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Beware the hauntings of Ettelbrück waters!

Beware the hauntings of Ettelbrück waters!

2 min. 24.04.2017 From our online archive tackles another Luxembourg myth in the series, "Spooky tales of Luxembourg". This time, we dare to look into the various hauntings of Ettelbrück waterways... tackles another Luxembourg myth in the series, "Spooky tales of Luxembourg". This time, we dare to look into the hauntings of Ettelbrück waterways...

It is said that the waterways around Ettelbrück are haunted by ghosts of various shapes and sizes. Several ancient stories are still told by residents today. Many believe these hauntings are still occurring...

The story of the ghostly white cat

There’s an old Luxembourg myth claiming that on every New Year’s Eve a spooky white cat haunts anyone who crosses the bridge over the Alzette river.

So the legend goes, it was on a New Year’s Eve many years ago that a man crossing the bridge in Ettelbrück over the river shortly after midnight, suddenly realised a white cat was following him through the deep snow. He hurried back home, but the cat continued to follow him. He hastily opened the front door, carefully locking it behind him. As he turned around, to his horror he saw the white cat sitting calmly, staring at him from a corner of the living room.

The poor man attempted to get rid of the cat but each time he forced the animal outside when he turned around, there it was again staring at him from yet another corner of the house.

Overcome by fatigue, the man finally gave up and thought that maybe by ignoring it, the cat would eventually leave of its own accord. He went to bed hoping that the cat would be gone in the morning. But the cat remained and sneaked into the bedroom and the man’s bed where, as the myth goes, it let out a horrifying screech.

At exactly 1 o’clock the cat disappeared as suddenly as it had arrived. However, when the man awoke on New Year’s Day he discovered that his face had been scratched so badly, he no longer recognised the face looking back at him in the mirror.

The white woman “Wasserkätchen” myth

Another Ettelbrück myth tells the story of ghostly figure of a woman in white known as “Wasserkätchen” taking nightly walks up along rue de Feulen. She walks along the stream in her white silk clothes playing with the water. Always taking the same route she then turns right at the end of the road as if to return to the peace and quiet of the Millewo Pond (Mühlenteich) before disappearing into the night.

Another haunting for the waters of Ettelbrück?

In November 2010, during a hunt (or battue) near Ettelbrück, a group of hunters surrounded a deer and attempted to shoot it. The terrified animal ran off towards the Alzette and, in a frantic effort to escape, jumped into the river in the same area the previous ghostly apparitions are said to have appeared.

 The hunters were heavily criticised for the method used to hunt the animal, even taking pot shots at it while in the water (an eyewitness even captured the incident on video). They failed to kill the deer but the poor animal later drowned in the river Alzette. Some locals now speculate, due to the location of the incident, that the deer will reappear as yet another ghostly apparition at this year’s hunt in Ettelbrück.

Have you witnessed the ghosts of Ettelbrück? Have you seen something spooky elsewhere? Let us know!