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Vive la France, vive la Fête!

Vive la France, vive la Fête!

2 min. 14.03.2012 From our online archive
Pétanque, berets and the famous vin français will be the order of the day on July 14 when France celebrates its national holiday. Read on to find out where the parties are at.

(JB) Pétanque, berets and the famous vin français will be the order of the day on July 14 when France celebrates its national holiday.

While the majority of the partying will be done over the border, Luxembourg will not forget its neighbour on this special day.

By far the biggest party in Luxembourg City will be found in Place du Thêatre where O Bar will host a Pétanque tournament with Ricard aperitifs and a set menu.

A DJ set will play from 10pm into the early hours, offering revellers plenty of excuses to celebrate Bastille Day in true French style.

Thionville Bastille Day celebrations

Luxembourg's closest French town Thionville has not one but two days of celebrations for revellers. For its residents, celebrations begin today (July 13) with fireworks on the edge of the Moselle (opposite Parc Napoléon) around 11pm. This is followed by a late-night party on the Market square and Place Claude Arnoult until 2am.

For those who still have the stamina, July 14 will be action-packed. A wreath placing ceremony takes place at the Monument to the dead at 9am, following by a military parade in Place de la Liberté and Boulevard Foch. From 10am to 5pm, people can benefit from free crossings on the Moselle.

From 3pm to 4.30pm there will be a jet-ski and water skiing demonstration. Meanwhile from 3pm to 5pm, cycling fans will be able to watch the 63rd grand prix cycliste de Thionville in the town centre.

Longwy Bastille Day celebrations

Longwy makes its biggest push today (July 13) with a traditional party and fireworks display on the Place Darche at around 11pm.

Metz Bastille Day celebrations

Festivities kick off at 4pm with a concert by the Harmonie Municipale on the Esplanade. This is followed by a military demonstration at 6.30pm on the Esplanade and a parade at 7.50pm on the boulevard Poincaré.

The party warms up around 9pm in front of the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts de Lorrains which is hosting a dance until 2am. Festivities pause around 10pm for a torchlit parade followed by a spectacular fireworks display on the Plan d'Eau.

And a little further afield...Bastille day in Liège, Belgium

Liège is expecting some 30,000 people to turn up to its July 14 celebration, which has attracted people far and wide for the last 66 years.

This year the festivities hold a special importance because the French consulate to Liège will close at the end of August.

During the day there will be a number of official ceremonies, including a service at St Paul Cathedral at 4.30pm.

But, the main festivities begin around 8.30pm when a party will be held in the Palais des Congrès hall, and Julie Piétri, Raft and Partenaire Particulier will give an open-air concert.

Ensure you have reserved a good viewing spot before 10.45pm when the fireworks are luanched from the Palais des Congrès heliport.