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Where to eat the humble 'frite'

Where to eat the humble 'frite'

by Sarita Rao 4 min. 18.08.2021
Fancy some chips, fries or frites tonight? Here is our selection of places to chow down on this comfort food
Comfort food at its best, everyone loves chips
Comfort food at its best, everyone loves chips
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Chips to the Brits, French fries to Americans, Fritten for Luxembourgers and frites to the Belgians. Whatever you call them, they tick all the boxes when it comes to food that everyone will eat. Consumed by vegetarians, universally eaten by small children, and coveted by people who’ve ordered a salad, they make perfect comfort food in the colder months.

Belgians famously fry their frites twice, and although we can’t guarantee that every establishment listed below hand-cuts or twice-fries their frites, we're sure they will hit the spot. 

Reader recommendation 

Some readers scoffed at this article when it was first published, but quite a few who appreciate the importance of the humble frite as a source of contentment, recommended Friterie Beim Francis in Lorentzweiler. It may be a simple wooden chalet with a small parasol covered terrace and a cosy inside dining area, but it gets the thumbs up from several readers. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until 22 August and their return from vacation to sample their fries (and burgers). 

Where else to try frites

La Baraque

A new venture from Cocottes in the city, you can sample fresh home-made chips (eat in or takeaway) with a selection of gourmet sauces. Fries are made using Bintje potatoes cultivated in Belgium, and you can add meatballs or rabbit with grape (an unusual combo), steak or croquettes.


Waffle, wedge or sweet potato fries are the order of the day at Snooze sports bar. If you fancy a dollop of mayonnaise you can choose from lemon, curry, chilli, ketchup and Mister T flavours (presumably the secret ingredient is gold jewellery and we can “pity the fool” who doesn’t try it). Locations in the city and Belval.


Get your fries loaded at Urban’s bar/restaurants in the city or Belval. Choose from bacon, pulled pork, cheddar, cream and grilled onions, or ricotta, olives, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and oregano, with a third and spicy option of jalapeno peppers, cheddar, guacamole and coriander. Those on a diet can sample the zucchini fries with garlic sauce instead (and gaze longingly at everyone else’s plate).


Vegetarians who want to avoid the smell of burger meat, should head to Beet for their frites, home-made and in the standard or sweet potato variety. They come in small or large portions and you can opt to have them smothered in melted cheese.

Charles Sandwiches

Pick your sandwich and add a portion of the amazing home-made fries say reviewers of these eateries located in town and near the central station. If you're in need of total comfort order your fries with a side of baked beans. 


Head to Belval if you like your chips to be sexy (that’s what it says on the menu), or drenched in melted cheese. You can eat them solo or team them up with a burger.


Check out the truffle mayonnaise or Jack Daniels BBQ sauce with fresh-cut or sweet potato fries at this Kirchberg restaurant. Team them up with some onion rings or pulled pork bites.

Oscar’s Diner/Bar

Shoot some pool and chow down on standard or sweet potato fries at the diner in Gare or belt out some karaoke at their Grund bar venue. Both also serve burgers. 


The fries come in mini fryers lined with fake newspaper (in case you want to catch up on your fake news). The place to go for chunky chips.

Scott’s Pub

Grund located bar that serves up truffle fries, with ketchup, mayo and Andalouse sauce.

Eirelux Restaurant & Pub - Howald

Head to this Howald-based Irish establishment for a great selection of fries including parmesan and garlic, rosemary, chilli, truffle oil and parmesan, sweet potato and loaded fries with cheese and bacon. The menu also includes burgers, Irish steak and fish and chips. 

FoodRiders, and So Food

Need your frites on the go, then try the FoodRiders truck for home-made skin-on, chilli cheese and Mexican street fries, and So Food truck for its twice-fried in beef fat fries.

If only Belgian frites will do…

You can check out Patati & Patata a Belgian friterie in Diekirch or jump on the train and head to Arlon, home to numerous friteries, including ones just a hop, skip and jump from the train station (do the skipping on the way there, you’ll be too full on the way back).

All other potatoes…

If you prefer baked potatoes head to Kumpir The Happy Potato in town. Alternatively, you can sample the humble potato cooked in various ways at 100 Patates in Kirchberg.

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