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World food speciality stores

World food speciality stores

by Sarita Rao 11 min. 11.05.2021
If you miss eating out or just want to liven up your mealtimes, why not visit one of Luxembourg's speciality food stores
Spice up your usual menu with a visit to a speciality food store
Spice up your usual menu with a visit to a speciality food store
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It's not surprising that, with almost half of Luxembourg's population hailing from another part of the world, the country is packed with speciality food stores supplying home-baked, fresh and store-cupboard produce to the many foreign nationals who have made their home in the Grand Duchy.

If you are missing home delicacies, fancy tasting something different such as Pierogi (Polish dumplings), Pakismadia (Cretan bread) or Mochi (Japanese-style rice cakes), then why not try shopping at one of these food stores?

Please remember to observe social distancing practices and any other rules the shop asks you to undertake.

Tandoori Market & Asian Bazaar – 219 Rue de Beggen

Since 2015, this 200 sqm store in Beggen, has stocked 5,000 products imported from Asia (and offers 350 products online). This is the place to stock up on spices, curry pastes and pickles, including sambal oelek and tamarind paste in addition to ready-made dishes. It also stocks rice, beans and pulses, flour for making leavened breads, clarified butter (ghee) and coconut oil. Fresh mangoes of the yellow/orange variety have just arrived, and you can also pick up chinese noodles and other oriental delicacies. 

Asia Market – 5 Rue de Fort Elisabeth

Need to stock up on sushi-making supplies, roasted duck or Kai Choi? Look no further than this store (also known as Moa), which supplies a variety of Asian noodles and rice from Thailand, China, Japan and India. You can also find Japanese-style rice cakes (Mochi) with red bean and green tea fillings, peanut oil and rice vinegar. Beer lovers might want to try out the Asahi, King Cobra, Tsingtao or Saigon beer. Sake is available, and the more adventurous might want to taste Mekhong whisky or Lychee wine. 

Manzoku Epicerie Japonaise -  153 Avenue du X Septembre

The pop-up shop now has a permanent home for a great selection of Japanese and local produce, but more essentially, their hugely popular Manzoku craft Ramen kits with locally-made fresh noodles and a soup stock imported from Japan.

You can choose from a choice of three regional recipes. The Tokyo/Shoyu and Hakata/Tonkotsu are vegetarian, and the Sapporo/Miso is vegan. In addition, the shop stocks sakeware and a Sake collection, imported Hitachino Nest Japanese craft beer, fresh Onigiri from local producer Matane, and Hungry Pigeon cookies (the matcha white chocolate is exclusive to Manzoku), organic kimchi and kombuchas from The Happy Guts Company. You can also buy Ramen bowls and other Japanese tableware and Lululun facial sheet beauty masks.   

Épicerie Fine Osada – 30 Rue Laurent Menager

A Polish grocery store located in Pfaffenthal near the lift that offers a wide range of Polish products including cold meats, cheeses, dairy products, preserves, sweets, beer and cakes. You can also buy fresh Pierogi (Slavic style dumplings), bread, pastries and cakes, and several varieties of Polish sausage. There is a small seating area to try out tasty snacks. 

Culturando - 15 Avenue de la Faiencerie

Papilla by Notaro - 83 Rue de la Tour Jacob

Sister shops in Limpertsberg and Clausen run by the Notaroberto family both have a selection of fresh and dried vegetables, pasta, sauces, seasonings, and pizza (whole or by the slice). Papilla also offer Neopolitan street food and local treats are imported from the Campania region. The family has a wine estate there, Fattoria Albamarina, which produces 40,000 bottles of wine, exported across Europe and available in both shops. 

Come a la Maison - 70 Route d'Esch

You can sample some great freshly baked Italian treats or stock up on delicatessen goods at the Hollerich restaurant and Focacceria, and plans are afoot to open a store very soon, Il Mercato, on the Route d'Arlon in Strassen. The shop will stock a huge selection of products from pasta, tea, wines and a fromagerie counter. 

Home from Home – 148 Route D'Arlon, Strassen

If you need some British, Irish, American, Canadian, South African or from Australian or New Zealand foodstuff, take a trup to this store in Strassen. Products include Marmite and Vegemite, breakfast cereals, sourdough pretzels, Ouma rusks, bread, biscuits, jams and sweets and a decent selection of vegetarian food. Irish sausage, hams, bacon and puddings have just arrived. 

La Bacanie – 83 Rue de Hollerich

Romanian specialities including fresh Romanian vegetables and herbs, and cured meats such as drob de miel (Romanian-style haggis made with lamb offal, onions, herbs and egg) are just some of the things you'll find on offer among the 400 food products, wine and sweets and 40 processed meat products in this store. Other specialities include mici (round meat rolls), cozonac (sweet leavened bread) and zacusca (vegetable spread). You can also find cakes, baked goods, fresh cheeses, including sour cream specialities, craft items including hand-painted eggs, little dolls and bracelets. You can read more about the shop here.

