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Podcast inspiration

by Faye Peterson 2 min. 24.07.2022
Tune into with 5 gardening podcasts recommended by Faye Peterson, designed to bring the garden with you wherever you are
How to make your houseplants thrive or ways to support nature in the garden are just two podcasts worth a listen
How to make your houseplants thrive or ways to support nature in the garden are just two podcasts worth a listen
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Find out how you can support local wildlife in your garden, including the humble earthworm, the hidden history of plants at Kew Gardens, how to treat your houseplants, or what it takes to resurrect extinct species, with these five podcasts.

The Wildlife Garden Podcast 

With gentle folksy background tunes, rotating wildlife content, and their quirky brand of humour, your hosts Ellie and Ben, will get you hooked on gardening for wildlife and not solely for your plants in no time at all.

The duo have an easy camaraderie, sharing their observations on the wildlife in their gardens, whilst interviewing some of the leading voices on flora and fauna through the changing seasons.

Find out about the lifecycle of one of our most hardworking gardeners - the humble earthworm - or take a deep dive into the mysteries of pollination - it involves more species than just bees. The very fact there are no adverts to interrupt your listening gives this show extra stars.   

Unearthed Podcast

British institution, Kew Garden, delivers their first podcast; unearthing zombies, illegal trafficking, murders and more, as it takes a fresh look at the stories and hidden histories behind the plants in their collection.  

Hosted by everyone's favourite botany geek, James Wong, the show takes a deep dive into real life stories with plants at their centre. Interwoven with interviews from resident scientists and horticulturalists at Kew, Unearthed, seeks to shine a light on the murky world of plants and the dark dramas they drive.

On the Ledge

 If you are more of an indoor gardener, then Jane Perrone will be music to your ears.  Goddess of indoor plants with the ‘gift of the gab’.  What she doesn’t know about your houseplants probably isn't worth knowing. 

From in-depth advice on how to care for your plant babies to interviews with some of the finest authorities on houseplants today, think Peter d’Amata from California Carnivores, or quirky self-taught ‘plantologists’ like Martin Ciderspiller from Big Cactus Rescue. Perrone covers it all.  

Aim to be a better plant mother and by listening.

Black in the Garden

Gardening may be green, but for far too long it has been conducted in a white dominated domain.  Black in the Garden is a podcast operating in the space where black culture and horticulture intersect. 

Here storytelling supersedes the traditional ‘interview’ format.  Host and self-styled ‘Plantrepreneur’, Colah B Tawkin, is on a mission to create a community, educate her followers and at the same time heal through gardening. 

The show is delivered through an American lens, yet these stories are still relevant in a European context and their voices have been waiting far too long to be heard.

In Defense of Plants

This American show takes an unapologetic look into the world of plants with host Matt Candeias.  From the sex lives of plants to attempts to resurrect extinct species - no subject is too taboo.  Conversations with experts, coupled with a curiosity that knows no bounds gives fresh insight into the secret lives of the plants around us. Give it a listen and help Matt ‘’cure the plant blindness around the globe’’.

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