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How Luxembourg spent its holidays during pandemic

How Luxembourg spent its holidays during pandemic

by Yannick HANSEN 14.07.2022 From our online archive
Residents spent about half as much on holidays in 2021 as they did in the two previous years
Luxembourgers spent holidays in Europe during pandemic
Luxembourgers spent holidays in Europe during pandemic
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If they travelled at all, Luxembourg residents spent their holidays in Europe in 2021, with France, Germany, Belgium and Portugal the top destinations, Economy Minister Franz Fayot said on Wednesday.

On average a Luxembourg household spent eight days abroad and spent €2,200 for transport, accommodation and leisure activities on 2021 trips, Fayot told Democratic Party (DP) lawmaker André Bauler in response to a parliamentary question.

That is just over half of the amount they splashed out in the two previous years, Fayot said, citing a survey by the national statistics agency Statec. The drop was due to several public health restrictions as countries required proof of Covid-19 vaccination or lengthy quarantines on arrival.

The travel industry was particularly hard hit by the pandemic as lockdowns and travel restrictions severely reduced demand for flights. But the sector has seen a sharp rebounce this year as vaccines and natural immunity have pushed back the virus. Airports across Europe are currently struggling with the increased demand, citing staff shortages. 

Just 4% of leisure trips Luxembourg residents took in 2021 were to destinations outside of Europe. One in 10 travels abroad were business trips in last year, with a quarter of them to France.

Luxembourgers took 65% fewer business trips in 2020 compared to 2019, Fayot said, but on average took longer trips, staying for five days in 2020, compared to just over three in 2019.

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