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Going solo at Luxembourg's monodrama festival
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Going solo at Luxembourg's monodrama festival

2 min. 14.03.2012 From our online archive
Theatre fans get a treat with three English-language plays in the billing at this year's solo drama and dance festival.

The curtain will rise on Luxembourg's biggest and most multicultural drama festival yet next month, offering no less than three English-language productions.

The nine-day Fundamental Monodrama Festival, which starts on July 1, will this year stage a range of theatre and dance solo performances across three venues.

With the Kulturhause Niederanven, the Luxembourg Grand Théâtre and Carré Rotondes all providing backdrops for the line-up, theatre fans will get a taste of new talent in different in some of the best venues in the country.

This year's festival highlights include an entire day dedicated to young talent (July 2), featuring five works by artists aged 30 and under.

Among the spectacular performances on display will be Inside The Cave, an English language performance. Theatre fans will not want to miss two stunning African productions, which kick-start the festival on July 1.

Kanouté ka visa ko (Kanoutés visa) and Tiens bon Bonkano, both in French, treat serious and comic subjects in equal measure, ensuring a mix of moods.

Serious and harrowing performances are expected from Stefan Massini's French-language Femme non Rééducable, looking at the work of journalist Anna Politkovskaia, meanwhile two solo dance performances will provide an energetic and spiritual show on July 5.

English-language performances

Inside The Cave, part of the Journée Jeune Création MonodramatiqueStudio of the Grand Théâtre, July 2, from 4pm. Fourth on a billing of five plays.

A young woman pieces together the journey she has made to the point of her death, slowly realises that the decision she thought she was making have already been made for her. Is it too late to change the path she is following? The play was an original piece commissioned by King's College London to be performed alongside Samual Beckett's monologoue Not I. Cast include Ceridwen Smith with concept and voices composed by Larisa Faber and Bethan Clark.

In the Lost and FoundCarréRotondes, July 4, 8pm

Faced with the prejudices her culture places on her gender, a Muslim woman sets out ot explore herself through her language, culture and the media. In the Lost and Foudn is a play which is pertinent in the political and socio-cultural context found in the contemporary Arab world, touching on the Arab revolutions as well as the perceptions of women both there and in the West. Cast include Lana Nasser.

The Story of God's Man/My Life in Percussion Sounds- In Russian with English subtitlesCarréRotondes, July 8, 8pm

Arkady Gotesman weaves intimate stories from his life to create this one-man play and musical. The piece is the confession of a man gripped by the world of sound and music, an artist whose family name means...God's Man. Cast Adolfas Vecerskis, with Arkady Gotesman.