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Germany's far right to head budget committee with euro-sceptic
Peter Boehringer

Germany's far right to head budget committee with euro-sceptic

by Bloomberg 24.01.2018 From our online archive
Germany's nationalist AfD party claims chairmanship of parliament's budget committee naming a euro-sceptic to head key panel in Bundestag
Peter Boehringer of Germany's nationalist AfD party   (AFP)

Peter Boehringer, 48, was nominated by his Alternative for Germany's caucus on Tuesday in keeping with a tradition that the biggest opposition party heads the committee, which has the power of the purse and a say in Germany's eurozone policy, according to an emailed AfD statement.

Boehringer, a businessman who decries paper currencies not backed by precious metal, calls for Germany’s "immediate exit from the illegal euro transfer union," according to his website. Bailout policies to aid indebted eurozone countries violate European Union treaties, he says.

Founded as an anti-euro grouping in 2013, the AfD last year became the first far-right party to win seats in the federal parliament since the 1950s on a platform opposing mass migration to Germany. If Chancellor Angela Merkel succeeds in renewing her governing alliance with the Social Democrats, the AfD will form the main opposition caucus.

A publicist and asset manager from Bavaria, Boehringer is one of 92 AfD lawmakers elected in September to the Bundestag, or lower house. Among his political goals, he cites the "urgent end to the permanent, centrally planned, trillion-euro ongoing 'rescues'."

He also calls for the "immediate end to the mass, illegal and existentially threatening Islamic 'migration' to Europe." The AfD’s election platform advocated closing the border and called Germany’s increasing Muslim population "a great danger to our state".

In 2012, Boehringer, head of a firm investing his and clients' money in gold, silver, and mining stocks, began a campaign to return all of the gold reserves of Germany's central bank to Frankfurt from overseas. The Bundesbank gold transfer is also among the AfD’s positions.