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A look inside Luxembourg's Red Bridge

A look inside Luxembourg's Red Bridge

6 by Cordula Schnuer 02.08.2019 From our online archive
The roads and bridges administration opened the bridge to the press this week
Photo: Guy Jallay
Photo: Guy Jallay

Media this week got to take an exclusive look inside one of Luxembourg City's most prominent landmarks: the "red bridge" connecting the old town with the Kirchberg district.

Officially known as the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, the massive structure opened for traffic in 1966, four years after construction began.

It measures 355 metres across and weighs 4,900 tonnes. The deepest drop from the bridge is 75 metres.

In 2015, the bridge was widened to 25 metres to make it possible for the new tram to cross it.

The red coating that lent the bridge its nickname has been looking somewhat faint these days, but a solution that would require 20 tonnes of fresh paint has been complicated by the fact that the company that started carrying out the works at the end of last year has gone bankrupt.

A successor has not yet been found, but the road and bridges administration hopes to conclude the refurbishment by April 2020.

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