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Neighbourhood watch: Kirchberg & Weimerskirch

Neighbourhood watch: Kirchberg & Weimerskirch

by Sarita Rao 10 min. 25.11.2020 From our online archive
The EU and banking district of Kirchberg is also a popular residential area, whilst Weimerskirch has a more village feel
Kirchberg (Shutterstock)
Kirchberg (Shutterstock)

In the north-east of Luxembourg City, Kirchberg is set on a plateau, whilst Weimerskirch is the area directly behind it that slopes down towards the streets of Dommeldange, Eich and Beggen.

Kirchberg has a residential population of  6,238 people, and Weimerskirch is home to 2,462 people (both figures as at December 2019).

A little background...

The glass and steel feel of Kirchberg belies the fact that it initially began life as a simple field.

Kirchberg's transformation started in the 1950s when it became home to a number of European Union institutions. In 1963 the famous Héichhaus (tower building) was erected to house the Secretariat of the European Parliament. Today the area is home to many European Union institutions including the Court of Justice, the Investment Bank, Parliament and Commission.

In the 1990s and 2000s a number of well-known architects began work on financial sector buildings, the Philharmonie concert hall and the MUDAM museum. The award-winning building of the Chamber of Commerce at the Rue Alcide de Gasperi and Rue Erasme was designed by French architect Claude Vasconi and his Luxembourg associate Jean Petit.

If you prefer somewhere more homely, the slopes of Weimerskirch offer a village feel. Located above the banks of the river Alzette, the  neighbourhood was originally a Franconian domain in the 10th century. It lost its importance as the city developed, but remnants of its rich history remain in the neighbourhood, including the odd phrase of the locally-spoken dialect of Yenish.

Property prices

Both Kirchberg and Weimerskirch command top-end real estate prices, not least because of their location close to offices and the City. According to Wort Immo the current price per m2 of real estate in the area is:

Apartment (old)               €10,473/9,612 (Kirchberg/Weimerskirch)

Apartment (new)             €16,949/19,109 (Kirchberg/Weimerskirch)

House                                €12,662 (Kirchberg)

House                                €10,333 (Weimerskirch)


Shopping & Services

The Kirchberg Shopping Center is an extensive covered shopping area which includes a number of clothing shops, a computer store, an Orange mobile phone shop and the Auchan supermarket.

The Hospital Robert Schuman (Kirchberg Hospital) is located on Rue Edward Steichen and deals with emergencies. It has centres for diabetes, vascular diseases, nephrology (kidney or renal functions) and a breast clinic. It also provides clinical support for surgery, paediatrics, psychology & psychiatry, medical imaging, and support services including physiotherapy and social and pastoral services. A pharmacy is adjacent to the hospital.

Schools & crèches

The European School Luxembourg I is located in Kirchberg, offering free education to employees of the European Institutions, with private places available in many languages including French, English and German. There is also a Technical School/College on Rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

Sainte-Sophie School is located on Rue Marguerite de Busbach. It offers schooling in the French language to children aged 4 to 19 years from all nationalities, adhering to the French Ministry of National Education's curriculum.

A primary school is located in Weimerskirch on Rue de Laroche. On the same road is the Musikand Music School which provides various music courses for children including the Solfège. There is a pre-school and primary school in Kirchberg on Rue Anne Beffort.

The nursery school, Mini College, for ages 3-6 years is located on Rue de Maraîchers, under the umbrella of the French school, Les Poussins.

There are a number of crèche choices in the area, catering to different native languages, including: L’Enfant Roi (Montessori), Children’s World, Creche Butterfly Valley, Creche My First Steps,  and Creche Hansel and Gretel.

The Luxembourg School of Finance, part of the University of Luxembourg, is located on the campus in Rue Coudenhove Kalergi.

Transport & parking

Buses connect Kirchberg to many districts in Luxembourg and to neighbouring countries. These include the following numbers: 1, 7, 18, 20, 26, 33, 110, 116, 119, 125, 130, 140, 142, 155, 158, 172, 184, 207, 213, 222, 248 and CN4, CN5. Destinations in Germany are served by buses 118, 156 and 157, whilst those in France include the 300, 303 and 323.  

Bus routes 8, 25, and CN4 connect to Weimerskirch.

