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Feeling alone?

Feeling alone?

by Sarita Rao 3 min. 21.12.2022
The festive holiday can be a difficult time for some people, staying home alone or in family conflict situations. If you need support, or just to talk, help is at hand
The festive period can be a difficult time for many - some who face this holiday alone, others in difficult family situations. Help is on hand in Luxembourg
The festive period can be a difficult time for many - some who face this holiday alone, others in difficult family situations. Help is on hand in Luxembourg
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The festive holidays can be a difficult time if you live solo (which is a third of households in Luxembourg) when much of the world "shuts down" and the streets are empty. 

It can also be a time of conflict or difficult, even untenable, situations amongst families and couples. 

It's important to know that help and support is at hand if you need it. 

Need to talk to someone?

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, are having suicidal thoughts, or find you are in an untenable situation with others who share your living space, these help lines and places can provide you with support and advice. 

SOS Détresse

SOS Détresse has a free confidential and anonymous phone service for any possible concern you may encounter. You can call them on 45 45 45 from 11.00 to 23.00 on any day (and until 03.00 on Saturday and Sunday mornings), or email them. SOS Détresse lauched an English-language helpline for adults in October 2022, and with lines open on Wednesday from 11.00 to 23.00, or you can email for a response in English. 

The Red Cross

If you notice a neighbour is alone, you might want to check everything is OK. The Red Cross run a scheme IRIS which is designed to help those suffering from isolation or solitude. Volunteers are specially trained and can share a coffee, go for a walk, or simply play a game of cards. You can contact the Red Cross helpline on 2755 5212 or email

Prevention Depression/Panique

Prévention Dépression lists emergency numbers. They also have a sister organisation Prévention Panique with more support and information on anxiety disorders. 

KJT/Childline (and parent's line)

Children and parents can experience problems or issues which come to the fore during holiday periods. There's an anonymous and confidential telephone line (in English) for children and young people on 11 61 11, and online support for parents in English or a phone line in French on 26 64 05 55.

Chatberodung - counselling via chat - is also available, from a team of adolescents and young adults up to the age of 25 years. To login, you select a nickname and password. All chats are anonymous and secure. 

VISAVI/ Femmes en Détresse hotline

Women in distress can call VISAVI on 49 08 77 1, for a service that provides listening and psychological support as well as legal and social information, that is also confidential and anonymous and is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00. You can find information in English here

Helpline Domestic Violence Anonymous has an emergency hotline that offers listening, support and guidance, 7 days a week from 12.00 to 20.00 on 20 60 10 60. Victims can remain anonymous and helpine workers are professionally trained to give social and legal advice, and provide other information. 

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