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You must take theoretical lessons and a test, then practical lessons and a test to gain your probationary driving licence

Taking your driving test

Getting a learner’s permit, taking the theoretical and practical tests, and from probationary to full driver’s licence – all covered in our guide
by Sarita RAO 9 min. 23.05.2023
If you can cohabit peacefully, the advice is to leave a wasp nest until it is abandoned in Autumn Photo: iStockphoto
Dogs must be registered and have a microchip within one month of adoption Photo: Shutterstock
Guide to:
“We expand and connect according to new needs,” says Menon from Passage, the parent support group for the English-speaking community in Luxembourg

Luxembourg parental group Passage calls for more support

Group appeals for volunteer parents and professionals to help meet demand as English-language education options expand in Luxembourg
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 27.05.2023
Walygator Parc at Maizières-lès-Metz
2 20.05.2023
IGCSEs and A levels offer secondary students the chance to gain broader qualifications earlier and then specialise in the final two years of school
European, International or Luxembourgish Baccalaureate? How does each system work
Some liberal professions such as chartered accountants and architects require a business permit

Applying for a business permit

Got a great idea for a business, want to set up as a sole-trader or offer your professional services? Here’s how to apply for a business permit in Luxembourg
by Sarita RAO 6 min. 17.04.2023
Luxembourg has the highest statutory minimum wage in Europe
1 19.03.2023
Setting up or registering your company might take several calls
Co-working spaces encourage collaboration, exchange and an can be an incubator for creatives and business entrepreneurs alike
Work lifestyle
Hormone Replacement Therapy is often prescribed to manage the side effects of menopause such as hot flushes

A guide to dealing with (peri) menopause

From what causes the menopause, to checking your symptoms and getting treatment in Luxembourg
by Sarita RAO 8 min. 28.05.2023
Photo: Anouk Anthony
Only certain conditions qualify for full reimbursement from the CNS
If you contribute social security payments (CCSS) in Luxembourg you are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card. Photo: Guy Wolff
When the sun shines, there's nothing like a picnic lunch to get you out the house

Picnic spots to try

We've scoured the country to find a selection of great picnic areas in the Grand Duchy
2 by Sarita Rao 7 min. 27.05.2023
Remich's open air pool
Hot summer
2 27.05.2023
Medieval and Renaissance castles sit side by side at Beaufort
Day out
1 21.05.2023
Snap up a designer handbag or coat
Inside Lux

Wiltz – castles, counts, and the last windmill

In our travel series Inside Lux, we take a look at some of the tourist attractions in Wiltz, and places to dine or stay overnight
by Sarita Rao 12 min. 24.05.2023
With a keep from the Middle Ages, fortified by Vauban and named a termite mound by Napoleon, Namur's Citadel overlooks the city
Greater Region
Mallorca, one of two Balearic Islands you can fly to direct from Luxembourg
One of the last places to surrender to Julius Caesar, and birthplace of revolutionary Robespierre, Arras has the rat as its symbol
Citadel city
1 15.04.2023

Get a scoop of home-made ice-cream

Screaming for ice cream? Here’s where to find the best scoops
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 28.05.2023
Zeltik in pre-Covid days, but live music is back on the agenda, although with more restrictions
Ladurée macarons, choux buns, or patisseries of all shapes and sizes - what will you choose to go with your afternoon tea or coffee?
Mexicans living in Luxembourg say it's hard to find authentic home cooking, but there are still a few places that get the thumbs up
Miss Fontaine, played by Magaly Teixeira, argues with basement-bound censor, played by Max Thommes, about what is graphic pornography and what is art
Theatre Review

Is sex another language, asks The Censor

Director Anne Simon offers up an intense 60 minute performance that examines sexual morality with dark humour
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 21.05.2023
When two strangers, Karen (Helena O’Hare) and Antonio (Alex Teligadas), meet in a bar, what is behind their conversation?
Kniddelen or Kachkeis - what is the best thing about Luxembourg according to its residents?
Portrait of Adalbert Boros, a famous homeless man who frequented Gare in the 1970s, by local artist and Young Talent award winner, Raphael Tanios

What is the hopping procession of Echternach?

The origins of the UNESCO-recognised, ancient dancing pilgrimage at Echternach, takes place tomorrow on Whit Tuesday
by Sarita Rao 3 min. 28.05.2023
Reconstructed for the last time after the Second World War
Robert Schuman
Model sailboats will be available to rent at the newly refurbished Merl Park