The tram is already running through Kirchberg from Stäreplaz Étoile in town to LuxExpo, and will link the area with Findel Airport, the main station in town, and new developments at Cloche D’Or. There is a stop also linking the tram to the railway station at Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal, with CFL lines running north to Gouvy, Troisvierges and Mersch. 

Vel’oh! has several bicycle stations  Kirchberg. 


Sports & Parks

Four parks provide plenty of outside space in the area. For history, the walls of the Fort Thüngen form part of the Parc Dräi Eechelen.

The Klosegrënnchen is a botanical arboretum for scientific research belonging to the Museum of Natural History. The sand dunes are home to a number of brooms, junipers and wild roses from Europe, as well as more rare plants such as the Pink Maiden and Bird's Foot.

The Central Park, is the main green space of the neighbourhood. It includes an ornamental lake, a playground, and refreshment kiosk. The park also houses several works of art. Parc Reimerwee joins the main park, on the other side of the former Roman road. It features a collection of European trees.

Laval Park in Weimerskirch offers an area of relaxation along the banks of the Alzette and contains two playgrounds and a multi-sports ground.

The Stade Gust Jacquemart on um Riedgen has a football and rugby pitch.

Photo:Marc Wilwert
Photo:Marc Wilwert

National sports and cultural centre D’Coque offers swimming courses, fitness courses, relaxation and massage and has a state-of-the-art climbing area. It's also home to a number of restaurants and bars and the arena space, the largest in Luxembourg holding 8,300 spectators, is used to host music concerts and sporting events. Note that currently restaurants are closed and some sporting activities suspended

The Gemini Scout Troup of the Telstar International Scouts meets on alternative Saturdays in Weimerskirch.

The FNEL Robert Schuman Scouts & Guides group, the only French scout group in Luxembourg, also meets every other Saturday in Kirchberg.

Culture & theatre

LuxExpo The Box is an exhibition centre that regularly hosts popular cultural events for the Grand Duchy including the International Bazaar, car and dog shows, and events on holidays, housing, crafts, the beer festivals and flea markets as well as specialist smaller exhibitions. You can view all forthcoming events here.

Nearby, Kinepolis Kirchberg is a multiplex cinema that regularly screens films in their original version and holds events including premiers, children's activities linked to films and screenings of live UK National Theatre performances.

The Philharmonie Luxembourg is the country's national concert hall. It opened in 2005 and hosts approximately 400 concerts a year, featuring a diverse range of music for all ages, including a children's programme and musical accompaniment to blockbuster films. You can find out more about the amazing architecture of the building, here.

The iconic building of the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) designed by recently deceased architect I.M. Pei, includes a permanent collection of work by some 100 contemporary artists. You can find out more about upcoming expositions and events here.

Musée Dräi Eechelen (three acorns) is housed in the fully restored 18th-century Fort Thüngen. Built by the Austrians in 1732 it was extended by the Prussians in 1859. Today the fort houses 600 artefacts, a multi-media room and a photographic exhibition. Its permanent exhibition traces Luxembourg's history from the Burgundian conquest of 1443 to the construction of the Adolphe Bridge in 1903, and it regularly hosts talks, walks and workshops for adults and children.

Restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries

You won't be short for eateries in this neighbourhood, the trouble will be which one to choose.

Located in the Sofitel, the restaurant Oro e Argento is a super-classy Italian restaurant. The hotel is also home to Le Stübli which provides a cosy and inviting chalet setting offering traditional dishes and tempting desserts.

La Table du Belvedere mixes traditional with contemporary cuisine, but if you are looking plates to share, El Barrio offers some great tapas, pinchos and croquetas, whilst ELA Greek Cuisine has a good selection of hot and cold mezze. For American food, look no further than the JFK Bar & Kitchen.

Romantic options include Chimi Churri offering South American barbecued meats and ceviche, while Cafe Le Bovary in Weimerskirch offers pasta and pastries and sometimes holds events.

Bick Stuff or Aqua Restaurant are also bound to impress, and whiskey lovers will adore SixtyFour Degrees Bar (also part of the Sofitel at 4 Rue du Fort Niedergruenewald), which offers more than 150 varieties, as well as cocktails and wine. A range of bar dishes and finger food is available.

For a quick bite or a family pit stop, try out the many restaurants located in the Kirchberg Shopping Centre on the first floor food court or Vapiano's pizza and pasta. For tasty sandwiches and light bites try Cocottes.

Find out more....

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office organises architectural visits to Kirchberg. Further practical information can be found at

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