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European court rules EDF must pay €1.37 billion to France
State aid

European court rules EDF must pay €1.37 billion to France

by BB 16.01.2018 From our online archive
General Court upholds Commission ruling that 2003 tax waiver amounted to state aid
EDF operates the Cattenom plant close to Luxembourg's border (LW)

A European court has upheld a ruling against French energy giant EDF, ordering it to pay €1.37 billion to France.

The General Court, based in Luxembourg, ruled in favour of the European Commission in its case against EDF and the French state.

The decision relates to a tax waiver in 2003, which the Commission said amounted to state aid, and follows a lengthy legal battle.

The Commission lost an original court case against EDF in 2012, which went all the way to the European Court of Justice.

However, following a new Commission order to recover the money in July 2015, based on revised arguments, EDF was ordered to repay €1.37 billion – which it did in October of that year.

EDF, supported by France, then appealed that decision to the EU's second-highest court – which has now been rejected.