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Board suspends medical doctor for airing Covid doubts

Board suspends medical doctor for airing Covid doubts

by Emery P. DALESIO 14.07.2021 From our online archive
Disciplinary board decides physician shouldn't treat patients for one year
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A general practitioner who raised doubts about Covid-19 vaccines and the effectiveness of masks to limit the disease was banned from practicing medicine for one year on Wednesday by an independent disciplinary board.

Benoît Ochs will appeal the decision by the board, his lawyer told the Luxembourg Times. The board's decision had been based on complaints from Luxembourg's Medical College, which governs the medical, dental and other health professions according to its web site. 

Ochs can continue practicing in the months while the appeal is pending, his lawyer Christian Bock said in an interview.

The disciplinary board determined that Ochs committed several ethical violations. The Gonderange physician was accused of treating patients suffering from Covid-19 with unapproved medications, failing to wear a mask and raising doubts about vaccinations and other issues, Bock said.

Ochs did not oppose vaccines and administered then to his patients, but had warned that there has been too little testing to know the effect of anti-Covid vaccines, some of which were developed using a radically new technology, Bock said. 

"His position about vaccines was one of the theories to drag him in front of this court", Bock said. Ochs "says that the Covid-19 vaccine may perfectly be good for elderly people and for vulnerable people, but giving it to perfectly healthy people and young people and children, he does not think it's a good idea."

The Medical College declined comment on Wednesday, General Secretary Dr. Roger Heftrich said in an email.

"We are respecting our mission and continue to monitor medical practice in the best interest of patients. General practitioners should never pose a threat", Medical College President Dr. Pit Büchler told broadcaster RTL last month.

Ochs and his views have been celebrated on the web site Expressis-Verbis, the Covid-skeptic online forum founded earlier this year by new Cargolux Chairwoman Christianne Wickler and others. 

The web site includes some information about the disease that is misleading or false, for example the claim that some vaccines are not effective in the elderly when scientific studies found otherwise.

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