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What to do in an emergency

What to do in an emergency

1 by Sarita Rao 5 min. 21.12.2022
Ambulance, medical, fire, car accident, sick pet, gas leak or lost your keys – when should you call 112?

We all hope that we will not have to deal with an emergency, but even if you’re not a girl guide, you should "be prepared".

Always keep a copy of your social security card, European Health Insurance Card or Private Insurance details with you. 

Emergency services - when to call 112 

Only contact 112 in an emergency. The number currently receives in excess of 200 calls a day, too many of which are not an emergency. 

You can find information such as hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and vets on call, emergency locksmiths or emergency breakdown services (where you do not already have cover) online here, rather than calling emergency services. 

Most emergency operators speak English (try to speak clearly as operators may not be native speakers). Lines are open 24/7. You will be required to give your name, contact number, exact location details, the nature of the emergency (medical, fire, rescue etc) and the number of people involved.

Ambulance services

Call 112 when you need an ambulance and/or medical assistance. The person you speak to will decide if you need a SAMU ( Le Service D’Aide Médicale Urgente ) and send a medic and nurse additionally depending on symptoms and the information provided over the phone. 

The SAMU may come by car or helicopter, again the person you speak to will make this decision in order for help to arrive as fast as possible.     

Fire Brigade

There are approximately 100 fire brigades in Luxembourg, with both professional and voluntary firefighters. 

You should call 112 in the event of a fire, accident or if you require rescue, but not if you have a pest control problem including a wasp or bee nest. In this instance you can refer to our article which lists private services for this. 

Gouvalert app

Gouvalert was launched in 2018 to allow the Emergency Relief Center 112 or the Ministry of State's Crisis Communication Department to broadcast alerts on major incidents that occur on a national scale such as serious accidents, bad weather, fires, or energy disruption. 

App users can also contact the emergency services directly and will be geolocated, which is useful if you are injured and need immediate assistance (for example a mountain biking accident). 

Twenty-four emergency points have also been located in the forests at strategic points, each with a unique identification number and the geographical co-ordinates of the location, should you need to call 112 for help. 

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A list of hospitals in Luxembourg that are on duty for the day for accidents and emergencies is published with contact details.

For emergencies for children under the age of 14 years, the Kannerklinik next to the Central Hospital on 4 rue Ernst Barblé has a 24/7 emergency department or the Clinique Bohler in Kirchberg.

A list of all hospitals in the Grand Duchy (telephone and address) can be found here. Other useful numbers for more specific services (women in distress, alcoholics anonymous etc) can be found here.

Hospitals that can handle pregnancy emergencies include the Maternity Unit at the Hopitaux Robert Schuman and the Maternité Grand Duchesse Charlotte.

Outside of hours 

You can visit one of these three medical centres (Luxembourg, Ettelbruck and Belval/Esch-sur-Alzette) on weekdays from 20.00 to 24.00 and holidays/weekends from 8.00 to 20.00. Call 20 33 31 11 to make an appointment.


To find on-duty pharmacies open at night and at weekends, you can call 112 or check online.


You can find a list of on-duty vets or if you need a vet to come to you, call SOS vets. You can find a list of vets here, by geographic location. 


In the case of police emergencies telephone 113. You should report thefts, burglaries, assaults or suspicious behaviour to the police. If you’re going on holiday and you inform your local police station in advance, they will try to drive by your house to check everything is OK while you are away. 

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Vehicle Breakdown

If you break down and you need emergency rescue (or you are trapped inside your car) dial 112. A number of insurance companies, Europe Assist and ACL (Automobile Club of Luxembourg) can provide cover for vehicle breakdown. Anglo Info provides a guide for English to French translations of key phrases like "I have a flat tyre".

Emergency numbers for gas, electricity and water

In case of emergency or breakdown you can telephone Creos 24/7

Gas: 8007-3001

Electricity: 8002-9900

More details are provided here

Water: dial 112 or switch off your water at the mains tap (often in garage or basement) and contact your local commune.

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