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Where to volunteer?
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Where to volunteer?

by Sarita Rao 9 min. 23.04.2023
Want to give something back? There are plenty of places looking for volunteers, full time or just a few hours a week to help people, animals or to support agroecology
Distributing food to the homeless in Luxembourg
Distributing food to the homeless in Luxembourg
Photo credit: Telecran

Working but want to give back? Newly arrived and want to get more involved in your community? Searching for something meaningful to do in your free time? 

There are many reasons for volunteering (from personal satisfaction to acquiring new skills) and many charities and organisations that rely on it. In fact, some 59% of residents in Luxembourg volunteer formally and informally, although this number is much lower amongst foreign residents, partly due to language barriers.  

In the meantime, here are a few places you can volunteer – from helping the homeless, mentoring refugees, and visiting the elderly, to dog walking, scout camps and agroecology.

If you volunteer at an organisation that is not mentioned in this article, let us know.

Before you volunteer

Think first how much time you can give and the level of commitment you are willing to make. There are some volunteering opportunities where you can just turn up on the day or take part occasionally, and others where the organisation will expect a longer-term or regular commitment and will provide training.

For something immediate and short term, you can also look at the Easy Volunteer Facebook page, which connects volunteers with organisations seeking help, and often lists short-term needs for volunteers with various skills. It's a good place for students looking for placements. 

Helping people

Bénévolat Luxembourg

If you’re looking for something more permanent or specific, Bénévolat Luxembourg has a volunteer area that gives information on the types of voluntery work you can undertake and the training provided. It also lists current volunteering opportunities in a number of charity organisations or creches and maison relais in Luxembourg, but also other European countries and even further afield in Africa. 

You can search by country, length of time you want to volunteer, and types of voluntary work or programmes. There are numerous opportunities, some requiring an extra pair of hands, others needing a level of skill or experience.

Croix Rouge (Red Cross)

The Red Cross is always looking for help with their projects including providing support to there winter programme for the homeless, but for numerous other projects. If you speak French, Luxembourgish or German, they also run a programme to prevent isolation of seniors, which involves visiting people regularly and talking. You can find out how to volunteer here.


Like the Red Cross, Caritas is also involved in health, social, youth and humanitarian support, working with children and families, refugees and migrants. You can find out how to volunteer and more about the opportunities currently available here.

Ukrainian refugee crisis/Luxembourg 

Working in conjunction with the Red Cross and Caritas in Luxembourg, are looking for volunteers to drive transport to evacuate people or carry essential supplies, sort through and package up donations, and host people, families and even pets. If you have items in a reasonable condition that you can donate, you can contact Free stuff for refugees from Ukraine in Luxembourg, and if you can host a family this Facebook page has messages from refugees looking for a temporary or permanent place to stay in Luxembourg.

Stëmm vun der Strooss

This association mainly supports people who are homeless, unemployed, living on a minimum wage, ex-criminals, asylum seekers and immigrants, and people who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol. It depends on the support of volunteers, particularly to visit people in hospitals and prisons.

Volunteers must respect the ethics and sensibilities required to work with vulnerable people. They are looking for people with an empathetic attitude, who can be discreet and tolerant, and are able to support those in times of despair or anxiety. In return, Stëmm can be flexible about hours, and can provide specific training and education. There are also opportunities to take an apprenticeship with the organisation, where you will work in one of their centres.

Serve the City

A movement of volunteers that believe that many people doing small things together makes a big difference. Serve the City mobilises volunteers through sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. You can volunteer once a year or on a regular basis, and those under 18 years must fill out a parental consent form (those under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult).

You can volunteer for the street team, who hand out food and drink to people living on the streets, or for other activities such as football matches at the Retention Centre (for immigrants). They currently have vacancies for a clean-up team leader and a street team leader. 

RYSE (Refugee youth support & empowerment)

RYSE is looking for mentors to play an important part in the lives of youth refugees. Mentors are paired with mentees based on interests and background, and work with them on a one-to-one basis. Volunteers with be given practical assistance and help with any requirements to liaise with government bodies.

Fondation Autisme Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Autism Foundation says that volunteers make a vital contribution to its work. It will provide training and reimburse travel costs too. You can register as someone who will accompany children, teens or adults with autism on holidays, and you will get free training, plus an allowance per day. They also look for support at events from manning craft stands to open or awareness days. They are also looking for skills in graphic design, translators, cooks, gardeners and drivers for their day-care centre in Munshausen.

Make a wish (Kanner Wonsch)

A charity that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions, Kanner Wonsch operates with the support of 60 or so volunteers and welcomes new ones from all backgrounds. They ask you to think about your time and talents before volunteering. If your application is successful, they will invite you to a volunteer orientation meeting and depending where your interests lie, they may provide more training.


Helping people with disabilities, this charity relies on a large pool of volunteers.  The work is mainly to support people with disabilities during their trips and their leisure activities with the 321 Vakanz service, but also to help out at information booths or by regularly visiting one of the residents of the Tricentennial structures.

Scouts and guides

If your talents lie in building campfires and working with children then the Telstar Scouts of Luxembourg are always looking for volunteer helpers for weekly meet-ups and seasonal camps.  FNEL are also on the lookout for volunteers for scout activities, as are Girl Guiding Luxembourg.

Helping animals

Natur & ëmwelt

If you love animals then Natur & ëmwelt need people to help with their animals as carers, transporters and plenty more. They’re also on the lookout for volunteers interested in getting involved in children’s educational activities or to work at information stands.

Animal shelters

Asile (Dudelange) and Deierenasyl (Gasperich) rely on volunteers to help at animal shelters, and people to walk shelter dogs. In fact, most animal shelters would welcome pet-loving volunteers (ideal if you love animals but cannot accommodate one in your home). You’ll find a list of animal shelters in this article.

Way of life


This agroecological centre offers volunteers the chance to get hands-on practical and physical experience, spend time in the orchards and forest and learn about growing food, including the principles of permaculture. 

You can volunteer Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00 but you must give them a call in advance. Terra also runs an apprenticeship scheme where you develop your skills to become a conscious, confident, and able gardener. It works together with the Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck, and you can start with a two week trial period to see if  you are a good fit for the Terra team. This year, they started an internship programme which runs from April to October (application deadline mid-February). 

Lëtz Rise Up 

A feminist and anti-racist association made up of women who aim to join forces to defend and support people likely to suffer discrimination because of their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability, through social transformation. 

The non-profit organisation works to raise awareness about issues of racism in Luxembourg through advocacy, training, conferences, and artistic events. They are currently organising a number of projects and seeking volunteers of all ages. You can find more information on their website, or contact them at 


Become a local sport buddy to a refugee, or mentor an athlete. You can also volunteer to support community sporting events or help with sport classes. If you want to do something local, check if you can help out with your local commune’s youth football or basketball team.

Digital Inclusion

Helping to make everyone tech-savvy, this charity relies on volunteers not only to support training but also repair and re-install its recycled computers. You can join a computer repair learning programme even if you don’t have any IT knowledge, and learn about computer diagnosis, laptop screen replacement, and installing operating systems. Digital Inclusion also need volunteers with a decent IT knowledge who can teach students about basic programming.

If you’re interested in human rights, then Amnesty Luxembourg is always looking for volunteers, and those looking to work on environmental campaigns can contact Greenpeace Luxembourg.

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