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PHOTOS: Rammstein & Smashing Pumpkins at the Rockhal
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PHOTOS: Rammstein & Smashing Pumpkins at the Rockhal

14.03.2012 From our online archive
Two greats hit the Rockhal at the weekend: German rock band Rammstein with their firery show, and 90's popular band Smashing Punmpkins.

Rammstein - 2 December

Fire, smoke and fireworks: The German rock band Rammstein “set light” to the Rockhal on Friday evening with their extraordinary show to a spellbound audience. The tickets for this concert were sold out extremely quickly as they were snatched up by fans back in June.

Smashing Pumpkins

Normally, the Smashing Pumpkins stand for emotional music that peaked in the 90s. On Saturday evening bandleader Billie Corgan and his three new band-mates proved in the Rockhal that in spite of all the change to the line-up, there's a lot of life left in the band.