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Where do dogs want to dine out?

Where do dogs want to dine out?

by Sarita RAO 8 min. 04.02.2023
Luxembourg’s eateries are mostly dog-friendly, but which ones would man’s best friend choose? Here's our list, straight from the mutt's mouth
Where do dogs in Luxembourg like to dine out
Where do dogs in Luxembourg like to dine out
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Luxembourg is a pretty dog-friendly nation, and home to approximately 50,000 four-legged friends. Whilst most restaurants are dog-friendly and will give fido a bowl of water, which ones score top with canines? 

We asked a few pooch friends and their owners for the inside track on where to dine, grab a coffee or even a dog beer.

These suggestions come courtesy of the Pet Owners of Luxembourg Facebook group, but if you and your dog have ones to add, let us know.

Bacco and Nouno – Café Villa, Beggen

Bacco loves the garden at Cafe Villa in Beggen with doggie beer and ice cream
Bacco loves the garden at Cafe Villa in Beggen with doggie beer and ice cream
Photo: Diane Tan

This is doggie heaven for more than one breed. Leila, the café owner, actually encourages customers to bring their dogs. 

Bacco enjoys the lovely large terrace, the basket full of toys, a big water bowl, and even a dog menu with Snuffle dog beer and treats.

Several other owners recommend this place, but the best endorsement comes from Nouno, who had her birthday party at this café. Staff always give her a lovely greeting, a bowl of water and a basket of toys, plus the pretty back garden was the setting for her party, where she got to try doggie ice cream – Nouno’s favourite flavour is peanut butter. 

You can check out the dog menu here (scroll down to the bottom). Owners can chow down on tacos, nachos and burgers.  

Ivy – Restaurant Bei der Giedel, Lasauvage and Fond-de-Gras  

Ivy enjoys the attention and petting at Bei der Giedel
Ivy enjoys the attention and petting at Bei der Giedel
Photo: Mirela Dragota

Samoyed breed, Ivy, loves Café & Restaurant Bei der Giedel – both locations, Lasauvage and Fond-de-Gras. She’s welcomed on the terrace and inside and enjoys the attention and petting she gets from other customers.

Owners can tuck into salads, omelettes, beef steak, tartiflette or raclette, or a fixed menu, plus if you have kids, they have a children’s menu too.

Ivy also visits the Robbesscheier farm and is allowed inside the restaurant, and enjoys walking around the farm seeing other animals. Owners can sample Luxembourgish specialities including kniddelen with bacon, Ardennes ham, lamb cutlets, or a selection of vegetarian and fish dishes.

Olix – Bistro Martbusch, Berdorf

Olix likes the restaurants in Berdorf
Olix likes the restaurants in Berdorf
Photo: Victoria Hodgson

Kleiner Münsterländer, Olix, is spoilt for choice with two restaurants in her local village of Berdorf, although she regularly accompanies her owner Victoria to restaurants in the Echternach area. 

Bistro Martbusch, part of the camping ground of the same name, has the added bonus that Olix has already been on a good walk or trail run in the beautiful Mullerthal region. There’s outside seating, but if her owners choose to dine inside, there are floor to ceiling windows to watch the world go by, plus water available for her.

Owners can choose a snack such as sausage and chips, or for something more substantial there is a good selection of hamburgers, salads, steaks and fish dishes, plus vegetarian options.

Flóki – Brasserie Schuman, Luxembourg City

Springer Spaniel Flóki likes Brasserie Schuman and Lili the owner's French bulldog.
Springer Spaniel Flóki likes Brasserie Schuman and Lili the owner's French bulldog.
Photo: Isabelle Bertels

Flóki, an English Springer Spaniel, says you can’t talk about dog-friendly restaurants without mentioning his favourite, Brasserie Schuman – and if you need a hint how much the manager is a canine-lover, take a look at the massive dog sculpture out front. The terrace is Flóki’s favourite spot in summer, and staff are always super-welcoming. Their website says staff French bulldog Lili, who also has her own restaurant – the Chalet.  

Owners can choose from a finger food and tapas menu, including slices of Riesling pate and houmous with veggies, or a Thai menu with red curry, spring rolls and crispy duck. The main menu with foie gras, snails, steak and cod.

Another favourite is also Elch Club Restaurant in Bertrange, at which Flóki classes himself a regular.

Winston – ELA Greek Cuisine, Kirchberg  

If he's lucky, Winston gets some chicken from the owners at ELA
If he's lucky, Winston gets some chicken from the owners at ELA
Photo: Lauren Manibusan

This Golden retriever sometimes arrives at ELA before his owners, and is always offered a nice spot and some water, and if he’s lucky, he sometimes gets a bit of chicken from the restaurant owners. Winston also recommends Grand Café Red Beef.

Owners should grab a cocktail, and check out the hot and cold mezze on offer, from smoked octopus and fried calamari, to Graviera cheese and Dolmades at ELA. Mains include Kleftiko and Souvlaki. It has a light airy feel, and spaced out tables. Grand Café Red Beef has a darker interior and beef in all its various cuts, plus seafood and burgers.

