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Skateparks - where to grip it and rip it

Skateparks - where to grip it and rip it

2 by Sarita RAO 7 min. 28.05.2022
Darkslide, airwalk or half pipe – where are Luxembourg’s skateparks located, and what obstacles and ramps will help you hone your skateboarding skills?
 The Petrusse skatepark is the biggest in Europe, set in the historic surroundsing of Luxembourg's old town
The Petrusse skatepark is the biggest in Europe, set in the historic surroundsing of Luxembourg's old town
Photo credit: Lex Kleren

Skateboarding is a passion for teens to 30-somethings, and Luxembourg has been incorporating skateparks for boarders, skaters, BMX riders and even those with scooters, into many of its green spaces. 

If you’re a beginner it's advised you wear knee and elbow pads and a helmet before tackling some of the bowls and half pipes the country has to offer, and make sure you take plenty of water. The outdoor parks promote social integration and tolerance of all ages and skaters - from skateboarders and BMX riders, to scooters and inline skaters. 

Hollerich Skatepark – Rue de l'Abattoir

Get lessons on Thursday using the various ramps in this indoor skatepark
Get lessons on Thursday using the various ramps in this indoor skatepark
Photo: Lex Kleren

Located in an old slaughterhouse, not far from the Geesseknäppchen schools complex (good for a quick after-school skateboard), Luxembourg’s only indoor skate park is small at 500 square metres, but has a number of ramps and half-pipes. It’s good for beginners but also those with a fair amount of experience, judging by the gradients. The outside has some pretty funky graffiti art, and indeed the premises holds tutorials on skateboarding and graffiti art.

There’s an entry price of €1 and you can rent a skateboard or scooter if you’re starting out. Opening times are listed here, and time slots are reserved for two wheels on Monday and Wednesday evenings, plus there’s BMX classes every Saturday from 11.00 to 13.00.

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Skatepark Pétrusse – 2 Rue Saint-Quirin

What a location, in the old town under the passerelle viaduct, with a backdrop of the city’s UNESCO fortifications, this is the biggest skate park in Luxembourg (and some reviewers say one of the biggest in Europe) with a total surface area of 2,500sqm.

 A huge number of obstacles to tackle all in a beautiful park setting
A huge number of obstacles to tackle all in a beautiful park setting
Photo: Lex Kleren

Created by the Luxembourg Skatepark Association, with the help of skateboarder Samuel Stambul, The 600sqm bowl is surrounded by bleachers for those looking to watch the experienced skateboarder or keep an eye on younger kids on scooters. There’s a similarly sized street plaza with obstacles including benches, ramps and stairs, and a classic street area, with skate tracks, a pyramid and curb, making for some interesting skateboarding practise, plus smaller ramps and equipment to test or hone skills.

A good spot for teen meet ups or for parents with scooting kids, but still challenging enough for an experienced skateboarder.

The bonus – fresh air in the bargain, plus there’s free drinking water, WiFi and the outdoor gym nearby if you need to build any muscles. It’s lit at night, so not limited to daytime use (although they turn off the lights at around 22:30). BMX bikes and skaters also welcome.

Skatepark Gasperich – 18 Rue Julien Vesque,

High and low ramps and half pipes, steep and gentle gradients and kerb too, this little skatepark is a good spot to practice although the ramps are slightly worn.

Skatepark Dommeldange – Rue Nicolas Hein

Fairly basic but a good place for children or beginners to get started without fear of looking bad compared to the more experienced (which you won’t find here).

Redrock Skatepark – Chemin de Bergem, Schifflange

Home to the Ride n Roll contest, Redrock skatepark
Home to the Ride n Roll contest, Redrock skatepark
Photo: Lex Kleren

A pretty nifty concrete skatepark roughly 1,700sqm, suitable also for BMX and set in a beautiful location surrounded by greenery and forests. A clover shaped bowl, and countless modules including seat and stars, ledges, rails, a rainbow curve and curbs. You can tackle a normal street section and a street plaza too.

As you’d expect from the region, some top-class graffiti art, including a giant "Jaws-like" shark emerging from the water. There are toilets and a drinking fountain, plus parking nearby. It’s illuminated in summer until 22:00.

Schmelz Skatepark – Rte de Thionville, Dudelange

Dudelange's skate park
Dudelange's skate park
Photo: Lex Kleren

Experienced skateboarders should head here for some vertigo-inducing ramps. There are smaller challenges for younger children with scooters. Reviewers say the dirt line skateboarding route with ramps is not really useable (this might be different for BMX), but there is a 1.5m, 2m and 3m halfpipe. They also wax lyrical about the impromptu music, rap and concerts. The non-profit outfit that maintain it also run the Dudelange on Wheels contest which attracts competitors from across Europe.

