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"Do not invent a new institution every day"

"Do not invent a new institution every day"

2 min. 14.03.2012 From our online archive
During a special questions and answers session is Strasbourg, MEPs were given a speech on the history of European institutions by Eurogroup President , Jean-Claude Juncker.

During a special questions and answers session in Strasbourg, MEPs were given a speech on the history of European institutions by Eurogroup President , Jean-Claude Juncker. He underlined, before the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, his commitment to the European Community method to control response to the economic and financial crisis.

"To get Europe out of the crisis, we must agree on a real policy of non-inflationary growth rich in jobs," said President of the Eurogroup. "We must be guided by community spirit when the tools are missing," he added, and referring to the current treaties as “a second leg missing a few toes not allowing us to walk properly." And "Europe is a tango of solidarity between ourselves and solidarity with others" ... "For me, the EU will only be complete when all member states have adopted the euro."

"I am opposed to Greece leaving the eurozone and I state the claims as false that come from across the Atlantic and distort the reality on the origins of the crisis." Juncker called on European leaders to demonstrate verbal discipline to avoid disharmony.

"Sometimes I leave a meeting and when I hear various press conferences, I feel that I attended a different meeting." "Regarding Greece, the Germans are not selfish, they are like everyone else, and they want to understand. And we are underdeveloped educators. " he remarked.

The President of the Eurogroup indicated that the next meeting on Monday in Luxembourg will not decide on the release of the sixth tranche of aid, as the troika report will not have been heard, but to refine the “instrument” details that were decided on July 21.”It is essential that everything is ready for mid-October. We have no time to lose. "

"The adoption of the “Six-Pack” is a hope, providing an intelligent solution. But do not forget that the foundation of development comes from the workers, we must accelerate tax resolution and we must apply the planned business taxation, “stated Juncker.

To a question from the head of the Liberal Democrats, Guy Verhofstadt regarding the merger of the two president roles Juncker replied, "I remember when we were both Prime Minister, we defended both the merger of the office of President of the European Commission and European Council President . This is not the solution that was chosen. But politics is the art of realism. "

"Do not expect governments to disappear behind a European Commissioner. Governments are accountable to their parliaments. And today, I see no unanimity on these issues to the Council. But do not invent a new institution every day,” Juncker exclaimed.

"I have no opposition to our budgets being fed by a tax in Europe." He said on the eve of the upcoming announcement regarding tax on financial transactions by the President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso.

More generally, as a citizen, he regretted a lack of enthusiasm and ambition. "Our fathers endured the Second World War, we have a duty to remember and we must ensure our generation prevents the next from unravelling the European construction."

To those who cite the Obama plan as a model for employment, the Luxembourg Prime Minister quipped. For him, 90% of measures in the US plan are already in place in Europe, such as extra help for long-term unemployed or partially unemployed measures.