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Covid-19 retreats further from Luxembourg

Covid-19 retreats further from Luxembourg

by Kate OGLESBY 04.08.2021 From our online archive
Large majority of people who still test positive had not yet received vaccine
A shop in Luxembourg City warns shoppers to follow health precautions during the Covid pandemic
A shop in Luxembourg City warns shoppers to follow health precautions during the Covid pandemic
Photo credit: Chris Karaba

The number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in Luxembourg fell in the last week of July, data showed on Wednesday and a large majority of those contracting the coronavirus had not yet been vaccinated. 

The number of people who tested positive fell by 22% to 439 over the past week, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. A full 83% of the people in whom the virus was found had not received a vaccination.

Luxembourg's vaccination campaign continued apace, with 26,788 people  receiving a jab last week. It was the second shot for the majority of those people, while just under 4,000 were injected for the first time. 

Almost 60% of the Grand Duchy's population - or around 355,000 people - have now been fully vaccinated.

Israel and Germany have started rolling out a third dose of the vaccine to residents older than 60, while the UK is offering them to the entire population. Luxembourg handed out a third shot to 91 people last week, offering it only sporadically, to people deemed extremely vulnerable.

Gérard Schockmel, an expert on infectious diseases, on Thursday said he did not think a third dose is "necessary" on a large scale, though he did endorse supplementary vaccine doses for those with weak immune systems, such as people with organ transplants or undergoing chemotherapy. 

There were two new deaths from the disease on Wednesday, but none during the week of July 26. The Delta variant, first identified in India, and the Gamma variant, first identified in Brazil, made up nearly all Covid cases last week, according to Luxembourg’s national health laboratory – the LNS.

(Additional reporting by Yannick Hansen)

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