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Coffee with a 'hug'
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Coffee with a 'hug'

by Sarita Rao 5 min. 12.09.2020 From our online archive
Okay, you might not get a hug in these times, but you'll get that Hygge feeling at these coffee places in Luxembourg
Antique spotlights and cinema seats create cosy atmosphere at this Vianden cafe
Antique spotlights and cinema seats create cosy atmosphere at this Vianden cafe
Photo credit: Ancien Cinema Cafe Club

Finding the best coffee is a personal mission for many a Luxembourg resident. But sometimes, it's not so much what you are sipping, but the surroundings you occupy. Who doesn't love a place that gives you that warm, glowing feeling?

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness, comfort and contentedness. Which is exactly how we want to feel as autumn approaches. So, we've sought out the best cafes in Luxembourg for a bit of Hygge, but under social distancing rules, don't expect a hug.

Please note that you must wear a mask when you enter a premise or if you need to move through the cafe, but you can remove it once you are seated. 

Ancien Cinema Café Club – Vianden

Worth the trek north, this place has big comfy armchairs a book corner, a live movie screen, art and even a little quiz to get your brain cells going. Housed in an old cinema, with limestone walls, it still has original cinema seats, antique spotlights, and 1960s chairs and tables. The coffee beans are Fairtrade from Mondo del Café. You can also sup tea, served in a Bavarian porcelain teapot and try a polish delicacy or two, surrounded by black and white photos that bring to life the classic movies of yesteryear.

Kaale Kaffi – Rue de la Boucherie, Luxembourg City

It's like you've entered someone's living room, possibly a century ago. Plush velvet armchairs, gilded mirrors and antique furniture, together with art-filled walls, make this a sumptuous place for a coffee. You can even play a game of chess or do a bit of people-watching.

Chique-o-Latte – Rue des Bains, Luxembourg City

Green velvet chairs, wooden walls and warm lighting will welcome you at this city centre coffee place.  Try the caramel iced coffee, the coconut latte, or some spiced chai with a chocolate chip cookie or a delicious fruit tart. They have a good selection of tea too. A perfect snug pitstop if you're shopping in town. It gets busy at the weekends. 

Knopes Coffee shop – Route d'Esch

In the Robin du Lac complex, this café is less Hygge, but might be just what you need on an autumnal morning. Light and airy, there are wooden stools and sofas inviting you to test out the coffees blended in the workshop at the same site.

Café le Bovary - Weimerskirch

Weimerskirch's secret literary den, host to many public readings, writers' meetings, slam nights, philosophical round tables and coffee-theatre, Le Bovary invites you to step inside its book-lined café and take a seat on the chintzy and unmatching furniture, lovingly put together to make it feel like a home from home. You'll be inspired to write poetry over your expresso or glass of wine.

T.Zone Boba - 17 Rue Beaumont

Opening just a few weeks before lockdown, this Taiwanese bubble tea establishment is quite the craze. Try black tea with milk and tapioca, or a matcha latte with black sugar tapioca, which is filling by itself but if  you need something more there are Hong Kong egg waffles and toasted sandwiches on offer. Tea is served cold with a bamboo straw to suck up the tapioca balls. They also make smoothies and offer ordinary coffee, in a very relaxed setting with spaced tables and comfy sofas inside, and ones ideal for a bit of people watching outside. 

Ready?! – Avenue du Bois, Luxembourg City

Whitewashed walls adorned with upside-down bikes, tables made of cable reels, banks of cushions, comfy sofas, the hodge podge décor screams shabby-chic, with a clientele that includes students, mums, and office workers. This well-loved coffee house can get very busy.

Instant Café – City Concorde

Red chairs and wooden tables give this small café a toasty feel, a perfect accompaniment to some retail therapy on an autumn day. Gourmet blends from Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru can be freshly ground on request or you can buy some 100 types of tea from China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Konrad Café – Rue du Nord

Wooden floors and 1970s style comfy chairs, suitable for those with a wide girth, you can try out a coffee or tuck into something stronger like a bottle of Ramborn cider. Oldies will appreciate that the music isn't on full blast and the "chillaxed" vibe. It also hosts comedy nights and acoustic sessions.

Ernster L'esprit café – La Belle Etoile

What better way to banish the strains of shopping than a coffee pitstop at the café in this bookshop? Snug tables line the perimeter and give it an intimate feel. An added bonus – you can browse for books after your caffeine fix. Cupcakes, muffins and gluten-free pastries are available too.

Other hygge coffee options:

Comfy brown leather chairs and sofas make Downtown Café on Rue Chimay a family option, while the Golden Bean - The Coffee Experience on the same road gets a thumbs up for its chili chocolate, free Wi-Fi and the fact it changes its mugs with the seasons. The busy Coffee Fellows in Place de Paris has a light airy feel with comfortable leather armchairs and black sofas.

Out of town, consider Bistro Lënster on Junglinster's main street is decked in plush padded chairs and soft banquettes.

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