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In the neighbourhood: Junglinster
Grevenmacher district

In the neighbourhood: Junglinster

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Home to an international school and well-connected to the city, Junglinster is the largest municipality in the east of the country
Today the commune hosts two of the world’s most powerful long wave transmitters
Today the commune hosts two of the world’s most powerful long wave transmitters
Photo credit: Marc Ryckaert/Wikipedia

North of the City, and a popular commuter district with an International School offering the European baccalaureate, Junglinster is an increasingly attractive residential neighbourhood for expats.

More than 55 square kilometres, much of it forested, the commune includes the villages of Altlinster, Beidweiler, Blumenthal, Bourglinster, Eisenborn, Eschweiler, Godbrange, Gonderange, Graulinster, Imbringen, Junglinster and Rodenbourg. It has a total population of 8,233 representing a number of nationalities.

A little background...

A record of Junglinster dates back to 867, but it was put firmly on the map in the 11th century when construction began on Bourglinster castle, which took several centuries to complete. From 1772 to 1774 the priest, Otto Borrigs, built the parish church of Junglinster. A commune was established in 1789, and Jean Guillaume Flammant became the first Mayor of the town. In 1836 Bourglinster castle was auctioned off and remained in private hands until 1968 when it was bought by the state.

Today the commune hosts two of the world's most powerful long wave transmitters (the older one was installed in Junglinster in 1933 and the second one in Beidweiller in 1972), which were used by Radio Luxembourg to gain iconic status with audiences in Britain and Ireland in the 1930s and again in the 1960s and 70s, thus giving Junglinster an important role in the history of pirate radio.

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Property prices

According to Wort Immo the current real estate price per square metres in the area is:

  • Apartment (new) €9,624
  • House (old) €7,441
  • House (new) €7,547


Shopping & Services

There are two shopping centres Langwies 1 (Rue Hiehl) and Langwies 2 (Rue Nicolas Glesener) which between them have 52 shops and services. The former contains a Delhaize supermarket, Intersport and an Opti-Vue.

Langwies 2 includes classy kid’s furnishings store Arbitare Kids and organic and natural food store, Alavita. You can get advice on interior and exterior design at Firstfloor and furniture at Casa.

If you need to fix your smartphone screen or get help with other home technology, CRW is also based at the centre (appointment only, as there is no physical shop), as are a number of clothing, lingerie and shoe shops, a florist, perfume emporium and a Party Shop, in addition to tour operators, and a hairdresser, Georgie's cut, where the staff speak English.

Nearby a number of garages sell, service and repair many of the main brands of car, and there is a Globus Baumarkt for all your DIY needs (it also has a Fischer coffee shop). Plans for a new multi-purpose 37,000m2 centre with shops, restaurants, a hotel, creche and gym were announced in 2019. 

You can stock up on ecological cleaning products and natural cosmetics at Haka in Rodenbourg. For fresh fruit and vegetables head to 12 Route d'Echternach and Letz Grow

In Junglinster town, you’ll find an Aladdin's Cave of a shop Rischette, which stocks school supplies, seasonal items like carnival costumes and decorations, fireworks, games, and unusual household items including the Thermomix which they regularly demonstrate. Next door, the Portuguese grocery shop Duarte comes highly commended for its excellent customer service.

If you are in need of a beauty treatment you can try Pure Beaute PIA, or sample some Dead Sea salt therapy at the Salzgrotte.

There's a Paediatric Centre on Rue de Godbrange and a pharmacy at 4 Lernzwee. The Junglinster Library is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 18.00, and Saturday from 10.00 to 12.00. It stocks books in French, German, Luxembourgish, English and other languages for adults and children. The Bicherbus mobile library also drives around the commune on a regular basis.

The International School at Lënster Lycée offers multilingual and multicultural education towards the European Baccalaureate. Photo: Guy Jallay
The International School at Lënster Lycée offers multilingual and multicultural education towards the European Baccalaureate. Photo: Guy Jallay


You'll find crèche Baby Bird and crèche Kwaki on Rue Rham in Junglinster, crèche KidsCare on Rue Maria Montessori, and crèche Babyhome on Rue des Cerises. The Paiperlek creche is at 24 rue du Village and takes children aged 0-3 years. 

The Maison Relais in Junglinster puts a lot of effort into the wellbeing of its children and is the first in Luxembourg to write and introduce a kid’s constitution. Meetings of La Leche League run take place Wednesday mornings at the Cultural Centre.

There's a pre-school and primary school in Bourglinster, Gonderange, and Junglinster, where the Lënster Lycée is also located. The international section of this school also offers the European School curriculum and has English, French and German sections.

Every other year in the summer, kids can take part in Mini Lënster and learn about how society functions by being a business trader, a fireman, or a mayor in a mini town set up in the sports hall. You can find out more about the programme here.

