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City calls for private security on Luxembourg streets

City calls for private security on Luxembourg streets

by Andréa OLDEREIDE 07.06.2022
Additional police patrols are not enough as crimes increase in Luxembourg City, mayor says
Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer
Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer
Photo credit: Lex Kleren

Luxembourg City is planning on hiring private security agents to patrol areas of the capital, less than a year after a heated debate erupted over who should maintain public order on the streets.

The City and national authorities have long clashed over the issue, with the government arguing only the police should have that authority despite Luxembourg City Mayor, Lydie Polfer, hiring a private security firm in the past.

Last year saw the withdrawal of private security agents from the Gare area of the capital. They were first hired two years ago, following protests by residents calling for greater action to tackle what they said were increased levels of crime and drug dealing.

Drug crime has now moved from the station to the upper town,  mainly to Hamilius and the pirate ship park,  due to increased police presence at the Gare, Polfer said during an interview for RTL on Tuesday morning.

The City has launched a tender to find security agents to patrol the streets of the upper town, Polfer said, adding that increased police patrols is not enough.

Such activities where children play will not be tolerated, the mayor added.

Last year, there was a surge in robberies in Luxembourg City, with more than 500 incidents - a 16% jump -  a police report of annual crime showed.

An organisation helping residents feeling safer when walking the streets – A Vos Côtés – will now spread their assistance from Bonnevoie to the upper town, Polfer said.

The country will hire an additional 1,000 police officers over the next five years, Internal Security Minister Henri Kox said at the end of last year.

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