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Where to go on a first date

Where to go on a first date

by Jenny Biver 6 min. 13.04.2023
Can’t think where to go on a first date? Don’t worry, Jenny Biver has some tips and suggestions
Deciding where to go on a first date can be the trickiest part
Deciding where to go on a first date can be the trickiest part
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First dates are stressful. There is no way around it. Even people who say they aren’t a bit freaked out, are freaked out. But, that's also part of the charm of dating, it's a guaranteed adrenaline kick and bound to make a good story, no matter how it goes.

Part of the pressure for first D-day is coming up with a plan for what to do. To take some of the pressure off, you can find some inspiration below, plus a little bit on the etiquette of a first date. We can’t promise your date will be a hit, but at least the setting will be.

A little bit of etiquette

Before you dive headfirst into the dating pool, it might be a good idea to know what kind of waters you’re jumping into, no matter if you’re a serious diver or casual swimmer. In a country with over 100 different nationalities, people are bound to have different takes on love, amour, Léift, amore, Liebe.

When meeting someone with the same nationality as you, it might be best to stick to your own culture’s customs. If you’re seeing someone with a different background, read up on their traditions. If nothing else, it’s a good conversation starter.

Handshake, hug, one, two or three kisses?

The greeting culture in Luxembourg is a bit messy. If you follow local code, then there’s the handshake for people who don’t know each other, and three kisses (on the cheeks) for people who do. 

A fist bump might be a bit awkward on a first date
A fist bump might be a bit awkward on a first date
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Internationally, you might shake hands with strangers and either hug or half-wave at acquaintances. Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to how you should greet your date. You can always opt for deciding beforehand to avoid an awkward handshake-meets-hug-resulting-in-a-stomach-punch-situation. Otherwise, a quick wave should do it.

Who pays?

Never assume the other person is going to pick up the bill. That’s your best rule of thumb, in the ever-changing dating world. Splitting the bill is more common these days, and there are plenty of digital ways nowadays to make this quick and painless.

A small world

Not really an etiquette, more a word of advice. Luxembourg is small. The chances of you running into a blast from the past are pretty high, so be prepared.  

What to do and where to go

The classics

For a coffee or drink date, head to Konrad Café & Bar, Café des Tramways and l’Adéquat Bar & Brasserie, or visit The Chocolate House to chit-chat over a cup of cocoa in a cosy ambience.

Surrounded by books, Le Bovary will give you something to talk about
Surrounded by books, Le Bovary will give you something to talk about
Photo: Gerry Huberty

Cocktails and a fancier setting can be found at Octans and Go Ten Bar. For a cultural and sophisticated setting try Café des Capucins, or De Gudde Wëllen. In the heart of Weimerskirch, literary coffeeshop Le Bovary is a place for a date in the company of books, and it will give you something to talk about over your coffee, drinks, brunch, lunch or dinner (or all five).

Playing it safe with dinner and a movie? Eat at one of the many restaurants along the John F. Kennedy Avenue, followed by a movie at Kinepolis Kirchberg. Or visit the Cinémathèque at Place du Théâtre for an old school movie night.

A “wine-wine” situation

Romance and wine go together well. With Luxembourg’s flourishing wine culture, why not take your date on a tour through the vineyards, a boat trip on the Moselle River, or on a wine tasting experience? The Moselle Valley offers plenty of opportunities for active dates.

Find your muse at the museum

What if the awkward silence on a first date turned into a moment of contemplation of an art piece? Museums give you a reason to keep quiet. To keep the vibe more romantic and less school field trip, plan your visit at night. The Mudam is open until 21.00 on Wednesdays with free entrance from 18.00. And if you find that you couldn’t stop talking, continue your date at the Mudam Cafe.

Dinner under the stars

Well, the Michelin stars. If you really want to impress your first date, then an exceptional culinary experience at one of the nine Michelin-starred restaurants should do it. Enjoy world-class Italian cuisine at Mosconi or treat your date like a real prince or princess at La Distillerie at the castle of Bourglinster.

Escape room

Can you communicate and work collaboratively with your first date?
Can you communicate and work collaboratively with your first date?
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Some people may shiver at the thought of being locked in a room with a person they’ve never met before, others may find this is the best way to get to know someone fast. Escape rooms are a sure-fire way to see how your date reacts to high stress situations and put your communication skills to the test right away. And if you fail to beat the room, it just means you can set up a second date.

Escape Luxembourg

If you really don’t want to bump into old partners while out with your date, it might be best to escape Luxembourg. A trip to Trier for a stroll around the historic city centre and lunch by the Moselle is always a winner.

In nature

Active outdoor dates keep the mood light, and avoid alcohol if you’d prefer to do that on a first date. Go for a walk, or even a run, if you are both up for it, in Bambësch, followed by a light lunch at the Clubhaus. If you are feeling adventurous, bring a picnic and head out on one of the many hiking trails in the Mullerthal.

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