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City dining on a budget

City dining on a budget

by Sarita Rao 3 min. 11.01.2020 From our online archive
Post-Christmas, empty-pocket blues? Don't worry, you can savour a main dish at these places for around €15
Brasserie Bosso in Grund has a great choice of dishes including spätzle.
Brasserie Bosso in Grund has a great choice of dishes including spätzle.
Photo credit: Brasserie Bosso

Forget sober January, the most sobering thought is usually how little money you have left after the festive season. Five weeks of no fun can make winter feel even more grey, but you can dine out at one of these city establishments, without eating into next month’s salary.

For the purposes of this article, we define cheap eats as around €15 for a main meal. There are of course plenty of food trucks and takeaways where you can find great food for lower prices.

Cafetin de Buenos Aires and Independent Café – Luxembourg City

With lunchtime menus offering juicy Argentinian steak at €16 or vegetarian empanadas at €13, Cafetin de Buenos Aires gets rave reviews. An old favourite for many, Independent Café does great salads, burgers, omelettes, and tapas plus the weekday menu choices are rarely more expensive than €12,50.

If you don’t mind sticking to the pasta and pizza dishes, Onesto and Brasserie du Cercle are good choices in the old town.

Alison Café, Damas, Cocottes and Bistro Carthago – Gare

Gare is the perfect place for anyone eating out on a shoestring budget. You can try the weekday lunch menu for as little as €10,80 at Café Alison (including a main course and dessert), whilst Cocottes (also in other locations in Luxembourg) has a good choice of hot and cold meals, including vegetarian options, mostly under €15. Pick up an escalope or breaded chicken at Pasta Buongiorno for €12-14, or some Tunisian tagine and couscous at Bistro Carthago. You’ll find plenty of low-cost options at Syrian restaurant Damas. There are also numerous Asian restaurants in the Gare quarter that cater to diners on a budget.

Ukulele, Bistro Podenco, Popkorn and Maybe not Bob’s – Clausen

At Ukulele you can pick up a tofu or chicken Pad Thai for €15,90, and if you stick to tapas at Bistro Podenco you can keep the bill down and feed the kids for €10. Tuck into steak, egg and chips or a chicken and fruit salad at Popkorn which also offers a weekday dish of the day for just €11. If you’re in a big group and need to cater to a variety of tastes, Maybe not Bob’s can do pasta, pizza, steaks, burgers, veggie chilli, burgers and salads. They don’t mind if you just order fries and a beer.

Brasserie Bosso and Oscar’s – Grund

You can get local cuisine and spätzle or a vast choice of other dishes from omelettes to casseroles with many choices on the menu costing less than €15 at Brasserie Bosso. Next door Oscar’s offers steak and chips for €15,90, but you can also tuck into a hot Caesar salad for €11,80.

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