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Grocery shopping options

Grocery shopping options

by Sarita Rao 6 min. 24.02.2021 From our online archive
Hypermarkets, discount foodstores, online shop, collect and delivery in the Grand Duchy - here are your grocery choices
All supermarkets, even discount stores, have a bio range Photo: Anouk Anthony
All supermarkets, even discount stores, have a bio range Photo: Anouk Anthony

You won't be overwhelmed with choice, but Luxembourg has a reasonable selection of supermarket chains where you can get everything you need for your weekly shop. If you're new to the country, here's a list of supermarket chains and what you can expect from them. 

What you need to know:

  • Supermarket trolleys require a 50 cent, €1 or €2 coin for access. Many supermarkets can give you a plastic token for free. 
  • Non-discount stores such as Cactus, Delhaize, (S)Match, Cora and Auchan have loyalty cards.
  • Opening times vary for each chain, some from 08.00 to 20.00 and others from 08.30 to 21.00. Saturday hours are usually shorter, ending at 19.00, whilst for those that open on Sunday, doors close at 13.00. 
  • If you need supplies on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon most petrol stations contain integral My Auchun, Delhaize or Cactus mini-markets for basic supplies.
  • Parking is usually provided free on site at supermarkets outside the city centre. 
  • All supermarkets, even discount stores, have bio and vegetarian/vegan ranges.


An expat favourite, the Auchan hypermarkets in Kirchberg and Cloche d'Or have bakery, meat, fish and cheese counters, a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, and a decent number of aisles devoted to world food. 

In addition to groceries, Auchan has sections for clothing, household and garden items and stationery, as well as electrical items and mobile phones. There's a staggering selection of wines and spirits too.

Auchan hypermarkets in Kirchberg and Cloche d'Or Photo: Gerry Huberty
Auchan hypermarkets in Kirchberg and Cloche d'Or Photo: Gerry Huberty

The downside – expect to be jostled through your shopping and to wait in long queues at the checkout if you choose the Kirchberg hypermarket. Staff wear badges showing flags representing the languages they speak, if you're worried about your ability to converse with the cashier.

If you prefer, you can shop online and pick up at an Auchan Drive points in Foetz, Bertrange, Cloche d'Or and Schuttrange.

Thee Auchan Lifestore in Cloche D'Or is the biggest, and there is a smaller Auchan supermarket in Differdange. You'll find address details, and locations for these and the smaller My Auchun petrol station stores here.


The Grand Duchy's own supermarket chain, opened in 1967. It's favoured by the older generation of Luxembourgers as most of the staff speak Luxembourgish. Many stores have fish, meat and cheese counters, a bakery and a good selection of fruit and vegetables, and they stock store cupboard goods. They also have aisles with household goods, hygiene products, toys, and pet food. Some also stock world food products. 

Cactus is Luxembourg's only home-grown supermarket Photo: Claude Piscitelli
Cactus is Luxembourg's only home-grown supermarket Photo: Claude Piscitelli

Cactus is not heavy on own-brands, so expect the prices to be a bit higher than in other supermarkets. However, look out for bargain-priced high-quality wines sold in bulk at their drink shops, which are also a good place to stock up on bottled water if that's what you prefer to drink.

Cactus has stores all over Luxembourg, the biggest being at La Belle Etoile shopping centre in Strassen, which is located with a Hobbi store selling household items, toys, gardening furniture and much more. 

Cora, Match & Smatch

Owned by the Louis Delhaize group but not to be confused with the supermarket Delhaize, Cora has two hypermarkets in Luxembourg, one at the newly refurbished City Concorde shopping centre in Bertrange, the other in Foetz. Both stores run Cora Drive which allows you to shop online and collect from the store.

Cora stores have bakeries, meat, fish and cheese counters, fresh fruit and vegetables, household items and store cupboard goods and they also stock a selection of clothing, garden items and electrical goods including mobile phones and TVs. Beauty and health products are also available in store. 

Cora offers own-brand items for numerous products which you'll also find at a slightly higher price in Match and Smatch stores, which tend to be smaller and geared to local communities.


Belgian grocery group, Delhaize offer a lot of own-brand items, slightly cheaper in price to Cora and Cactus. Stores stock fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, diary and usually have an on-site bakery. Delhaize also offers a small selection of world food products like curry paste or Chinese sauces and a good offering on vegetarian options.

A good all-rounder in terms of quality of food and value for money, however you won't find as broad a range of goods as you can in the bigger Auchun, Cactus and Cora hypermarkets.

Delhaize has numerous stores located across Luxembourg.


Located in the industrial zone in Gasperich, this Lusophone store stocks brands from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde. It also runs a number of a smaller stores and bakeries.

Discount stores – Lidl, Aldi and Colruyt

Expect things to be a bit different in Luxembourg. Unlike in the UK and Germany, Aldi has not taken on the quality challenge and in Luxembourg it remains the pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap brand it first started as. Great for basics or a supplementary shop. You can find your nearest store here.

Lidl on the other hand has a fairly broad range of products, offers fresh meat, a bakery and a reasonable selection of vegetarian food. Again, you won't find everything, but the prices are amongst the lowest in Luxembourg for those on a budget.

Fruit and vegetables are significantly cheaper than at many other mainstream supermarkets and actually stay fresh for longer, plus you can try out foodstuff from around the world with their regular promotions of Italian, Spanish, America, Greek and Turkish offerings. Search the Lidl store locator for your nearest one. 

Colruyt has four stores in Sanem, Gasperich, Mersch and Wemperhardt offering guaranteed rock bottom prices, and has own-brand bio options. Colruyt is a good place to stock up on store cupboard items and fill your freezer.

Online shopping

As mentioned, you can shop online with Auchan and Cora but you must collect from their stores or depots. If you are housebound or don't have a car, then try: has a broad selection of grocery items and delivers for free with a minimum total shop depending on where you are located. has numerous frozen products and ready-made meals, plus offers free delivery in Luxembourg.

Something special or fresh?

If you're after something different or a taste of home, check out our guide to speciality food shops stocking items from across the globe.

If you enjoy a good market or want to buy organic, then you'll find plenty of options in Luxembourg listed in our markets' guide.

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