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Dozen new virus cases, three further deaths

Dozen new virus cases, three further deaths

by ZJ 26.04.2020 From our online archive
Number of people who tested positive in Luxembourg up by 12
Photo: Guy Wolff
Photo: Guy Wolff

The total of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in Luxembourg has increased to 3,723 after 12 new cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, data from the Health Ministry has shown.

Since the start of the pandemic, Luxembourg has tested 39,003 people or roughly 6% of the population.

The death ratio from Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus stands at 2%, much lower than in Europe’s hardest-hit countries - Spain, Italy and France - where the share of those who succumbed stands at 10%, 13.5% and 14%, respectively, data from Johns Hopkins University show.

One hundred forty-six people remain in hospitals in Luxembourg, with 22 in intensive care – four fewer than on Saturday.

The number of recoveries has been steadily growing, and outpaces new contractions of the virus – so far, 788 people have been allowed to leave hospitals. More than 3,100 people are considered cured of the disease since Luxembourg confirmed its first case on 29 February.

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