-eastern Chinese specialities (in the Gare district), and Manzoku, which sells hugely-popular and freshly-made  Japanese ramen noodle soup kits in the Pall Center and at its shop in Belair which now includes a summer terrace to sample their fresh ramen in situ. You can check their Facebook page for more details. 

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