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Scenic running routes

Scenic running routes

by Sarita Rao 5 min. 07.01.2023
Starting a new fitness regime or fancy trying out a new route? Here's a selection of some of the most scenic running routes in Luxembourg
Luxembourg has many paths where you can run or jog
Luxembourg has many paths where you can run or jog
Photo credit: Sophie Hermes

If you're starting a new fitness regime or you fancy a change to your usual circuit, Luxembourg is filled with running routes, some with fitness stations. You can choose between short runs or longer trails, or sign up for one of the annual organised runs held in different locations in Luxembourg.

We've listed some running favourites, but you'll find links at the bottom of this article that list many, many more. 

Don't forget that most communes with forests nearby have jogging and running trails (some with outdoor gym equipment or forest-style exercise equipment), simply look out for the running person symbol.

If we’ve missed your favourite running trail tell us and we’ll add it to the list. 

The 10k "Runseeing" Loop

If you want to catch some sights on your run, this is the route for you. Start at Independent Cafe next to the British Embassy residence and head to the Adolphe bridge, where the route takes in the Petrusse and Alzette river paths. Test your stamina on the steep climb up Pfaffenthal unless you’re exhausted – in which case take the lift. The route finishes with a run past the Grand-Ducal Palace before heading back to the bridge.

The route was created by FatBetty.Run, and you can join them for the run on Thursday evenings at 18.45. Check dates, times and the length of the run (5 or 10km) here


If you want some tranquillity close to the city centre, there are several running trails in Bambësch varying from 4.6 to 7.5km. The 5.5km trail has 18 separate challenges including log lifting to build muscle tone. If you fancy some company the InterNations Running Group often meet to run in Bambësch on Tuesdays at 19.00.

Ënneschte Bësch fitness trail (near Bertrange)

A nice short route (4.4km) through the forest with fitness equipment en route, it can be muddy when it has rained heavily, but you can use the road instead. You’ll find details of the route here.

Schläifmillen fitness trail (Bonnevoie)

At just under 3km, this fitness trail with 18 exercise stations is a good one if you are just starting out on a new fitness regime. You can reach it by bus line 5 and it starts near the allotments and tennis club on rue Anatole France. It descends towards Gantesbeensmillen before following the river Alzette toward  Schläifmillen, and then a staircase to the starting point. You can find a map of the route here

DKV Urban Trail

Taking in the lesser known spots of Luxembourg City, the trail covers stairs and woods over 18km which is run as a race every year in April. There are different versions including the Traces of Vauban (12.4km), the Steps of Melusine (18km), the Trail of Forts (27km) and the GranDucale (34km) which leads to Hesperange. You can walk or run the trails. 

Härebësch Forestry Trail (Koerich/Septfontaines)

To the west, between Koerich and Septfontaines lies Härebësch, a quiet and secluded forest where you’ll scarcely come across another soul. The run includes some short steep climbs over its 7.9km but you might have the chance to spot some wildlife. You can find out more about the trail here. There’s a shorter 2.9km running trail behind the village of Koerich in the forests near the football pitch.

Mullerthal Ultra Trail

Think you’re up to the challenge of a 112km run, or maybe just 15km. This annual trail run is in September, but you can do the courses year round, and run through spectacular nature, caves, and narrow gorges filled with impressive rock formations. Start the runs at either Herringermillen or Echternach. Just remember to take plenty of water with you.

The scenic Mullerthal Photo: Guy Jallay
The scenic Mullerthal Photo: Guy Jallay

Titelberg Fitness Trail (Pétange)

If you’re looking for something shorter with plenty of exercise challenges along the way, this is the trail for you. There are 2.8km and 4.3km versions, including 10 fitness stations and 28 clear and informative panels on the exercises you can do at each station. Ideal for beginners or those who are getting back on form.

There are countless running routes in Luxembourg and sadly we can only feature a few. You’ll find more routes listed at Great Runs and Runner Click written and test-run by Kristy Thibodeau. Komoot also lists 20 running trails in Luxembourg with maps and details of length and elevation. 

You'll find a list of all competitive running along trails across the Grand Duchy for 2023, here

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