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EPPO approves two Luxembourg delegates

EPPO approves two Luxembourg delegates

19.05.2021 From our online archive
Philipp Zangerlé and Claude Eischen will investigate crime against the EU budget in the coming weeks
Photo credit: Anouk Antony

By Jean-Michel Hennebert and Julie Edde

The European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) on Wednesday approved two Luxembourg prosecutors to work with the European Union's new fraud-fighting agency inside the Grand Duchy, after long delays in the selection process.

The two are Philipp Zangerlé - a judge - and Claude Eischen - who works for the public prosecutor's office - according to Tine Hollevoet, a spokeswoman for the institution. Luxembourg had proposed the candidates on Monday.

Both will start their work in the coming weeks with Gabriel Seixas, the Luxembourg chief delegate to EPPO's decision-making body, to pursue convictions in their home countries when EPPO investigates crime. 

Each country needs to appoint at least two delegated prosecutors to handle cases in local courts. EPPO cannot start its work until at least one delegated prosecutor from each participating member has been appointed. EPPO now has 88 delegated prosecutors from 20 EU countries, leaving only Finland and Slovenia as the two countries that have not presented candidates.  

Luxembourg's State Council said in late April that a bill to allow EPPO to work in the country clashes with how Luxembourg's own prosecutory system works. On top of that, a district court also objected to the bill for similar reasons.  

However, these legislative troubles will not stop the fraud-busting agency - which is looking to tackle some 3,000 alleged crimes against EU funds - from starting work on 1 June as planned, EPPO has said in reaction.

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