Épicerie Fine Transilvania - 110 Route d'Arlon, Mamer

More Romanian specialities including Mici for your BBQ, Vareniki and Pelmeni dumplings, and Zacuscă - a homemade speciality made from roasted aubergines and gogosari Romanian red pepper. This shop also sells Bucuria, a popular Moldovian brand of sweets that includes Russian favourites such as Zefyr, plus a host of spirits and wines from Romania including Țuică. The shop stocks vegan brands and is open on Sunday mornings. You can read an interview with the owners here

You'll find more Romanian specialities including hot pies, fancy cakes, cheeses, honey and bio products  at Epicerie Fine Dracula at 20 rue de Bonnevoie

Au Gourmet Grec – 87 Rue de Bonnevoie

Founded in Bonnevoie by Georgios Gryllus and his family, this Greek grocery store has a comprehensive range of organic and conventional food products, wines, Greek spirits and herbal cosmetics. For them, Greek gastronomy is more than gyros, retsina and moussaka, and they stock from artisanal and small producers to ensure high quality. This is the place to come for superior-grade olive oils, varieties of Feta and Kefalograviera cheese, filo puff pastry creations, stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, paksimadia (Cretan bread), and waistline-enhancing desserts such as Baklava, Kataifi and Halva, in addition to Greek honey. They recommend you contact them in advance to see if they have things in stock.

La Rioja – 95 Avenue Guillaume

If you fancy creating your own tapas board complete with a fine Spanish wine, then La Rioja is the place to come. Charcuterie – including Iberian and Serrano cured ham, chorizo, Manchego cheese, marinated anchovies and mango marmalade – are just a few of the delicacies on offer. Wash it down with a selection of wines including the namesake Rioja, or a glass of Spanish brandy.

Vicente & Fils – 70 Rue de l’Ecole, Garnich

Founded in 1985 by Virginio Vicente, who brought with him 30 years' experience of the wine industry, and now run by his son, this establishment in Garnich imports Spanish wine, oils, charcuterie, cheeses and other goods. You can view a list of all their products and prices here.

You can also find Italian speciality products and wine at Supermarket Aldo Bei & Fils in Schifflange. In Foetz, La Casa Della Pasta stocks fresh and imported pasta and gnocchi and supplies ready-made dishes such as lasagne, plus cheeses and salami. Check out their truck in the city located at Hamilius. You can also order online. Enoteca Italiana in Foetz also has a huge stock of wines, cheeses, meats and other delicacies but is currently not open (according to their website). 

Also in the City at 11 Rue Beaumont, Galli & Galli carry a variety of Italian groceries including pasta, charcuterie, sauces and wines. They've just started stocking ice cream too. In Windhof, you'll find ItalGrossPoint offering a huge selection of Italian culinary delights and fresh fruit and vegetables.

ScanShop – 615 Rue Neudorf, Findel

Opening in the 1990s primarily to import Norwegian salmon to Luxembourg, today ScanShop stocks products from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Not just a shop, you can try out delicacies such as marinated herring, Norwegian fishcakes, elk stew or roast pork and red cabbage at their onsite Cafe Hygge (closed due to current restrictions). Besides Scandinavian groceries including fish and seafood, freshly baked bread and cheeses such as the Arctic Finnish Squeaky Cheese, customers can purchase alcohol, gift and design items, magazines and health products. You can also purchase products online and at their sister store in Brussels. 

Primavera – 12 Rue Christophe Plantin

A Portuguese supermarket offering fresh meat, seafood (including live eels in season) and more than 5,000 products from Portugal, Cape Verde and Brazil. Founded by Manuel Rui Fernandes and his wife, Primavera has branches in Remich and Differedange, while Primavera Pain provides freshly baked bread and pastries to its stores, but also to other supermarkets in Luxembourg. 

Our readers' recommendations

Two readers recommend Balkan shop Victus Sabotic in Esch-sur-Alzette which stocks fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, confectionary, coffee and store cupboard goods, as well as typical breads from the region. One recommended the whole sour cabbage heads for use in traditional dishes.

The family owned Épicerie Bontà Italiana has stores at Erpeldange (8 Rue Gruefwee) and Lorentzweiler (30 Route de Luxembourg). Selling regional Italian products and home made Panserotti and focaccia, it also stocks fruit and vegetables. Also in Lorentzweiler at 75 Route de Luxembourg you’ll find the Turkish café and store Eck & Cupsstation which provides takeaway dishes, prepared meats, fruit and vegetables and treats like baklava.

In town readers recommend the Iranian Épicerie Rose Market at 9 Route de Thionville, which stocks a large array of teas, spices, sauces, rice, noodles, tinned goods and fruit and vegetables. It also has beauty and hygiene products from the region.                  

The Souk Alsham or Sham Markt opened in early 2020 and has an array of Arabic foodstuff including Persian ice cream, baba ghanoush, Arabic flatbreads, rose jam and spices such as maslika and mahlab. You can stock up on rice, lentils, condiments and much more and it’s centrally located on Rue de Strasbourg.

At 16 rue de Bonnevoie, Family Market has the best watermelons in town according to one reader. It’s also the place to come if you need pomegranate molasses, quality dried bread, fresh herbs and eggs, and cooked chickens (limited to 3 per customers, so they must be good). Readers recommend the sticky Kunafa pastry and you can also pick up handicrafts including intricate blankets.

You can also check out Sabor do Brasil at 41 avenue de la Gare for latin delicacies. In the Gare area you'll also find the Russian Market, the place to buy caviar, but also salted bacon Chutorskoe and a Stolichniy bread stick, and SK Cash and Carry which stocks Indian and African foodstuff including congelese specailities. Rue de Strasbourg also has numerious Asian shops. 

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