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Kolla – A ‘different' kind of festival
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Kolla – A ‘different' kind of festival

3 min. 17.08.2015 From our online archive
Last weekend marked the 3rd anniversary of the Kolla Festival located at the wilderness park “Mirador" in Steinfort.

By  Alix Rassel

Last weekend marked the 3rd anniversary of the Kolla Festival located at the wilderness park “Mirador" in Steinfort.

Kolla, short for “Collective Consumption”, is an alternative 3 day festival focusing not solely on music, but also markets, workshops, nature and local initiatives that allow festival goers to collaborate and share ideas for a more sustainable future.

Many of the market stands focused on the “Transition Movement” where local ideas bring about ecological, social and economic change.

Amongst the market stands were Transition Minuit where you could upscale an old T-shirt into a shopping bag. At Wandelbar’s stand you could learn how to make your own toothpaste out of household ingredients and at “Beki’, you could learn more about the local currency used in the Redange Canton to stimulate the local economy.

The workshops that took place on Saturday and Sunday included the 11am “Laughter Yoga” workshop. Laughter yoga doesn’t require tying yourself up into knots but still benefits cardiovascular health relieves stress and enhances the immune system. Alternatively you could join the “Herbal Hike” with Alix Bernard to find out more about the power of Herbal and floral remedies. Both holistic ways to improve health and well being whilst utilizing our natural surroundings.

Fortunately once you had worked up an appetite from all the workshops and up cycling, Kolla had on offer a host of options for all dietary types from Carnivores to Vegans all locally sourced and organic where possible. For the first time, Food Porn Sessions joined the festival serving up their wonderful ‘Slow food’ concoctions. Food Porn Sessions infamous Gnocchi was amongst the mouth-watering creations on offer.

Another ‘must try’ was Kolla Festival’s own Hugo aperitif, a unique blend of cremant and elderflower, just the thing to tantalize the taste buds. The recipe is available at

So once the market stands, workshops and food had been digested, it was time to visit the main stage and listen to the diverse range of music on offer. Amongst the highlights were Regis Rolando’s beautiful acoustic guitar and The Choppy Bumpy Peaches set amidst an almighty rain shower. The CBP’s managed to get the crowd dancing in the rain and even ended their set with a very impressive dual guitarist piggy back.

Despite the unseasonal weather, there were plenty of cozy shelters, tipple’s, Shisha tents and other structures to take refugee under whilst listening to the bands or watching some of the other performers.

For those looking to completely immerse themselves in the complete festival experience, Kolla provided free camping close by to the main stage for the entire 3 days. Several festival goers took advantage of the campsites close proximity and stayed dressed in their PJ’s and Dressing gowns; now that’s minimalism for you!

Kolla maybe a relative newcomer to the Luxembourg festival scene but it is a very welcome edition. As the organizers explained, “ The idea is to have a festival which everybody can be a part of, express themselves and collaborate with one another to have a great weekend.”

Kolla is a wonderful local festival sharing ideas that can have a global impact. If you missed it this year, it’s certainly one to mark in the calendar for 2016.

For more information visit the website or the Kolla Facebook Page

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