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Finding a medical specialist

Finding a medical specialist

by Sarita Rao 3 min. 11.02.2021 From our online archive
Luxembourg has a number of medical specialists you can visit without a GP referral
Specialists are listed on the Medical College and Photo: shutterstock
Specialists are listed on the Medical College and Photo: shutterstock

If you’ve arrived in Luxembourg and you already know you will need support for a medical condition – from a skin problem to an artificial heart valve – you can contact a medical specialist directly without going through your GP.

If you suspect you have a condition or need psychological support, a gynaecological examination or treatment for a back problem, you can also make an appointment with a medical specialist without referral. 

Specialists operate through hospitals and clinics or on their own premises, and the costs of treatment and medication can be reimbursed by 80 to 100% by the CNS (the national health fund). Check first though, as not all specialist support, such as visits to a psychologist, are reimbursed. 

You can find out more about the CNS in our article here.

If you have a chronic illness or established condition, you should bring or transfer detailed medical records from your previous GP or specialist, as the one you find in Luxembourg will be responsible for your long-term care and any medication required.

You can find out more about transferring your medical records here.

Finding a specialist

The Central Hospital and Robert Schuman group of hospitals are home to numerous specialists. In addition, you’ll find the following specialist hospitals in the Grand Duchy:

To find an individual medical specialist, the Medical College lists all specialists from A to Z. You can choose from a drop-down menu of various professions.

If you prefer to search in English then allows you to do so by language and specialism.

You can also contact these associations directly for information on specialists:

You can find more information on finding a doctor in Luxembourg here, and more about the National Health Fund or CNS here.

Guichet provides information about registering to practise as a medical specialist in Luxembourg. 

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