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Hospitals postpone surgeries as Covid patients fill beds

Hospitals postpone surgeries as Covid patients fill beds

by Kate OGLESBY 15.12.2021 From our online archive
In Luxembourg, 87 people are now in hospital with the coronavirus
Luxembourg's CHL hospital during the pandemic
Luxembourg's CHL hospital during the pandemic
Photo credit: Gerry Huberty

Hospitals in Luxembourg are postponing operations, the health ministry said late on Tuesday, as Covid-19 patients take up more and more beds and the country races to get more people vaccinated against the deadly disease.

There are now 87 people in hospital in the Grand Duchy with the coronavirus, with 26 of those in intensive care. While that represents a surge from a lull in the pandemic over the summer, it is still well below the peak of about 200 hospitalisations in November - a sign that the vaccine is doing its job.

The decision came from a crisis unit of doctors and other representatives from Luxembourg’s four major hospitals. Doctors and surgeons will now need to decide themselves how best to manage patients and operations, the ministry said in a press release. All serious surgeries will still take place.

Some people suffering from Clovid-19 end up in hospital for a different reason, Health Minister Paulette Lenert said in response to a parliamentary question. Since the start of September, 178 patients included in the figures for Covid hospitalisations were being treated for something else.

Parliamentarians on Thursday are set to approve a new law which will clamp down on people who have not taken the vaccine, forcing them to take a daily Covid test to enter the workplace from mid-January.

Nearly 6,000 people went to have their first Covid-19 jab last week, the highest number of first doses in almost half a year, a sign that government pressure on vaccine hold-outs is starting to have effect despite raucous protests.

The number of people in Luxembourg fully vaccinated against the corona virus stands at 68%, the same as the EU average and only just below 69% in Germany. But in neighbouring France and Belgium, the full vaccination rates stand at 71% and 75% respectively, according to data published on the Our World in Data website, run in part by Oxford University.

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