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Blondie bring anniversary tour to Luxembourg
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Blondie bring anniversary tour to Luxembourg

3 min. 18.06.2014 From our online archive
Blondie roll in to town this Thursday on a tour that both celebrates their 40th anniversary and promotes their brand new album “Ghosts Of Download”. Band co-founder and guitarist Chris Stein spoke to Sam Steen about the tour and their new material.

by Sam Steen

Blondie roll in to town this Thursday on a tour that both celebrates their 40th anniversary and promotes their brand new album “Ghosts Of Download”. I spoke to Chris Stein, co-founder and guitarist in the band, to find out how the tour was going and why he thinks the new material is their best yet.

“We’re always attracted to the new stuff we’re working on, the fresh stuff gets us going. I enjoy the grooves and the little bit of experimentation that’s going on,” Stein said about the new album.

The 2-disc package “Blondie 4(0) Ever” also comes with rerecorded versions of Blondie’s greatest hits. But giving the older hits a new twist was not just an anniversary celebration but also a decision with a business background.

“It was partially just so we would own the masters you know, so if they were used in commercials they would be (ours),” he explained. Was he fed up with the songs? “No, I enjoy that we’re a part of this music culture and that people know who we are, it’s great!”

Blondie wasn’t Stein’s first taste of musical success though. Aged just 17 he opened up for the Velvet Underground. “I had a friend who worked for Andy Warhol and he just came and told us, 'Oh, the band who were supposed to open up for the Velvets didn’t show! Will you guys do it?' And well that’s how that happened,” he recalled. “There was hardly anyone there when we played with them on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. But it was a great event and I’ll always remember that.”

Seemingly destined to have a career in music, I asked Stein if he had ever had another kind of job, even if only to fund his music in the early days. “No! I never had a f**king normal job! Ever! I went to art school and did a lot of photography,” he replied.

Stein is still a keen photographer and throughout his career has taken thousands of photos of the band and those involved in the scene around them in the 70s and 80s. Many of these photos will be included in a book he will release in September called “Negative”.

Blondie play at the Rockhal on June 19 and when I asked what we can expect to see and hear on stage he says a mix of new material, covers and of course all of their big hits. Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers and with over 40 million record sales worldwide, don’t miss the chance to see one of the world’s most influential bands at the Rockhal’s intimate club venue. Doors open at 8pm. The show starts at 8.30pm, with no support act scheduled.

Tickets were still available at the time of publication. For more information visit

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