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Five stories you may have missed
News round-up

Five stories you may have missed

by LT Staff 2 min. 06.04.2019 From our online archive
In case you missed them, Luxembourg Times has selected five top news stories of the week for you
Photo: Caroline Martin
Photo: Caroline Martin

What travels through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, takes 15 days and is 610 metres long?

It's the first ever train going directly from Luxembourg to China.

It left Bettembourg this week as part of the Russian-Chinese economic corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative.

In other news, Luxembourg banks and funds are keeping track of their client files ahead of global money laundering watchdog Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) visit next year.

And the Grand Duchy is steaming ahead in the tussle to attract business from the City of London.

Tussle for London's finance crown

Luxembourg has been a strong contender for UK businesses and financial services firms looking for a EU base post-Brexit. In this article, European heavyweights rate how Luxembourg did in this frenzy to nab business after the UK crashes out of the EU.

Luxembourg-China train

This week, the first ever direct freight train between Luxembourg and China left the Grand Duchy's logistics hub in Bettembourg. The connection is a first trial run of the Russian-Chinese economic corridor of the Belt and Road Initiative, China's massive infrastructure plan that has at times rattled the West.

Money laundering

Luxembourg's banks and funds are combing through their books to weed out any suspect clients ahead of a highly-anticipated money laundering inspection by money laundering watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) next year.

More housing for Lux City

Around 90 flats, small shops and offices are set to be built as part of a new housing development in Hollerich. The 10,000 square metre site is off rue de Hollerich, where the second-hand store Troc currently stands.


Blockchain to promote green energy, an Uber-like service for parcels and artificial intelligence to help companies' recruitment processes. These are just some of Luxembourg's start-up companies. We spoke to the three up -and-coming firms who are challenging the status quo.

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