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Guillaume turns 30

Guillaume turns 30

14.03.2012 From our online archive
Luxembourg's hereditary Grand Duke is to celebrate his 30th birthday on Friday.

(JB) Luxembourg's hereditary Grand Duke is to celebrate his 30th birthday on Friday.

Prince Guillaume is the eldest son of their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. One of five children, he speaks fluent French, English, German and Luxembourgish.

The prince studied international politics at Brunel and Durham universities in the UK, and trained as an officer in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from September 2001 to August 2002.

After completing a degree in Literature and Political Sciences with honours at the University of Angers in 2009, the prince resumed his hereditary Grand Duke duties. As honorary president of the Board of Economic Development, he has actively participated in a number of trade missions abroad and visited China as part of the Shanghai World Expo.

Guillaume is a member of the Conseil d'Etat and a board member of the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse.

He also serves as patron to Luxembourg's cycling sports federation, the Central Youth Hostel Association, National Association of Road Traffic Victims, the European Union Youth Concert Band and the Jeunesses Musicales du Luxembourg.

The prince counts his father, Grand Duke Henri, among his greatest role models. In a recent interview with Luxembourg magazine Telecran, Guillaume described the Grand Duke as a “not only a wonderful mentor but also a role model.” Outside of his family, he looks up to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan whose “languages and ideas have evoked in me a deep admiration.”