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Call in the cleaners
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Call in the cleaners

by Sarita Rao 4 min. 07.10.2021 From our online archive
Here's a handy guide for hiring a cleaner in Luxembourg - the law, the rates and where to find them
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Sometimes life and work are just not balanced. Maintaining your home is usually the first thing to drop by the wayside if you’re time poor.

Domestic help in the form of a cleaner, housekeeper or gardener can be a blessing if you work long hours or have a heavy burden on your time.

Hiring your own cleaner or domestic help

If you hire a cleaner directly, you must have a written contract which identifies you and the person you are hiring, a start date, the place and nature of work, and the number of daily or weekly working hours.

You must also register your employee with the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS) who will collect the fixed rate tax (10%) and social security contributions. However, you need only declare the net salary you have agreed with your cleaner or help (which must be in line with the social minimum wage). The CCSS will calculate the gross salary.

You pay your cleaner the net amount you agreed directly and you’ll receive an invoice for tax and social security from the CCSS and an annual tax declaration.

You can find a detailed explanation in English on Hiring Domestic Staff and all relevant forms on Guichet here.

Online research suggests that the hourly salary of domestic staff can be anywhere between 14-17 Euros (depending on the number of hours you need your cleaner and the tasks you expect them to undertake).

There are implications, not only in terms of tax but the social security rights of your cleaner, if you employ someone illegally or do not register them.

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The following websites are useful for hiring a cleaner directly, or you can post/search in social media groups for Luxembourg and will often get a response or referral.

Home Help lists cleaners, housekeepers, babysitters and au pairs looking for work and detailing their experience, contact details and languages spoken. They also have a Facebook page here.

Great Au Pair lists housekeepers and au pairs offering their services in Luxembourg, both live-in and live-out. You can search it by region/location. 

Using a cleaning service

If drawing up an individual employment contract sounds too much like hard work - and you’re getting a cleaner precisely because you’re time poor - you can use an agency.

There are several agencies in Luxembourg, including some that allow you to book a cleaner online, and some that offer one-off services for moving, window cleaning and garden maintenance.

Expect to pay upwards of 20 Euros an hour and in some cases sign a minimum time period contract, but you won’t have to deal directly with the CCSS and domestic help is vetted, checked and comes with back up, so if you’re cleaner decides to leave or is off sick, the agency will provide an alternative.

Check what your service includes. Some charge extra for cleaning the oven or changing bed sheets and some don’t offer this service at all.

The following agencies offer cleaning services in English:

Batmaid is an online cleaning platform, originally started in Switzerland. It uses an “Uber” model. With some 500 cleaners at its disposal, Batmaid offers its services in Luxembourg City, and some suburban districts.

Immaculate Cleaning Services can spruce up your home or office, help you with moving in or moving out cleaning requirements, including painting, gardening and small repairs. They also offer deep cleans and options to have your cleaner come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as a one-off. You can add to that pet-friendly services and window cleaning. 

Spic and Span offer cleaning services (including a one-off clean) you can book online, where you can add extra services if you want something additional done. You can also sign up for a regular contract with slightly cheaper rates. You pay an hour's rate as a deposit upfront and this is deducted from your final bill. English-speaking cleaners should be requested when booking. 

Appilux offers cleaning but also laundry services, window cleaning, floor treatment, high pressure cleaning and help with your green spaces. They also offer housekeeping and handyman services. You can get a free estimate here.

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Photo: Shutterstock

If you’re managing a home renovation, need a handyman or gardener or just want someone to give your digs a scrub up before the weekend, Extra Time offers all these services. They can also house sit if you're having work or services done in your home and help with paperwork. 

JoDan Services offers regular domestic and business cleaning services via professional and trained cleaners who can speak in the language of your choice. Specialisms include pre/post tenancy cleaning, post construction and post event as well as spring cleaning. Regular contracts are undertaken by the same cleaner for consistency.

For a list of all cleaning companies in Luxembourg click here.

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