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DP unveils candidates for North

DP unveils candidates for North

by HP 27.04.2018 From our online archive
Housing and higher education minister Marc Hansen and agriculture minister Fernand Etgen to lead list
Housing minister Marc Hansen Photo: Guy Wolff
Housing minister Marc Hansen Photo: Guy Wolff

Luxembourg's Democratic Party (DP) has published its national election candidate list for the northern constituency.

Housing minister and minister for higher education and research Marc Hansen and minister of agriculture and consumer protection Fernand Etgen will lead the list.

The national elections will take place on 14 October, and each party will put forward their list of candidates representing the central, northern, eastern and southern electoral districts.

Luxembourg City is part of the central district.

Parties usually designate one or two top candidates for each of the four constituencies, as well as one national top candidate.

While in the past the DP has put forward one top candidate for each district, the party is, for the first time this year, listing two top candidates – something only the Greens (déi gréng) have done so far.

The other DP candidates for the northern district include André Bauler, Stéphanie Goerens, Francine Keiser, Marco Koeune, Edy Mertens, Marie Muller and Mike Poiré.

The candidates will be confirmed on 3 May at the party's national congress.

The DP's central and southern district lists were announced earlier this week, with prime minister Xavier Bettel and integration minister Corinne Cahen leading the central list and finance minister Pierre Gramegna and education minister Claude Meisch leading for the south.