Transport & parking

Bus 100 links Diekirch to Junglinster and goes from there to Limpertsberg. Bus 105 links to Ettelbruck, whilst 107 links Luxembourg City to Junglinster and Beaufort. Line 112 Junglinster to the City and Echternach.

Bus 120 links Junglinster to Findel and districts in the City and route 128 links it to Kirchberg. There is a late night bus from the city too. 

You'll find a full list of buses for Junglinster here

The Am Duerf Cultural Centre in Junglinster Photo: Marc Clemens
The Am Duerf Cultural Centre in Junglinster Photo: Marc Clemens


Sports & Parks

There's a wooden park complete with slides and ropes in Bourglinster on Rue de l'Ecole, and a couple of small wooden play areas in Eisenborn. Most of the villages have play areas or you can access those belonging to the local schools. For a playground for all ages, try the one with water features in Junglinster at Rue du Village.

There are walking paths and circuits in Junglinster, Biergerberg, Bourglinster, Godbrange, Beidweiler, Rodenbourg and Eschweiler. You can find out more about these routes here. The walking association Lënster Trëppler organises rambles and hikes in the area. There's an 8.8km circular walk in Junglinster available here. Locals recommend the lovely walk from Rue de la Gare in Gonderange to Ernster. There's also a chalet BBQ available for hire. Cycle path P5 runs from Junglinster to Reisdorf and you can find the location for camping car spaces here.

There's a golf course, complete with club-house and a golf school at Domaine de Belenhaff. The club-house is also home to a restaurant offering fine-dining. If you're a dab hand with the shuttlecock, check out the Badminton Club.

There's a Capoeira society on Rue de Godbrange, or you can learn to play table tennis here. The youth football club plays at Op de Freinen, and the Fitness Club Junglinster has classes for adults and children.

If you prefer taekwando or tennis both have clubs in the area. There's also a new rhythmic gymnastic club in town, Passion GR

You can find out more about chorale societies, amateur dramatics clubs, school associations and charities, dog training schools, motorcycle clubs, and scout groups on the Junglinster commune website here.

The Am Duerf Cultural Centre runs events, shows, exhibitions and workshops, whilst the Town Hall, is now located in what was once a magnificent 18th century farm house. The Baroque church has a beautiful altar and frescoes from the 18th century as well as the tombstones of the Lords of Lënster.

Guided visits of the Bourglinster Castle can be organised upon request Photo: Guy Jallay
Guided visits of the Bourglinster Castle can be organised upon request Photo: Guy Jallay

Bourglinster Castle has a rich history dating back to 1098, although many of the original features were destroyed in different wars. A music festival is organised by the Friends of Bourglinster Castle and the barn opposite has been restored for art workshops. The castle now houses a restaurant but you can organise group tours of it here.

The Häerdcheslee is a solitary rock north of Altlinster depicting two people and is believed to be a Gallo-Roman funerary monument from the first or second century AD, built from Luxembourgish yellow sandstone.

Restaurants and cafes

For something upmarket splurge on Michelin-starred Restaurant La Distillerie at Bourglinster Castle, run by award-winning chef René Mathieu. Nearby Millebieres is easier on the wallet and has spare ribs, cheeseburgers, noodles, pasta and a big selection of beer. 

The trendy chic V8 serves traditional Luxembourgish dishes, fish and steaks (plus a kids menu) inside and burgers or salads on the terrace.

If you fancy some Bulgarian cuisine, try Restaurant Amber Stuff in Imbringen, which has plenty of parking. The grocery shop, Le Gourmet also has a restaurant serving steaks, pasta and seafood.

For what are heralded as the best burgers in Luxembourg, head to Beidweiler and Lou's Diner. For Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean try Maison des Gourmets. You'll find Chinese and Japanese fare at Restaurant KIN

Bistro Lënster, offering a range of Luxembourgish wines, sharing platters and horse steaks and burgers, all served in a cosy atmosphere with comfy chairs and an outside terrace. 

The Pizza Guy Foodtruck comes to Junglinster Monday to Wednesday for lunchtime and in the evening, plus evenings on Thursday and Friday, or tuck into a pizza at Piccobello.

Restaurant I Fratelli is having a Luxembourgish food festival until 28 February and serving up Bouneschlupp, Kniddelen mat Speck and Jude mat Gaardebounen. It's an Italian place and you can get pasta, risotto and various meat and fish dishes. 

If you need a cup of coffee, you can opt for Cafe op der Gare in Gonderange or Cafe Lenster Stuff in Junglinster, which also serves stronger stuff and hosts live bands. Bakery Meglio has nice grey sofas and serves up omlettes, paninis, waffles and of course, pastries and cakes. 

The True Brew Trade sells a selection of organic craft beers and some amazing ginger tonic. It’s based in Gonderange but you can pick up their produce at the organic/artisan market held the last Saturday of every month in front of the Cultural Centre Am Duerf in Junglinster.

Find out more....

For more information on Junglinster on the commune website. Families can also join the Junglinster Parents group on Facebook.

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