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Neighbourhood watch: Bridel & Kopstal

Neighbourhood watch: Bridel & Kopstal

by Sarita Rao 6 min. 29.01.2020 From our online archive
All you need to know about the Luxembourgish villages of Bridel and Kopstal
Flowers on the forest floor in Bridel Photo: Guy Jallay
Flowers on the forest floor in Bridel Photo: Guy Jallay

The twin villages of Bridel (on the plateau) and Kopstal (in the valley) are both desirable green suburbs, surrounded by beautiful forests but just 15 minutes by car from Luxembourg City and Kirchberg.

The 8-square-kilometre area also links to the motorway in the direction of Strassen, which makes it popular with expat families, and has pushed house prices to eye-watering levels.

In 2017, the commune had 4,028 citizens, with the majority living in Bridel.

A little background ...

Kopstal commune was formed in July 1853, taking areas from the communes of Kehlen, Steinsel and Luxembourg.

Its coat of arms was adopted in 1982 and features a branch with four leaves and four buds on a background that is half green and half blue.

The green background symbolises the numerous forests in the area, while the blue represents the commune's abundant water sources, which supply drinking water to Luxembourg City.

The branch is testimony to the basketry industry that flourished in Kopstal at the beginning of the 12th century.

Park in Kopstal Photo: Lex Kleren
Park in Kopstal Photo: Lex Kleren

Property prices

According to Wort Immo, the current price per square metre of real estate in the area is:

• Apartment (old)            €8,362
• Apartment (new)          €10,058
• House (old)                    €7,713
• House (new)                  €7,213

Shopping & services

You'll have to drive to Beggen, Walferdange or Strassen for a big grocery shop, but you can stock up on basic items and snacks at the Esso garage shop Deliway.

Beer lovers will appreciate Humulus, which offers a personal service and a wide range of stock, including smoked beers.

Cake lovers rave about the patisserie Yves Rieffer on the Rue de Luxembourg in Bridel, which also has a terrace complete with a play area for smaller kids, in addition to an indoor seating area.

For stylish lingerie, try Laced Secrets on the main road.


Bridel has an early education centre on JFK Street, a pre-school on Rue Gerden and a primary school on Rue de l'Ecole, all offering Luxembourgish state schooling.

Bridel is well located for commuting to the European Schools in Kirchberg and Mamer, and Lycée Michel Lucius and the Waldorf School in Limpertsberg.

Crossroads and the town hall in Kopstal Photo: Charlot Kuhn
Crossroads and the town hall in Kopstal Photo: Charlot Kuhn

For younger children, there is a good choice of crèches including the commune run Relay Home and Rockids Bridel, plus Home by Day Botterblumm on Rue Nicolas Goedert. Kopstal does not have any crèches.

The commune also run a language cafe every second Tuesday of the month to practise Luxembourgish and French.

Transport & parking

Bus Line 262 links Kopstal to Keispelt and Kirchberg, and line 265 links it to Saeul and Redange. Line 270 links Kopstal to Tuntange and Hollenfels,  while Line 275 links it to Luxembourg City and Mersch via Schoenfels.

School children can take bus 276 to Limpertsberg and Geesseknappchen (for several secondary schools), and Line 339 links the commune to the European School in Mamer.

The Nuetseil Bus links Bridel to the City and Kirchberg late at night.

You can find information on the bus routes here.


Kopstal and Bridel are surrounded by beautiful forests. Biergerkräeiz/Bambesch close to Bridel's border provide several walking and cycling trails and jogging paths, while Kopstal borders the forest around Drëps, with opportunities to barbecue and hike.

There's a 7.7km circular walk starting on Rue de Saeul in Kopstal through the forests of Muesbierg following the valley of the River Mamer, returning to the start point via Wolfsknapp. From Bridel you can start an 8.3km trail at the junction of Rue de Schoenfels and Route de Luxembourg that takes in the Steinsel plateau.

There are numerous children's playgrounds to choose from. Towards Strassen, a wooden play park featuring a fort, swings, a zipwire and wooden train has ample parking. The primary school in Bridel features a newly refurbished playground, and, opposite the post office on Rue François-Christian Gerden, there are more play areas. Nearby, Rollingergrund has a small playground beside a pond, while if you want to cater to all ages, Park Bambesch next to Tennis Spora has a fort, tube slides, a zip-wire and much more.

Dësch Tennis in Bridel offers children's lessons (from age seven years old) on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 17.00 and 18.30, and adult classes on the same days from 18.30 onwards. Most coaches speak English.

Aikido Bridel-Kopstal runs classes for adults and teenagers.

FC Kopstal 33 asbl is based on Rue de Mersch in Kopstal.

The Luxembourg Scouts and Guides St Hubert operates from Rue François-Christian Gerden.

There's a computer club, a choral society, music and gymnastic classes and a fishing group.

You can find out more on all the associations of the commune here.

Restaurants & cafes

Edelwyss restaurant in Kopstal Photo: Pierre Matgé
Edelwyss restaurant in Kopstal Photo: Pierre Matgé

Despite its residential feel, you will not go hungry in Bridel or Kopstal.

For a pre-dinner aperitif or fine dining, try upmarket Boos K'fé beach club and restaurant on Rue Biergerkräeiz, which, in addition to meat and fish dishes, offers sashimis and sushi.

For a taste of the Alps, try Edelwyss Swiss Chalet at 34 Rue de Saeul in Kopstal which offers rosti, fondue and a kids' menu.

The oldest restaurant in town, which dates back to 1893, is Brideler Stuff at 1 Rue Lucien Wercollier, but it has definitely moved to the 21st century and offers allergy-friendly and vegetarian dishes in addition to an array of Luxembourgish specialities.

For Tom Yum soup or a green curry, try Thai restaurant Feuille de Banane on the main road in Bridel, and, if you cannot decide between Mexican and Indian, try Restaurant Taco-Tikka, also on the Rue de Luxembourg, for a biryani or a quesadilla.

For Japanese cuisine, including sushi, try Ichi Restaurant.

In Kopstal, on Rue de Mersch, you'll find Weidenall, which offers set menus for lunch and dinner, either inside the tastefully decorated restaurant or on the terrace. Op der Breck is a great corner location on 24 Rue de Luxembourg in Kopstal for a beer or a coffee, a thai meal, and to catch some local live music talent. 

Find out more ...

For more information, check out the Kopstal commune website.

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