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The Klima calculator will help you calculate the financial aid or subsidy you'll get from the state, your commune and energy suppliers
Financial aid

Subsidies for green, renewable or reduced energy consumption

State, municipal and supplier subsidies for energy-efficient heating and energy systems, that will lower your fuel bills too
by Sarita RAO 5 min. 14.05.2022
Caritas Luxembourg and Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg to enter the third phase of their Rethink your Clothes campaign
Eliminating food waste, checking your food footprint, second-hand clothes, electric car subsidies, and organic local producers - Luxembourg has quite a few sustainable initiatives
When children know your “no” can easily turn into a “yes” if they start screaming, you are teaching them you are unreliable, says Merel Miedema
Creche life

Don’t let your child think you're unreliable

Consistency is key to making children feel they can rely on adults, says early childhood educator Merel Miedema
by Merel MIEDEMA 2 min. 14.05.2022
Words like 'pretty, tough, cool, happy, funny' lead to the notion of being good enough, says Merel Miedema
The pirate ship children's park in Luxembourg City Photo: Serge Waldbillig
A world of illusions is waiting to be discovered at Horst
Family Fun

Looking for a new job?

If you want to change jobs or you've just arrived, here's a guide to finding work in Luxembourg
1 by Sarita Rao 7 min. 11.04.2022
You must contribute for a minimum of 120 months to qualify for a public state pension Photo: Shutterstock
"The label legitimises my work and provides a tangible connection to the source," says Verónica Di Leo
Self-employed, freelancers and independents are taxed in the same income brackets as employed people but must contribute social security for both the employer and worker
Health essentials

Finding a doctor or dentist

All you need to know about finding a doctor or dentist, from booking an appointment to what to do in an out-of-hours emergency
by Sarita Rao 5 min. 27.04.2022
Yellow Fever vaccinations are given at the travel clinic of the Central Hospital
If you contribute social security payments (CCSS) in Luxembourg you are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card. Photo: Guy Wolff
Several hosptials have psychiatric units, but it is also possible to contact a number of non-profit organisations for a free consultation
Where to...

Dip in a river or lake

The lake and riverside spots of Luxembourg are open again for alfresco swimming
1 by Sarita Rao 6 min. 22.05.2022
Remich's open air pool
Hot summer
2 18.05.2022
Koler village is worth a visit for the many murals painted on its buildings
When the sun shines, there's nothing like a picnic lunch to get you out the house
2 14.05.2022
More than shopping and lunch, Trier offers a tour with a Roman centurion, a 130-year old dancing bear toy or feed and petting a miniature donkey

Day trip: Trier

Take in Trier’s gothic architecture and Roman ruins, the wheelchair accessible Tree World Path and an animal park with woolly pigs and miniature donkeys
by Sarita RAO 10 min. 22.05.2022
Lisbon, set between seven hills on the atlantic coast combines city and beach life
Fly Direct
Pitch up, or rent a cabin for a relaxing stay in nature, so long as the sun shines
Inside Lux
Mallorca, one of two Balearic Islands you can fly to direct from Luxembourg
Fly Direct
There are several Moroccan, Lebanese and Syrian restaurants where you can sample cold and hot mezze and sharing plates

Where to try Middle Eastern and North African cuisine

From mezze staples like hummus and baba ghanoush, to couscous, tagines, roasted meats, Persian stews and Istanbul street food
by Sarita RAO 8 min. 23.05.2022
New venue, Chouchou, has 500 sqm distributed over two floors and decorated with greenery.
Bouneschlupp is a great one pot dish, with green beans as the star ingredient Photo: Stockfood
The Grand Theatre is Luxembourg's biggest theatrical performance venue
Jenny Biver, with her horse Lumix, says she's solved problems and made life-changing decisions on horseback

For the love of animals

Jenny Biver grew up with rabbits, cats, dogs, snakes, cows and horses. She explains why her life has been richer for it
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 21.05.2022
English Youth Theatre Brussels will be performing "Boom" at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies or FEATS
Luxembourg Museum Days invite you to spend the weekend investigating some of country's more unusual exhibitions, such as the Grand Ducal Police Museum in Capellen
2 13.05.2022
What happens when a monolingual can't remember the one language they should know
Head to the forest to make your own spring wreath on 1 May
Luxembourg Tradition

Meekranz and Oktav

Find out the significance of the statue of Our Lady, Comforter of the Afflicted in the Oktav procession, and why Luxembourgers make a Meekranz door wreath
1 by Sarita Rao 4 min. 30.04.2022
The French-language Vauban school opened its campus in Gasperich in 2017
Klibberkanner replace the church bells from "Green" Thursday until Easter Sunday
1 09.04.2022