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Need a connection? How to get your home set up

Connecting your home to essential utilities
by Sarita Rao 8 min. 19.03.2023
House prices have risen by 117% in Luxembourg since 2010, according to Eurostat
Divorce is by mutual consent or due to breakdown of the marriage in Luxembourg Photo: Shutterstock
Whilst predominantly Catholic, Luxembourg is tolerant towards all religions.
Where to

Stock up on school supplies

If your kids need a new bag, stationery and pens, here are few tips and suggestions on where to get school supplies
by Sarita Rao 6 min. 13.03.2023
Houtopia has 70 sensory experiences for kids to try out
Family Fun
A world of illusions is waiting to be discovered at Horst
Family Fun
Siberian tigers are a big attraction at many of Germany's zoos and animal parks
Family Fun
2 10.02.2023

Looking for a new job?

If you want to change jobs or you've just arrived, here's a guide to finding work in Luxembourg
1 by Sarita Rao 8 min. 19.03.2023
Setting up or registering your company might take several calls
Co-working spaces encourage collaboration, exchange and an can be an incubator for creatives and business entrepreneurs alike
Work lifestyle
You must contribute for a minimum of 120 months to qualify for a public state pension Photo: Shutterstock

Help with addiction

If you think you’ve become addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling, or want to quit smoking, there are plenty of places to get support in Luxembourg
by Sarita Rao 6 min. 02.03.2023
Yellow Fever vaccinations are given at the travel clinic of the Central Hospital
Specialists are listed on the Medical College and Photo: shutterstock
Doctors are responsible for long-term care of chronic conditions in Luxembourg
Health essentials
Luxembourg is a horse-loving nation, with plenty of stables offering riding or a pension

Horse riding in Luxembourg

Horse-lover Jenny Biver gives the lowdown on riding schools, pony clubs, taking a pension, and where to get tack or clothing
by Jenny Biver 5 min. 12.03.2023
Learn from local experts about optimal camera settings, aperture and composition Photo: Christophe van Biesen
Spice up your usual menu with a visit to a speciality food store
Greece is the country to visit if you like history and want to see archeological sites
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Athens and island life

The ancient treasures of Athens, the Minoan civilisations of Crete, and the Knights of Rhodes plus, of course, beautiful beaches
by Sarita RAO 6 min. 23.03.2023
Holiday park in the Netherlands Photo: Shutterstock
Short Break
Milan's Naviglio Grande is home to multiple canal-side bars and cafes, perfect for watching the sunset
Dudelange city hall and pavillion
Inside Lux
1 11.03.2023
Where do you go for oysters, who has the best seafood platter or offers different bacalao recipes? Don't worry, we have you covered

Ten places to try fish and seafood

Fancy some fish? Then try our recommendations for ten places to gorge on fresh fish and seafood or buy it to cook at home
by Sarita RAO 6 min. 18.03.2023
Photo: Pierre Matgé
Kayl located Eden Rose's menu is entirely gluten-free
You can take a culinery trip round the world from Ethiopia to Syria, and Thailand to Mexico eating from Luxembourg's food trucks
Novruz, Nowruz, Nooruz, Navruz, NoRooz, Nevruz and Nauyrz is an ancient New Year tradition, celebrated by many countries along the former Silk Road

Join the Nowruz New Year celebrations

Find out how Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Afghans, Iranians and many other nationalities living in Luxembourg celebrate Nowruz and join in the planned festivities
1 by Sarita RAO 7 min. 21.03.2023
Altimentri Centre
Hess portrays the female stereotypes
“being best” is perhaps the worst female disease says columnist Sarita Rao

Celebrate Bretzelsonndeg

Learn more about the history of this Luxembourg tradition to give your sweetheart a pretzel tomorrow, the fourth Sunday of Lent
by Sarita Rao 2 min. 18.03.2023
Straddling the banks of the River Alzette the commune of Walferdange is surrounded by beautiful forests
1 12.03.2023
The 19th century Cannon Tower, a landmark of Kehlen
The buildings of Esch have intricate facades and window decorations, if you look up to the higher floors Photo: Guy Jallay