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Blogging off

Blogging off

2 min. 14.03.2012 From our online archive
The author of a popular Luxembourg blog will soon write her last post about the Grand Duchy after her two-year odyssey draws to a close.

The author of a popular Luxembourg blog will soon write her last post about the Grand Duchy after her two-year odyssey draws to a close.

US citizen Jessica Love came to Luxembourg in March 2010 shortly after her husband, Nick, began working here. The communications specialist launched Luxemblog to keep a record of her experiences, tackling administration and bureaucracy and sharing highlights.

What started out as a message home to the family ended up as a handy guide for other US citizens considering emigrating to Luxembourg or who already live here. Jessica said: “"It's difficult to move to a new country and not know anybody. There were a lot of things that were difficult to figure out, so I thought it might be helpful to other new expats if I wrote about what I was learning on the blog."

The writer's blog has covered a range of topics from moving tips such as how to get large items of furniture through small doors (answer: use the window) to wine tasting in the Moselle and why Luxembourg mustard tops all other brands.

An article explaining the process of claiming back medical costs in Luxembourg was one of the biggest hits with readers, said Jessica, along with finding cheap air fares from Luxembourg. The blog's rapid following also opened other doors for the writer, who last year made weekly appearances on Ara City Radio and is a regular contributor to

During their stay, the couple have travelled extensively exploring the country and its surrounding regions. Among other things, they have tasted champagne in Rheims, walked the Wenzel Way and experienced two national days in Luxembourg. For Jessica, it was also poignant living as close as she did to the French town of Metz, where her grandfather fought during WWII.

Despite getting out and about, Jessica says she regrets there are things on her list which she was not able to do before leaving Luxembourg. “I'm really sad to leave. I feel like we've just scratched the surface of all the things to do and places to see here. And of course, it also would have been exciting to have had an opportunity meet the Grand Duke,” she added.

Later this month Jessica, who originally hails from Wisconsin, and her husband, will leave Luxembourg for the last time, travelling to California's San José. A tireless writer, Jessica says she has a few more posts for the Luxemblog, which she hopes to write in California. And, after that?

“I will eventually let Luxemblog go to where all blogs go in the end. I will probably leave it up for a while though because a lot of the stuff is still relevant.”