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Parking in Luxembourg

Resident stickers, parking discs, white, orange and yellow zones. We demystify the rules of parking in Luxembourg
by Sarita Rao 6 min. 19.10.2021
You must get your visa before you arrive in Luxembourg Photo: Gerry Huberty
Photo: shutterstock
Home help
Photo: Laurent Blum

Language cafes

Get talking in Luxembourgish, French or several other languages at one of these language cafes or meet ups
by Sarita Rao 5 min. 17.10.2021
Lunex International University founded in Differdange in 2016
Father or mother and baby yoga at Liewensufank
Photo: Shutterstock
A move from the UK for a better work/life balance saw Vallière first work as a teacher for Lycee Vauban, then start her dream business, Jumpbox trampoline park
Changing Careers

Finding flexible work and starting up on your own

In the final in our series on changing careers, marketing manager Karine Vallière, retrained first as a teacher, but found her passion in Jumpbox trampoline park
by Sarita RAO 3 min. 16.10.2021
Despite having a master's degree in Materials Science, Omar knew she'd need to diversify to continue her career
Photo: Shutterstock
Moroni took a 10-year career break from banking to look after her children, and returned with a new skill in sustainable finance

What to do in an emergency

Ambulance, medical, fire, car accident, sick pet, gas leak or lost your keys – when should you call 112?
1 by Sarita Rao 5 min. 13.10.2021
One of the highest ranking healthcare systems in the world
Photo: Anouk Anthony
Only certain conditions qualify for full reimbursement from the CNS

Where to try yoga

From an early-morning stretch to yoga in a hammock, outdoors or with your baby
by Sarita Rao 8 min. 16.10.2021
Get active in the winter months and join a sports club
1 09.10.2021
Groupe Alpin Lux runs courses for adults and children
French military engineer Vauban fortified the city with towers, bastions, walls and forts in the 17th century

One hour from Luxembourg

Fancy a short jaunt into Belgium, Germany or France? Here are some fun destinations about an hour's drive from the city
by Sarita Rao 4 min. 17.10.2021
Built in 2015, the 'Geierlay' bridge is 360m long and 100m above ground
Wiltz or Wolz meaning "on the creek" in Celtic and first documented as a settlement in 764AD
You can ditch the car and visit quite a few places by train, with a switch at main terminals in Trier and Metz and direct trains to places in Luxembourg, Belgium and Paris
1 14.08.2021
Brasserie Bosso in Grund has a great choice of dishes including spätzle

City dining on a budget

Dining out can be expensive in Luxembourg, so here's our take on budget eats in the city with mains from €10-15, and sometimes less
by Sarita Rao 4 min. 14.10.2021
Stroller-friendly places with space and no steps Photo: Shutterstock
Eat out:
Antique spotlights and cinema seats create cosy atmosphere at this Vianden cafe
Where to get:
Korean spicy scampi, sushi or pad Thai? What's your favourite eastern dish Photo: Shutterstock
Eastern Promise:
The many-armed Goddess Durga brought peace and prosperity to the universe, according to Hindu mythology

Luxembourg's Indian community celebrates Durga Puja and Diwali

Join celebrations for the third annual Lux Durga Puja which starts 11 October, and Diwali on 6 November
by Sarita RAO 2 min. 11.10.2021
Visit seven museums within one mile for the 20th anniversary of Museum Night on 9 October
Rosemary, thyme, laure or bay and sage hung out for drying
The Garden Path
The Munich Oktoberfest may be cancelled but you can head to Clausen in your dirndl or lederhose
Bis 1931/32 umgab ein Friedhof die Kirche in Mamer - erst wichen er und später auch die angrenzende Straße, Teil der Rue du Marché, dem heutigen Platz.

In the neighbourhood: Mamer

A popular family and commuter quarter, this neighbourhood is close to the European School Luxembourg II
by Sarita Rao 12 min. 12.10.2021
Grevenmacher Wine and Grape Festival 10-12 September starts with the crowning of the Wine Queen
Mersch town hall, in a former castle
Kirchberg's residential population will quadruple as new housing extends the district considerably