Skatepark Rumelange – Rue de la Bruyere,

A nice red concrete self-contained skateboard/BMX park near an old narrow-gauge rail line (there’s even an old train parked nearby for atmosphere) that is not likely to attract young children. Half and quarter pipes, a jump box and a mini-ramp with a spine.

Belval skatepark and pump track (Sanem)

Skatepark Belval opened in 2012
Skatepark Belval opened in 2012
Photo: Lex Kleren

No half-pipes or u-ramps, but plenty of challenges including a rail and box at this skatepark on Avenue de Blues. Decorated with Springfield’s finest skateboarder, Bart Simpson, it’s quite nicely spaced so you won’t be queuing or worrying about collisions. Nearby at 37 Rue des Alliés, in Sanem there’s a nice little pump track for skateboards and BMX, ideal for children or those learning.

Skatepark Grevenmacher

Paved and concrete skatepark, suitable for kids on scooters, with low ledges, although the challenges are limited. Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult and its open from 09:00 to 21:00.

Skate and Parcour park Remich – 4 Route du Vin

A fairly new place incorporating a parcours and free-running space with a skatepark, with plenty of ramps in quarter pipe layout.

The Betonbowl in Mertert skatepark
The Betonbowl in Mertert skatepark
Photo: Lex Kleren

Skatepark Wasserbillig/Mertert – 59 Rue de la Moselle,

Probably the biggest bowl in Luxembourg and some pretty hard challenges here for experienced skateboarders and BMX riders.

Skatepark Pétange – Place de la Liberation

Old school skate park with relatively low level, gentle gradient half pipe, ramps and boxes.

Skatepark Niederanven

Shaded by trees and on the edge of a playground (for younger siblings) this nicely turned out concrete skatepark has a bowl, rail, box and a small quarter pipe making it ideal for beginners. Located just behind the swimming pool, reviewers say watch out in wet weather as it can be slippery.

Skatepark Sandweiler – 113, rue d’Itzig

Some unusual graffiti including a skeleton and ossuary, in this concrete skatepark with lots of half pipes. Good for beginners and the more experienced, with plenty of space for BMX too. It’s designed to be a meeting place, and is relatively large for a commune skatepark at 995sqm with 10 obstacles to a maximum height of 2.10m.

Skatepark Munsbach

Another great park with a pretty big open bowl, a pump ride track and plenty of ramps and a street section, making a good place for all levels and abilities.

Kaul skatepark – Campingstrooss, Wiltz

Added to this leisure park and campsite in 2018 for skateboarders and BMX, you can see the facilities on offer in the video below, but it includes a pump track, ramps and half-pipes.

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Skatepark Bertrange – Gare 2 Rue de Strassen

A concrete skatepark with a box, half-bowl, a vert ramp, spine and quarter pipe for skateboarders, BMX and scooters. Reviewers say you need to be experienced with ramps. 

Skatepark Mamer – Park Am Brill

Located in the park between the football pitch and the playground, this small skatepark has some quite decent half pipes, but is largely used by children with scooters. That said, it’s not a bad stop if you want to get a bit of practice in and you live locally.

Skatepark Fentange - rue Nicolas Mersch

Little skatepark with different half pipes and other training equipment for skaters, skateboarders and scooters.

There is a skatepark in Echternach which consists of two ramps, but it gets pretty bad reviews for broken glass and safety. There is only a box suitable for beginners, the rest is designed for experienced skateboarders, but the metal has warped and sticks out, and some of the modules are partially broken.

There are other skateparks in Bascharage, Nommern, Steinfort and Strassen.

Classes, competitions and merch is an asbl of Alex Welter, Karim Benjouda, Tom Jungbluth und Dan Gantrel is an asbl of Alex Welter, Karim Benjouda, Tom Jungbluth und Dan Gantrel
Photo: Lex Kleren / LW-Archiv

You can take skateboarding classes organised by the Ville de Luxembourg (VdL) on Thursday from 17:00 to 18:30 at the Skatepark Hollerich. Skilled instructors supervise the classes, and protection such as helmets, elbow and knee pads, is provided.

Skateboarding Club Luxembourg organises the LXB Cup near the Philharmonie, the competition will take place 8-10 July in 2022.

Head to Olliewood Skate Shop for the right clobber (shirts, sneakers and beanies), plus all the extras from bearings, grip tape, truck wheels, and for a new skateboard, of course. Staff are knowledgeable, with a decent selection of skateboards.

You can read this blog on skateboarding in Luxembourg, which includes some favourite hotspots such as Place de L’Europe in front of the Philharmonie, and the skate spot near Notre Dame Cathedral

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