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In the neighbourhood: Cents and Hamm

In the neighbourhood: Cents and Hamm

by Sarita Rao 8 min. 20.11.2021 From our online archive
Historically established on the road to Trier, the adjoining residential districts boast range of facilities
St. George's International School is based in Hamm on Rue des Peupliers Photo: St. George's International School
St. George's International School is based in Hamm on Rue des Peupliers Photo: St. George's International School

A Luxembourgish neighbourhood at the eastern corner of the city, Cents was historically established on the road to Trier. South of it lies Hamm, a popular residential district which like Cents, is close to the airport, Kirchberg and the old town areas of Clausen and Grund.

About 5% of the City's population lives in Cents (around 6,325 people at end 2019), whereas its smaller neighbour Hamm has just 1,478 residents. Despite being on the flight path for Findel airport, house prices remain high in both areas, although less expensive than other city locations.

A little background...

Rue de Treves has connected Luxembourg to Trier since the Middle Ages and runs through Cents today. Cents was formerly part of Hamm, but became a separate part of Luxembourg City in 1920. The neighbourhood became urbanised in the 1960s with the construction of the City Frommes by the National Society for Cheap Housing, but the Church of the Holy Spirit was only consecrated in 1980, making it the newest in the City.

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial is one of the Grand Duchy's most visited sites. Photo: LW Archives
Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial is one of the Grand Duchy's most visited sites. Photo: LW Archives

Hamm is perhaps best-known for being home to the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial and the final resting place of more than 5,000 American servicemen including General Patton. The origins of Hamm date back to the construction of a monastery in the 14th century, and the area grew with industrialisation in particular under the patronage of the Godchaux Company. Many of the houses in Hamm date back to the 19th century.

Property prices

According to Wort Immo the current price per square metre of real estate in the area is:

Apartment (new)              €12,444
House (old)                       €8,710

Apartment (new)              €10,814
House (old)                       €12,538


Shopping & Services

There are two Delhaize stores, one on Allée du Carmel in Cents (a Proxy) and another on rue de Bitbourg in Hamm, a butcher's Maison Steffen (with a great selection of prepared meats) and a Fischer bakery on Rue de Trèves, as well as a Namur on Rue de Bitbourg, for all your daily sustenance.

If you need a hair cut try Creative Team Angelsberg on Boulevard Charles Simonis, or Hair Touch on Allée du Carmel where there's also a medical pedicure place. There's a pharmacy on this street too, plus the Cents Medical Centre, and you'll find a Bicherschaf shared book place near the pharmacy. 

The Sylvie Beauty Institute is at  52 boulevard Jules Salentiny, offering facials and massage. There's another hairdresser, Raison, at 15 rue Robert Bruch. 

You'll find tyre centre Roude Leiw on Rue de Bitburg and a printing place We Print also on the same road. 


Cents has a primary school at Rue Gabriel de Marie and pre-school at Rue Charles de Tornaco. There's a primary and pre-school at 159 Rue de Hamm.

St. George's International School is based in Hamm on Rue des Peupliers and provides an English-language education from primary through secondary that follows the International GCSEs qualifications. Fees are applicable. 

For crèches, you can try Crèche Haensel & Gretel on 44 Boulevard Charles Simonis, or Nursery Les Petits Fermiers on Rue des Pommiers. There is also a kidsCare crèche Cocoon, and, closer to Hamm, you'll find Creche L'ile au Trésor and crèche European Children on Am Haff. A new creche is planned for rue  de Trèves.

There's a playgroup for 0-3 years at 167 rue de Treves, which meets in Luxembourgish (Tuesday 9-11.30), in English (Wednesday 9.15 to 12.00) and Finnish (Friday 9.30 to 12.00). At the same location you'll find mini music and musical awakening. 

Transport & parking

Bus lines 7, 9, 14, 20, 29 and CN1 serve Cents, while lines 9, 15 and 25 run through Hamm. The Cents-Hamm railway station is on Line 30 connecting Luxembourg City to Trier.


According to the Ville de Luxembourg website, Cents has 11 playgrounds, 1 multisport pitch, a petanque court and a football pitch where RM Hamm Benfica play. There's also a tennis court Fetschenhaff-Cents which runs a tennis school. There's an FNEL scouts group operating from Rue de Treves.

You can find out more about clubs and associations in the area here

The most notable playground is the airport-themed one at Op der Heed, complete with an aeroplane, check in, baggage trolleys, slides, and a sandpit. You can find other playgrounds in the area here.

Airport Park Cents Photo: Diane Lecorsais
Airport Park Cents Photo: Diane Lecorsais

The Godchaux circuit takes in the history of the textile industry in Hamm, and you can download a brochure with the walking route and historical explanation here.

Restaurants and cafes

Brasserie du Cents has a kids menu and offers staples like escalope, steak and burgers. Restaurant Centser Roud Haus on Rue de Trèves offers some classy dining with gastronomy menus varying in price from €39-€69. Fish dishes include sole and cod, with meatier beef and veal steaks for bigger appetites.

Check out the cordon bleu at Cents Cafe Beim Zeutzius at 71 Rue de Tréves, which also serves beer. 

Grab a pint of Guinness at this Irish pub on Val de Hamm Photo: The Black Stuff
Grab a pint of Guinness at this Irish pub on Val de Hamm Photo: The Black Stuff

For Chinese cuisine try Restaurant Jade Village at 187 Rue de Hamm where the Thai chicken curry comes highly recommended.

Alternatively you'll find standard Italian fare at Il Piccolo Mondo Hotel Restaurant on the same road. The njÖrd Kitchen is based at 211 Rue de Hamm and serves up fresh, locally-sourced dishes including Smørrebrød. 

For a taste of the Black Stuff, and all the warmth of an Irish country pub, catch a sports game or some live music at this establishment of the same name on Val de Hamm.

The Pepito food truck dishes up slices of beef in different styles served in Ciabatta, weekdays 10.30 to 14.30 at 13 rue de Bitbourg. For takeaway pizza try La Piazzetta on 15 Rue Robert Bruch.

Nearby in Polfermillen you'll find the delightful La Villa, with light tasteful decor, a summer terrace and cigar lounge, and a high-class menu of Mediterranean food including vegan options.  And, of course, you are within spitting distance of the bars and restaurants in Clausen and Grund.

Find out more....

You can find out more about these city quarters on the Ville de Luxembourg Cents and Hamm and on

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