Bruce Springsteen – The Pyg Irish Bar, Clausen

Yes, you heard that right – not the famous singer, but an Irish Cavapoo who likes this Irish bar in Clausen. His “uncles” always have water and a dog biscuit for him, and he can sit outside or inside, with other dogs, to discuss sticks and squirrels. Another owner speaks highly of the Pyg as a great place to stop after a trek through the Grund.

Owners – this place has a homey feel, and serves up Guinness, cider, and numerous bottled beers, and is a good place to catch football, rugby and GAA matches on the big screen. 

Ginny Weasley - Oscar’s bar, Grund

Sunday roast at Oscar's is a favourite for Ginny and owner Pam
Sunday roast at Oscar's is a favourite for Ginny and owner Pam
Photo: Pam LeBlanc

When she’s not at Hogwarts, five year old Vizsla, Ginny Weasley enjoys the shade of the terrace when her owners head out for Sunday lunch to Oscar’s Bar in Grund. Leftovers passed under the table are an added bonus.

Owners can eat well on a budget here, with burgers, fish 'n' chips, all-day English breakfast and Sunday roast dinner. It’s warm and cosy, and although there isn’t tonnes of space, there are plenty of corners to install yourself with your pooch.

Forest – Kaale Kaffi, Luxembourg City

Comfy rugs to sleep on while mum has a glass of wine or a coffee, and super-friendly staff, make this cafe Forest’s favourite spot. She also wants to mention that polite dogs like her are always welcome on the bus, although she will admit that forests and fields are still her favourite.

Owners can enjoy their coffee surrounded by artworks, paintings and books, and sit on very comfy sofas and chairs. A home from home for both pet and owner.

Stella -  Casa España (City), Pizza Hut (Rodange) and Urban (Belval) 

Stella likes a calm atmosphere, plenty of cuddles and being given a bowl of water when she arrives
Stella likes a calm atmosphere, plenty of cuddles and being given a bowl of water when she arrives

Stella is a French Bulldog born in October 2021. She loves people and is really energetic. Her favourite dining hangouts are Pizza Hut Rodange, Urban Belval and Casa España.  

Pizza Hut Rodange is a big place, with waitresses that love Stella, and put water out without being asked. Urban in Belval does the same. Whilst her owner Yolande gets to sample great food at Casa España, Stella enjoys the calm atmosphere and plenty of cuddles. You can check out restaurants and hotels in and around Luxembourg that Stella enjoys at her instagram account:  Stellarossa_thefrenchie. 

Owners can enjoy a large terrace in summer of spacious wooden floored warm interiors in the winter months at  Casa España, and enjoy a big selection of sangria, tapas, cheese and ham, Argentinian steak or grilled octopus. 

Cookie – Hostellerie du Grünewald (Dommeldange) and Al Bacio (Luxembourg City)

Cookie enjoys being admired on her marble throne at Al Bacio
Cookie enjoys being admired on her marble throne at Al Bacio
Photo: Katerina Kiosse

Cookie gets a lot of loving care at the Hostellerie du Grünwald, and they even make her homemade treats, whilst at Al Bacio she always takes a table near the window, so she can sit on the marble bench ready to be admired by her public.

Owners can sample home-cooked Italian pasta and other specialities including carpaccio at Al Bacio, whilst the Hostellerie serves up grilled octopus and fillet steak.

Tammy – Ryodo or Le 18 bar (Luxembourg City), An der Villa (Steinfort) 

Tammy is definitely a dog that likes the high life, and prefers award-winning restaurants. The chef spoils Tammy at Ryodo and she always has plenty of space to sleep, whilst at An der Villa they try to find the best table so that she can sprawl without being in the way. At Le 18 bar they just let her chill and have loads of cuddles. All these establishments offer water at the same time as owners get their drinks, and most will give Tammy a small snack.

Owners will be in for a treat at award-winning and Michelin-starred Japanese fusion restaurant Ryodo, with wagyu beef on the menu, served up with sake. It’s deservedly pricey given the quality of the produce and the imaginative way it’s put together. More fine dining, this time at the steel magnate family Collart’s old villa in Steinfort, which incorporates another award-winner, An der Villa.

Le Bar 18 is part of the hotel and restaurant Le Place d’Armes, with Mallet-Stevens carpets, antique marble and custom-designed sofas to give your cocktail-sipping environment some 1970s elegance.

Ahsoka the cat recommends…

Ahsoka enjoys accompanying her owner for lunch
Ahsoka enjoys accompanying her owner for lunch
Photo: Carole Plehiers

Generally cats aren’t seen in and around Luxembourg’s restaurants, but if you have one that likes to travel with you or wear a harness, Carole has plenty of tips, courtesy of her coal- coloured beauty, Ahsoka. She likes Matelots in the city, Ninja House on rue de Strasbourg, and Restaurant Chen in Mamer. All offer a water bowl and a chair, and welcome both dogs and cats.

Owners can enjoy sweet or savoury galettes and crepes at Matelots city-centre located restaurant with a terrace.  Another spacious terrace and sushi at Ninja House, and more of the same in the enclosed garden at Restaurant Chen

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