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Settling in

A guide for accompanying spouses and partners

It can be tough following your partner to a new country, so here are a few tips to help English speakers feel more at home in Luxembourg
by Sarita RAO 9 min. 07.08.2022
9-10 July sees a return of the Street Fest, including a parade, and two stages for live performances at Luxembourg Pride Week 2022
Deciding where to go on a first date can be the trickiest part
Technical inspection checks chassis, suspension and axel
Münster University offers a different take on the traditional campus life, says medical student Julie

Universities in the region

Want to know what it’s like to study at a university in the greater region? Jenny Biver gets the inside track from students at four university hubs
by Jenny Biver 6 min. 24.07.2022
Children learn from doing and can feel pride in their own problem solving skills, says Merel Miedema
Crèche life
Walygator Parc at Maizières-lès-Metz
2 14.07.2022

Moving across the border

As house prices soar, residents looking to move across the border should know how this affects their entitlements and tax status
by Sarita Rao 5 min. 23.07.2022
You might be able to secure a lower deposit (normally 20-30% of the total property value) if you have assets that can act as a guarantee
Home buying
Networking has helped many entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground, and professionals to rise up the career ladder
Luxembourg has the highest statutory minimum wage in Europe
1 11.04.2022
Summer months when everyone else goes on holiday can also be a time when people feel alone or get depressed

Feeling alone?

The summer months can be a difficult time for some people, staying home whilst everyone else sets off on holiday. If you need support, or just to talk, help is at hand
by Sarita Rao 3 min. 19.07.2022
Only certain conditions qualify for full reimbursement from the CNS
If you contribute social security payments (CCSS) in Luxembourg you are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card. Photo: Guy Wolff
Photo: Anouk Anthony
The Garden Path

Snappy apps for gardeners

Friends away on holiday and not much to do in the garden? Look at these five apps to keep you in the mood.
by Faye Peterson 3 min. 07.08.2022
Schoolroom from 1915, recreated at Thillenvogtei
How to make your houseplants thrive or ways to support nature in the garden are just two podcasts worth a listen
Garden Path
Sculpture in Tony Neuman park, Limpertsberg
Art & Nature
The Moselle Promenade at Grevenmacher tells the story of several legends from the town

Afternoon out: Grevenmacher

Watch butterflies leave their cocoons, learn about the revolutionary printing press, visit a wine cellar, or just stroll along the Moselle
by Sarita RAO 10 min. 13.08.2022
Cologne Cathedral despite war ravages is still a highlight of the city's skyline Photo: Shutterstock
Weekend trip
2 06.08.2022
You can ditch the car and visit quite a few places by train, with a switch at main terminals in Trier and Metz and direct trains to places in Luxembourg, Belgium and Paris
1 30.07.2022
Mexicans living in Luxembourg say it's hard to find authentic home cooking, but there are still a few places that get the thumbs up
Dining Out

Where to try Mexican and Peruvian food

From authentic Mexican and Peruvian ceviche to Tex-Mex, here are your options for Latin dining in Luxembourg
by Sarita Rao 7 min. 13.08.2022
Where do dogs in Luxembourg like to dine out
You can take a culinery trip round the world from Ethiopia to Syria, and Thailand to Mexico eating from Luxembourg's food trucks
Serving up cocktails in Dudelange, using unusual plantation rum

Marginalised teens set up Jazz & Blues festival

Teens at socio-educational centre Liewenshaff will test their skills at Jazz & Blues festival on 8 July
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 07.07.2022
Where will you be on the eve of National Day - City Sounds or Judas Priest?
Take a historic tour of the Pfaffenthal quarter at this year's Urban History Festival
Urban History Festival
1 18.06.2022

In the neighbourhood: Limpertsberg

Luxembourgish and expat families occupy this former rose-growing city district, which still retains some beautiful Art Nouveau houses
by Sarita Rao 14 min. 31.07.2022
The red exposed concrete panels were treated with sand blasting, water and even acid washing to create the patchwork effect
There are no sharp edges so the building blends effortlessly into its surroundings Photo: Christof Weber
Place de France on the edge of Belair, where property prices are €15,180 per sqm for a new apartment