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Where to catch stand-up comedy

Where to catch stand-up comedy

by Sarita RAO 5 min. 01.10.2022
If you need a laugh this month, you can get one for free at a regular comedy open mic, or catch internationally renowned stand-ups performing locally
Free open mic sessions at Vantage, Respawn, Bei der Gare and Updown Bar if you need a cut-price laugh
Free open mic sessions at Vantage, Respawn, Bei der Gare and Updown Bar if you need a cut-price laugh
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As the darker months set in, laughter can be just the tonic. If you need a giggle this month, or any time in the year, here are a few places where you can catch local and international comedy stand-up.

The scene for comedy performed in English is growing, with a few places now hosting regular open mic sessions for local comics, plus comedy event organisers – Luxembourg Laughing Out Loud (LLOL) and Luxembourg Comedy, and Festrogen/La Grande Duchesse of Comedy now hosting comedy nights in bars and hotels in the city.

Regular open mic sessions

Vantage Bar - Tuesdays 

A new weekly open-mic set at this cosy bar at 163 rue de Beggen. It doubles as a music bar so has a light feel inside, and a small stage so you can get up close and personal with the comedians. Seats are only guaranteed if you book and show up on time, which is 21.00. 

Respawn - Wednesdays 

All-women run La Grande Duchesse of Comedy have started a comedy night on Wednesday at this Gare e-sport and gaming bar at 65 rue du Fort Neipperg. This new comedy club welcomes comics and audiences of both genders and invites you to "come see an array of sassy trailblazing comedians who will humorously shake up the status quo!" Starts 20.00. 

The same team runs Festrogen, which is hosting comedy workshops and a gala night of female acts on 8 October at Le Croque Bedaine. It regularly puts on shows by up-and-coming women comics. 

Bei der Gare – Wednesdays

Head to Bei der Gare on rue Joseph Junck to catch LLOL open mic sessions which start at 20.00. An intimate comedy club feel with a small stage and comfy sofas and armchairs, you can also grab a bite to eat.

Updown Bar – Thursdays

Free comedy every Thursday at the open mic sessions hosted at this Grund venue from 21.00 to 22.30. Some 10-15 comedians testing out a combination of new and old jokes means this is an informal, cosy set up, and even a good place to go if you fancy yourself as an on-stage comic who wants to swap tips with Luxembourg’s up-and-coming comedians. It's recommended that you reserve a space too. 

Saturday nights see one-off comic performances, including tonight, 1 October, with stand up from Canadian Dion Owen with his show "cylcopath". 

Other places with stand-up

Le Croque Bedaine

LLOL’s stand-up comedy night is on every Saturday night (occasionally Friday night if there is another show or event), and kicks off  at 20.00. Comedians come from all over the world, and you'll get performances from at least three at these nights. Chow down on a variety of Croques (Monsieur, Madame, Mer and Flambe) whilst laughing. You’ll find the bar at 139 Avenue du Bois.


Head to this rue de Strasbourg bar to which Luxembourg Comedy’s Joe Eagan first brought English stand up to Luxembourg, and still does occasionally, with headlining comedians coming from Ireland, the UK, the USA and Canada as well as closer to home, from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Keep an eye on their Facebook page as these nights, usually on a Saturday, are ad hoc, depending on when Eagan can get the agendas of the performing comedians to tally.

The last one was on 21 September and featured Luca Cupani (Italy), Ulug Bek (Uzbekistan) and Peter Luebken (Germany).   

Other comedy venues

Check the events page of INNSiDE at Melia at rue Henri M. Schnadt for The (INNSiDE) Joke, ad hoc comedy nights the last of which was in July and featured Freddi Gralle's show "Church girl interrupted". Likewise, Rocas also hosts comedians, both local and international, and recently had a one-night comedy self-help show (humour meets therapy) with Daniel Belkin. 

Head to Eirelux Irish pub and restaurant in Howald for some comedy from across the pond, with the American Stand-up Show Luxembourg. We're not sure if this will be a regular event, so check it out on Sunday 2 October. 

Konrad Café & Bar has ad hoc comedy nights or specials, so it’s worth checking their events calendar.  Local theatres and commune cultural centres also host the occasional international stand-up act. The Altimentri cultural centre, recently hosted Irish comic Mike Rice and Romanian comedian Victor Patrascan.

To discover comedy nights and events check the Facebook pages of LLOLLuxembourg Comedy and Festrogen/ La Grand Duchesse of Comedy. 

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