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Help with addiction

Help with addiction

by Sarita Rao 6 min. 02.03.2023
If you think you’ve become addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling, or want to quit smoking, there are plenty of places to get support in Luxembourg
An English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous group meets via Skype every week Photo: Shutterstock
An English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous group meets via Skype every week Photo: Shutterstock

Addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling, or even gaming, can require help from outside the home, particularly if it’s affecting your work and home life.

Luxembourg has one of the highest levels of alcohol consumption in the OECD –12.9 litres of alcohol per capita per year, roughly equivalent to 2.6 bottles of wine or 5 litres of beer per week per person aged 15 and over. 

In 2020, the government interviewed almost 4,000 people in Luxembourg as part of an initiative to reduce misuse of alcohol and found that 9.6% drank alcohol every day, and a further 4.2% consumed it 5-6 times a week. 

A 2020 report on drug use in the Grand Duchy estimated that approximately 1,700 people were high-risk opioid users, with those injecting drugs at around 1,500. Based on general statistics, it’s also assumed that up to 5,000 Luxembourg residents have a gambling addiction. 

Addiction can seriously affect the lives of the addict and their family, friends and work colleagues. 

Luxembourg has a number of organisations that support children whose parents have an addiction, and also has ones that support young people with drug or alcohol dependence and addiction.

Listed below are organisations that can help if you have an addiction. If you think you have an addiction, you can visit one of the centres listed below or visit your GP, who can guide you to the right support.

Recognising you have an addiction

Recognising addiction is the first step in the recovery process. You may have an addiction or unhealthy relationship with a substance if:

  • You need to consume alcohol or drugs daily, or set up daily rituals such as “aperitif time” to consume them.
  • You have an increased tolerance to alcohol or a feeling of being unwell if you’re not drinking.
  • You have difficulty concentrating, nervousness, insomnia, depression and other mental health issues as a result of consuming alcohol or drugs. 
  • You conceal your consumption of alcohol or drugs.
  • You feel that drug-taking or drinking has an effect on your motor abilities or physical health.

Organisations providing addiction support

Rehaklinik has a drug therapy unit in Manternach Photo: Shutterstock
Rehaklinik has a drug therapy unit in Manternach Photo: Shutterstock

The ÄDDI C Center in Luxembourg City’s Gare district provides information, consultation and outpatient care specifically for addiction. This not only includes alcohol or drug addiction, but non-substance addictions such as gambling, compulsive shopping, internet and gaming. The centre can offer individualised help tailored to specific needs, including psychiatric and psychological support and therapeutic care.

The Rehaklinik provides help for all types of addiction (both misuse and abuse) on an outpatient basis or in a hospital setting. In addition to the ÄDDI C Center, there are longer-term inpatient treatments for alcohol offered at Useldange Therapeutic Centre, and for drugs at the Manternach Therapeutic Centre. The Orangerie 2 rehab unit provides treatment for those who have suffered damage from prolonged alcoholism.

Jugend – an drogenhëllef fondation provides help for young people with a drug or addiction problem, this also includes support if parents or family members have one. 

KidKit has some great support and advice for children of parents who are addicts, and Pepe-kids is a project to support children whose parents are in treatment for addiction.

Arcus offer support, therapy and advice for children, teens and their families for addiction. Since November 2022, people with addiction or sustance-related problems can also go to the two Stëmm vun der Strooss centres at 7 rue de la Fonderie in Hollerich and 31 Grand Rue in Esch-sur-Alzette. In cooperation with QUAI 57 (run by Arcus) psychosocial and psychotherapeutic outpatient consultations, advice and follow-up for people who wish to undergo residential therapy is available. 

Information will also be provided on employment, administration, justice and housing. The team will be available every other week on Tuesdays and Fridays and consultations are anonymous and free of charge. Consultation hours are 12.00 to 13.30 in Esch and 12.30 to 14.00 in Hollerich. 

SOS Détresse can provide a listening ear, although English speaking support is only available by email.

KJT (Kanner Jugend Telefon) offers a helpline for children and teens in English and an online service for parents. They can help direct you to appropriate support for addiction.

The Abrigado drugs centre in Luxembourg City provides a safe environment and needles to support drug addicts. It also has a cafe and gives drugs users access to shelter and medical attention. The centre does not offer substitution. 

However there is a substitution programme (Tadiam), which provides two doses of pharmaceutical heroin in pill form to addicts. It does this in a controlled environment, in a centre near the train station. Another centre, Contact Esch, offering the substitution programme is located in Esch-sur-Alzette at 130 rue de Luxembourg.  

Self-help groups

There is an English-speaking group for Alcoholics Anonymous held weekly on a Tuesday evening at Gasperich. 

Narcotics Anonymous has regular support group meetings and it is possible for English speakers to attend. Meetings are on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 19.30 to 20.30 at rue Wilson in the city. 

The National Centre for Prevention of Addiction (CNAPA) has further advice on where to seek support and help.

Gambling, porn or shopping addiction

ZEV can help if you have a gambling, porn, or shopping addiction or have a partner, family member or friend who does. They can provide advice to you or your family, on-site counselling and therapy sessions for addicts.  You can contact their offices for more information. 

Suchtberodung online has support for people with gaming and online gambling addictions including an online consultation. 

Giving up smoking

If you want to quit smoking you can get support and reimbursement of doctor’s visits at 100% and of any nicotine substitutes at 50% (up to a total of €100) through a government-run smoking cessation programme. The Cancer Foundation also runs a programme to help you stop smoking.

You can find more information about both programmes in our article Support to stop smoking

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