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Climate campaigners threaten to take government to court
Climate change

Climate campaigners threaten to take government to court

by Yannick LAMBERT 15.06.2021
Mouvement Ecologique has warned legal action could follow if specific targets for each sector of the economy are not defined for climate law
The targets would cover sectors such as industry, agriculture and housing
The targets would cover sectors such as industry, agriculture and housing
Photo credit: AFP

An environmentalist campaign group has threatened to take Luxembourg's government to court over the country's climate law, for failing to set defined targets for each sector of the economy.

The Mouvement Ecologique, an environmentalist pressure group, is urging the government to define climate change targets for sectors such as transport, housing, industry and agriculture.

The government did not include the sectoral targets in its climate law, passed last year, which aims to reduce emissions by 55% compared to 2005 levels by 2030, a move that has been criticised by pressure groups.

The government said it will instead come up with a 'Grand Ducal' regulation - a measure which does not need to go through parliament - to define the targets for the different sectors, as an add-on to complement the existing climate law.

"Now, six months after the law has come into force, there is still no draft regulation available! It clearly demonstrates that it has still not been possible to reach a consensus within the last six months as to which sector should make which contribution", the Mouvement Ecologique said in a press release on Tuesday.

"It will also be interesting to observe how the government will assess at the end of this year - as required by law - whether the sectors have achieved their as yet unspecified targets", the statement added.

"We are working intensely on this, are in consultation with the various ministries and will come with a result before the summer", Thomas Schoos, advisor at the environment ministry, said in an email on Tuesday, when asked when the Grand Ducal regulation containing the targets is set to be published.

Asked more specifically what is meant by "before summer", Schoos said that the state is aiming to have it ready by July, with work expected to be halted during the traditional holiday month of August. 

The environmentalist pressure group is urging the government to come up with the  plans by mid-July, saying that it could take legal action over non-compliance if there is any further delay.

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