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Where to learn Luxembourgish

Where to learn Luxembourgish

by Sarita Rao 8 min. 14.09.2019 From our online archive
Whatever your motivation, there are many places to learn the national language.
Some tutors specialise in preparing students for the Luxembourg nationality test Photo: Jacques Schneider
Some tutors specialise in preparing students for the Luxembourg nationality test Photo: Jacques Schneider

If, like many foreign residents, you are thinking of taking the Sproochentest and applying for Luxembourgish nationality, or if you simply just want to communicate with your friends and neighbours, integrate better, and help support your children in the local education system, there are plenty of places to learn Luxembourgish.

The government, non-profit organisations, local communes and schools, in addition to private companies and tutors, are ready and waiting to help you move beyond "Moien". And, if you've already gained a basic level of language skills, you can join a language cafe to get some practise.

Welcome and Integration Contract (CAI)

You can sign a Contrat d'accueil et d'intégration (CAI) with the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region if you are over 16 years old and not a Luxembourgish national.  Foreign residents who sign one are entitled to a reduced rate on language courses, free citizenship education courses and an orientation day to help with integration. 

This contract replaces the original OLAI one when the organisation was subsumed into the National Reception Office at the beginning of 2020. You can make an appointment online for a guidance and information session which will determine the best language course (Luxembourgish, French or German) for you. 

Whilst CAI does not run language courses itself, you can use your discounts at several places, including the National Institute for Languages (INL), some non-profit associations, communes and schools. You can book an online appointment and find out more about CAI here

In addition, you can undertake a free course on Citizenship Education which provides information on Luxembourg institutions, and the basic conditions of community life. The course is at least 6 hours long, and is divided into several sessions. It is delivered in German, English, French, Luxembourgish and Portuguese.

Free half-day Orientation Days are held at least twice a year where you can learn more about administrative formalities and citizenship initiatives, get guidance and advice on access to public services and attend presentations given by representatives of the private and public sectors. 

The CAI contract lasts for 2 years, but if you don't reach the level of language attainment needed for nationality or complete the citizenship courses you can enter into a new contract. 


The government-recognised INL has courses – at Glacis (Limpertsberg), Mersch and Belval – in Luxembourgish at all levels, and courses specifically designed to take you through the nationality test. You can also book your nationality test exams (Sproochentest) which start up again in October 2020. 


If your budget is tight, non-profit organisations – and some communes and schools – offer intense and regular weekly courses. Some operate in conjunction with the CAI to provide discounted language classes.