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Toy shops

Toy shops

by Sarita Rao 6 min. 27.11.2021
If you're looking for inspiration or just to check out a toy, here's a list of toy shops in the Grand Duchy
For a bit more magic than online shopping Photo: shutterstock
For a bit more magic than online shopping Photo: shutterstock

Kleeschen will be coming soon. Are you ready?

Shopping online is a simple way to fill your Christmas stockings or shoes, but delivery dates can sometimes be close to the wire. Some toys also require a second mortgage, and you won't want to make a decision based on a small picture.

If you're looking for inspiration or just to check out if a toy will really keep your child occupied for more than 10 minutes or is worth the price tag, here's a list of toy shops in Luxembourg.

In the city

Domino (Luxembourg City)

Not the pizza place, but an Aladdin's Cave in the City that covers four floors – two floors for children, one for babies, and one for adults. The largest toy store in Luxembourg, Domino has all the main brands plus a good selection of board games in various languages, including English, and science toys for kids.

You can browse their products online by brand, by age or by genre

Ars Libri (Luxembourg City)

If you're looking for that special, hard to find toy, this place comes highly recommended. It has a good selection for babies and younger children, including lovely pieces for dolls houses, and fabric food for role play learning.

Check out the Austrian Er-Stone building blocks, the fantastic range of string and finger puppets and the little models of knights, princesses and zoo animals. They stock board games too. 

Fantasybox  (Belair)

Got an avengers or Demon Slayer fan? Well in addition to comics and graphic novels Fantasybox sells collectors figures and has a whole host of stuff for lovers of anime and manga. 

Outside the city

LToys (Niederanvan)

For the largest selection of Lego in Luxembourg, both for kids and for collectors, look no further than LToys, with a store in Niederanven and an online shop. They can sometimes source discontinued items, and you can also purchase via Letzshop

Beetles & Bugs (Niederanven)

Super-cute kids' fashion store says one reviewer, but it stocks more than clothes. You can pick up unusual soft toys, very chic wooden ones, and a nice line in designer advent calendars. The quality is high so the prices reflect that.

Spinning tops can make good stocking fillers
Spinning tops can make good stocking fillers
Photo: shutterstock

Rischette, Holzhaisechen and Arbitare Kids (Junglinster)

The residents of Junglinster keep Rischette's blue building a secret because it has a good selection of toys plus kitchenware for the grown-ups. Reviewers rate the friendliness of the owners too. Holzhaischen also comes highly recommended for its selection of wooden toys and board games. Arbitare Kids has some classy toys for younger kids, particularly the rocking horses.

Bazar Schirtz (Diekirch)

A selection of toys and games can be found here, plus if you want to pick up a Santa outfit or a fancy dress costume for New Year's Eve, this is the place.

Games Tower (Mersch)

Board games mostly in English, dungeons and dragons and various booster packs for Yu-Gi-Oh, Warhammer or Magic: The Gathering. You can contact them first, to see what they have in stock. 

Dumong - la Maison de Jouets (Ettlebruck)

Got an artist, or a builder, or a child that just needs something to cuddle? This store delivers for free in Luxembourg and has themes around discovery, play and pretend, kitchen and grocery, and dolls and accessories - and, of course, cuddly toys. It also has the latest Lego Technic. 

Samkats (Echternach)

Games, toys and books which you can order online or in store from Lego to aqua beads, play doh and jigsaw puzzles. 

Nature et Decouverte (La Belle Etoile, Bertrange)

Unusual gifts from a pocket microscope, a mini film projector or a motorised solar system, this is the best toy shop if you want to get something a bit different or memorable. There are some pretty unusual toys including geology sets and young adventurer manuals. Visit to be inspired.

Readers also recommend Feidt in Petange and Butzebuttik in Differdange. The latter specialises in baby and children's clothing and toys, and has mini Santa suits. 

Toy shop chains

Maxi Toys (Sandweiler, Bettembourg, Foetz and Pommerloch)

Lego, Playmobil, Mattel and V-Tech, there’s a wide range of toys here including the latest items such as Mariokart and the Nerf Fortnite gun, in addition to great toys for younger children. If you're not sure what floats their boat, this is the place to bring kids for a toy tryout.

You can search online by age, type of toy or brand and delivery is free for orders over €59 (3 to 5 days). There are also stores in Arlon, Thionville, Schmiede and Longwy.

Trafic (Bertrange, Dudelange, Capellen, Belval and Grevenmacher)

An all-purpose store with a toy section offering a limited selection of big name brands, this is also a good place to pick up books and the Top Model brand, and it has a range of kids' clothes and nightwear.

Action (Mersch, Beggen, Belval, Strassen, Echternach, Weiswampach, Marnach, Sandweiler, Esch-sur-Alzette, and Schengen)

Stocking fillers for a few Euros, this is the closest you'll get to a Pound Shop in Luxembourg, and an excellent place to stock up on smaller items like spinning tops or silly sound machines.

It's cut price, but items are usually not of a quality that will endure. 

Cora, Cactus and Auchun

Cora City Concorde in Bertrange and Foetz, Auchun in Kirchberg and Cloche d'Or, and Cactus in Belle Etoile, Strassen, all have toy departments. 

A few more places.....

If you're after a tricycle or first bike then the Baby Centre in Cloche D'Or or Walferdange has a good selection. For bigger kids’ bikes, check out Decathlon in Arlon. 

The Pall Centre in Oberpallen has a number of stores offering toys for children and is a great place to pick up unique and eclectic presents for adults. 

Try the Unicorner Concept Store for lovely gifts for little ones, and there are toys only available online but from local suppliers via Letzshop

Over the border

Giant toy store Rofu Kinderland is just over the border in Perl, Germany, whilst PicWicToys in Metz also has an enormous selection of games, toys and goodies.

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